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What Does Stop Us From Having Great Hairstyles

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So, I was surfing on Instagram this morning like every other day, but today I realized Instagram in flooding with the photos of several amazing hairstyles like Man Bun, Top Knot, Fading Undercuts to name a few. One thing I observed that all those people with those hairstyles are western or I’ll say there are very few Indians to style those kinds of hairstyles. So, what does stop us rocking a great hairstyle?

What is stopping us?

Although there is a huge number of Indian teens who are experimenting with their hair, we still hesitate to cheat on our hairstyle we are continuing from last few years. I thought for a while about this and came up with these things that stop us from experimenting with our hair.

  • All those models styling those hairstyles are tall, fair and with good physique. So there’s an inferiority complex that stops us from thinking that I don’t look handsome as they are.
  • To style hairstyles with long hair, it takes the huge amount of patience to grow hair. You feel like getting a haircut every now and then while growing your hair.
  • Your friends will tease your hair no matter how good they look. Every time you get a haircut they end up saying “Kya Ch***ya dikh raha hai!!” 😛
  • Long hair needs good care(shampoos, conditioners, this and that) and being a guy we hesitate to spend money on our hair.
  • We fail to style a hairstyle according to the type of hair we have, because for straight, wavy and curly hairs, there are different hairstyles for each and every hairstyle complement that kind of hair.
  • Our hairstylists have very low knowledge of latest hairstyles so end up asking “Sir, Honey Singh Wala Style Bana Du?
  • Popular salons like ‘Javed and Habib’, ‘Enrich‘, ‘tony and Guy‘ are very expensive to have a good haircut.

What We Can Do?

Not everyone can visit those expensive salons to her a haircut. So I came up with these simple solutions to have a nice hairstyle and carry it with confidence.

Know Your Face Shape

Instead of whining for having a bad haircut let’s do some self-observation. Before having a haircut you should know whether this hairstyle complements your face shape or not. Your face shape carries a significant role while having a haircut and so does your hair type. People with different face shape carry different hairstyles. Know your face is straight, oval, round, square or any other type.

Know Your Hair Type

The success of your hairstyle depends on what kind of hair you have and whether you are justifying them with a correct hairstyle or not. Straight ,curly, wavy hairs need different hairstyles and care. So before you get a haircut, think for a while that whether this hairstyle suits your hair type or not.


Take out your smartphone and search for some good hairstyles according to your face shape and hair type. There are many websites of hairstylists that give you good knowledge about hairstyling and showcases latest hairstyles. Check out the following sites.

Taking Care of Your Hair

Yes, bro. You have to take care of your hair if you want to have a nice hairstyle and doesn’t take that much money as you think. Use shampoos according to your hair type. The shampoos containing Keratin are said to be good for hair. Use conditioner once in a while. Do not use cheap hair color to color your hair. They are likely to damage your hair. If you use a straightener to straighten your hair, make sure you use proper preheating sprays and serums before using straighteners. Heating your hair damages them at a long run.

Maintaining the Hairstyles

You cannot just expect your hair to style themselves. Try different hair waxes, pomades, and gels, whichever you feel suitable for you. There are different hair products for different hair types and they provide different functionalities such as matte look, shine, and super hold.

Be Confident

Be confident about yourself. Having confidence will help you to carry your hairstyle nicely.

I have listed down some cool hair products from at very low price yet effective. Check them out. Click on the images below.

Hair Waxes:

Hair Gels:

I think I have said enough to encourage you to have a nice hairstyle. So go now and find a nice hairstyle to rock. I’ll be back with some great hairstyles only for you, so stay tuned.

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