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This Guy Brought Pokémon in Real Life and It’s Amazing!

Pokémon in Real Life

We Indians spent our childhood watching Pokémon at 5 pm without skipping a day. I still remember that I used to run to reach home after the school just to watch the Pokémon. As a child, having our own Pokémon was our ultimate dream. And to fulfill this dream this guy brought Pokémon in his daily life.

Meet Stefano Connor Elizetxe, a graphics and web designer from Madrid, Spain. He edited his selfies in a such a way that it actually feels like the Pokémon are with him in his selfies. You can see Squirtle taking a nap on his shoulder, Pikachu brushing teeth with him, Bulbasaur playing on his lap and so many other Pokémon.

Take a look.

Shhhhhhhhh…. Squirtle is sleeping.

Pokemon in real life.

Let’s take a tour of the city with Charmander.

Pokemon in real life.

Woahh….!!!! Jigglypuff is not happy about something.

Pokemon in real life.

I think Pikachu was his Bestman.


I didn’t know Squirtle is Coffee Type Pokemon.


Leisure time with Togepi. 🙂


Pika .. Pika..Gooood Morning.


Play time with Bulbasaur.


In the jungle of Exeggutor.


There are many more such pictures of him with other Pokemon.

Visit his Instagram Account here. Stefano Connor Elizetxe

His Instagram username is @eseliceche.

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Gotta Catch’em All.

Sorry for the long post. Here’s a group of Pikachu dancing for you. 🙂

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