Honesty is the Best Policy – Speech, Essay, Paragraph & Article

Honesty is the Best Policy - Speech, Essay, Paragraph Article

Human’s life is full of different relations with many others. Relations can be with people with the blood relations, friends and colleagues etc. Every relationship has two important key points which are Loyalty and Honesty. If a person is honest in the relationship then it will lead to being a good relation in his/her life. Trust is another side of honesty. For being honest with a person one should first trust that person. In this article we have given the core information about the Honesty. This article will help you in writing Essay or for Speech on Honesty in competitions such as Speech competition, Essay writing organised in your school or college.

Beginning of the Speech

Hello everyone, honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors and dear friends, as I greeted you differently it means there is my different relation with every one of you. Everyone of you is having trust on me and for proving this trust, I need to be honest with you. I am telling you about this because I am here to deliver you a speech on Honesty.


The relation is nothing but the bonding of two or more people with each other. Our family is made up of many relations like mother-son, father-daughter, husband-wife, brother-sister etc. There are many different relations apart from our family in our life, we call them as friends, partners, colleagues etc. For maintaining all these relations there should be trust amongst those people. Trust is built only if a person is loyal and honest.

We always hear a phrase “Honesty is the best policy”. What exactly this phrase means? In life, there are many ups and downs. Many times there are situations where a person does mistakes and then is scared to tell it to their family or friends. But this is the main reason behind ruining any relation. Even though mistakes are done, one should have the courage to accept those mistakes. We are humans, after all, mistakes will happen. But it does not mean that one should do them purposely. Here the point is about honesty. Even if you are wrong, accept the fact and tell the truth instead of lying.

When a person has the guts to tell the truth, he/she automatically gains the trust from another person. For a healthy relationship, trust is important and as I said before, for building trust there should be honesty. Many times we see people fighting and breaking relations. Why does this happen? Mostly the reason behind this is that there is less honesty amongst them. For maintaining your relation well, try being honest all the time and gain the trust of your partner.

There are situations in life, where people try to hide things because they don’t want to hurt or loose trust from their partner. But in such cases, people forget that truth is the key. Whatever the truth is you should speak it out. This will make your partner realize that you are honest with them. The truth may hurt them but they will have that satisfaction of listening to the truth from you. It is said that if you lie once you need to lie thousand times for covering that one lie. So why to involve in such a mess? Be honest and tell the truth. However, if you try hiding things from someone, the person will get to know about it in any way. This will surely make that person not to trust you again. But if you are being honest you may need to apologize but it will never harm your trust and relation.

As personal relations need trust to maintain them well, business relations also need the same. In any business or company, there has to be trust amongst all the colleagues, employees, managers. If a manager doesn’t trust an employee then it is quite difficult to work with each other. There are many responsibilities on every individual in a company and it is totally based on trust. If a person is honest then only he/she will be trusted by others. Honesty is crucial in every phase of life.

Honest people are always happy and peaceful. If you are honest you don’t need to lie to anyone which tremendously makes you feel calm and gives you peace. Most honest people do not get under depression, worries, anxiety etc. There is no mental stress if a person is honest. Honesty opens half of the ways for peace and stress less life which leads you to have a joyful and satisfactory life.


For having, happy and healthy relations in life one should be honest in the means of maintaining trust. Having fear of devil named “Lie” will spoil the relation. Instead of getting scared of it, fight against it and be courageous to speak out the truth.

Ending of speech

Be honest and trustworthy for maintaining relations in your life. Honesty is not only the best policy but it is a key to your happy life. Be honest and enjoy life. On this note, I would like to end my speech. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on such an interesting and important topic.

Tips for Speech on Honesty

  1. Speech is the medium to convey your thoughts and not only the script, so don’t mug up.
  2. Be interactive with the audience for making your speech interesting for them.
  3. Build your confidence of speaking by delivering a speech to your family or friends first.
  4. Try speaking in front on the mirror to check and improve your expressions and gestures while giving a speech.

Tips for Essay writing on Honesty

  1. The essay is not a bunch of words only, but it should be useful and understandable information for the reader.
  2. You can write an essay in story format too.
  3. Keep logical sections and flow while writing.
  4. Read about your topic and write down the thoughts that come to your mind.

Tips for Paragraph writing on Honesty

  1. Paragraphs are same as essays but the length limitations vary so try being to the point while writing the paragraph.
  2. Give a brief idea about some points which you can’t write in detail.

This is our honest attempt to spread information. If you find it helpful and like it then please let us know in the comments below. We love to receive your response. 🙂

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