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Friendzoned Forever, Why? How to Avoid? What Next?

Escaping the friendzone

Being friendzoned, the worst possible thing can happen to a guy. I know it hurts, it hurts really bad. I have been there. Generally, one finds it very late that he has been bloody friendzoned. Why girls friend zone guys? Let’s talk about it, we don’t want any our brother to get trapped in this booby trap J

Why does it happen?

Before finding the solution, we must understand the problem. Why girls do that? Or you do it to yourself? Think. Let’s check some scenarios.

  1. You don’t make your intention clear at the start. You don’t approach her soon enough due to fear being rejected.
  2. You are being too much of “Nice Guy”. (Friend and Boyfriend are different things)
  3. You love her like a mad man and she knows it. She knows that you will be around her for a long time then why not to try some BETTER OPTION. You become a reserve stock.
  4. You are available for her all the time. She takes you granted.
  5. You think that you will become her good friend first then you will approach her. (biggest mistake)
  6. You don’t show any sexual inclinations. (wait guys, that doesn’t only mean intercourse)
  7. You are afraid for eye contacts

How to avoid being friendzoned

  1. You should make your intention clear to her from the start or else she will think that you just want to be a friend and not interested in her.
  2. If not, after being friends, approach her as early as possible. Or else how on the planet she will come to know? She might be expecting initiative from you.
  3. Don’t be available for her all the time. Don’t be her delivery boy.
  4. You should be a little flirt with her. Don’t overdo, she should not get offended by it.
  5. It is the best way to convey your message without words. Gather guts to make eye contact.
  6. Don’t be a Crying Shoulder for her.
  7. Rejection is better than being friendzoned

Deal with it

Now, if it is confirmed that you are friendzoned, what next? The answer is with you only. What do you want? Do you want to be there and wait, waiting to get lucky? Well, that’s is also possible. But rather than putting it on luck try things that will make you attractive to her. She may pull you out from friend zone.

Some guys cannot handle it for long. So, it is better to clear the air, get over with it and move forward. Yes, it can be difficult for some but remember love does happen twice or multiple times for that matter.

Food for thought

Girls have their own choice, respect that. It is possible that she is dealing with her own problems.

Look back and think about those girls whom you have friendzoned. Karma is a bit**.

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