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Girls, Say No to Intimate Bedroom Moments Video Recording

Say no to bedroom video recording Women safety

Do not allow your boyfriend to record your private intimate moments, yes we are suggesting that. We are not being sexist here and we are also not trying to corner all boys. What we are trying to say is “Prevention is better than Cure“.

Say No to Sex Tape

Yes, there are chances that your boyfriend wants to record your intimate moments for good reasons. He may want to capture those special moments for future, there is nothing wrong in it. But if you see the amount of such videos on Indian porn websites then you will be concerned. Just make a simple search on Google “Indian couple MMS” and browse a couple of websites; what you will see may raise your concern. And it’s not about only videos, same is the case for nude selfies and flashing pics.

Women Safety

It is possible that your boyfriend may not misuse it, but someone who has access to the USB, phone, cloud backup where the video is stored can misuse it without his or your knowledge. Plus, there is a kinda race in teenagers to prove that they had sex, they do it to keep up with their friend group, this does happen. Ill-minded boys can even sell it on porn websites for few bucks. One might use these videos later to blackmail you if things go sour in relationship.

The best place to store memories is your heart, not the phone.

The decision is yours if you allow him to record it then try to do following things at least.

What is the purpose of recording?

Make sure you ask him and get a clear answer on the purpose of recording it. Try to judge the answer as per your ability.

Insisting or Forcing

If you have already said NO and still he is asking repeatedly then it should raise a flag. If he is a genuine guy, he will respect your decision.

Take Control

If allowed you should use your phone or device and keep the video with you only. No copies, cloud backups etc, don’t share the video with each other over Internet. You can protect the file with a password and only you should have a password.

Women safety is still a big problem in India, and especially teenage girls are a big target. We have another article “How to detect hidden camera” where we are discussing a related issue. You might get recorded without your consent (permission). Please read that article too.

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