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Freshers Party Sample Invitation Card Designs


Having a great invitation card for your fresher party is a must. It sets the mood. It’s the first thing you can impress freshers with. Sometimes these freshers party invitation cards are filled up with unnecessary quotes, shayaris; that is so old generation. You should create a simple, minimalistic, to the point card. Here is our sample freshers party invitation cards gallery; we just added simple text matter, we have kept wording simple and clear. And then just pop up most important things like venue, date & time. If you have arranged a great performance like say DJ show, then add it on the card. You can send the invitations by mail or letter.

Design Tips – Keep the format simple, vertical poster design is good, I used same for samples.



All cards are designed on

How to make freshers day invitation card

In this section, we will learn how to plan and design the freshers’ day invitation card. You can have different invitation card for different audiences like teachers, principle, and junior students.

1. Plan the Template & Design on Paper

Before hitting any template or tools you must plan the invitation card design. Decide what kinda invitation card you want. Do you want minimalistic, modern, vintage, old classic or simple card design?

2. Content – What goes on card

Now you have basic template idea, it’s time to decide what goes on the card. D you want to include extra quotes and Shayari etc on the card. We don’t recommend. Keep it simple. Add only important information about the event. You should have a name to fresher party, then add the venue, timeline details. If you have any special performance or something then add it on the invitation card. That will increase the curiosity in mind of your fresher’s party audience.

3. Choose the Tool

One can use advanced tools like PhotoShop etc for design invitation card. But Here I will show you how it’s done with this simple but effective tool called I used this tool for all my image editing.

  1. Go to and make a free account. (You will see ads on free options, to remove ads you need to upgrade “Plus” plan)
  2. Choose “Designer” option.
  3. Choose “Invitation” option and selected one of “Template” from available options.
  4. You can replace the existing images, wordings, graphics and element from the template. You can add your own images and wordings (content).
  5. Save the template on your laptop and you are done.
  6. Send invitation via email or print the card and send the letter with goodenvelope.

You need to use your own imagination and creativity to come up with the best design for invitation card. We have given a couple of design at the start of the article, you can use them as the sample.

Images for freshers party invitation card

If you don’t know where to find awesome images for card design then let me help you. Go to and search party, fun, event, or fun and download awesome photos and images.

Freshers party invitation card design gallery images

These are free to use images, but you should read their terms once.

If you are looking for information on “Fresher Party Anchoring Speech” then follow the given link; plus we have Complete Fresher’s Party Guide too. Have a look.

Let us know if you like our designs.

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