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Freshers Party Complete Guide for Indian Colleges

freshers party

Hello, Senior, you wanna know how to throw an awesome freshers party. Then you are at right place. Generally, college functions and events have same, boring patterns. You as a creative senior wanna welcome freshers with the entertaining, funny, engaging yet well-managed party, isn;t it? So here is your complete freshers party guide. You will end up with a concrete idea after reading this guide.

Things to avoid

Before knowing what to do, first check the things which may turn off the main audience of the party, i.e. freshers themselves. College politics, if possible avoid it. College election is held right after freshers parties; that is why it becomes the marketing hub for college politics. Try to have an unbiased event, don’t make it a marketing platform.

Avoid boring games like musical chairs and very long speeches from teachers and guests. Your audience will get bored at the start of the event itself. Avoid Mr. & Ms. Fresher titles for winners; that’s so cliché. Call them Fresher Dude and Diva. They will love it.

Now, let’s begin with what are the things to do and how you can bring in freshness and creativity to it.


First and foremost, decide some theme, it will help you to choose related events, name, decoration, games and performances. Some of the western college themes like ABCs etc. will not work in India (even in privately held freshers parties)

Try to choose a theme based on the latest trend. Here are some impressive examples

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Friends (TV Series)
  3. YouTubers`
  4. Big Bang Theory
  5. Minions
  6. Pirates of Caribbean

Check out these 9 cool freshers party themes here.

For this article, we will choose “Big Bang Theory” theme.

Fresher party theme idea big bang theory

Big Bang Theory, CBC

You can also have themes based on local events, trends and shows. Here are some examples

1. MTV Roadies
2. Olympics Theme- it’s a trending topic in India now.
3. Pokemon Theme etc


Now, that you have chosen the theme, it will be easy to decide a name for the party. Check some trolls and memes for chosen theme. You will surely get some out of box freshers party title. For Big Bang Theory theme, you can have names from their episodes. Example: Celebration Experimentation. Got the idea, right?

Check out our other article on “Fresher Party Names” here


Most of the time there will be an invitation on the notice board and them news get spread across the freshers. Nowadays colleges have their individual email ID or groups so can send a creative email invitation to all. You can even print a flex banner. Now you have theme and name, pop it out on flex with other venue and timeline details. You can also put dress code rules there.

Dress Code

It will be great if theme, decoration and dress code matches. But consult with freshers first, whether they would like to try new dress code for the party. Ask them whether they can afford the clothes needed for the day. For our example ask them to wear clothes inspired by big bang theory cast. Most of them going to turn up like Sheldon.

If possible try to have a mascot based on a theme. We never see mascots in Indian fresher parties. You can be the trendsetter.

mario mascot for freshers party in india



Again it’s easy to decide on stage and auditorium decoration as you have chosen the theme. Get stage like Sheldon and Leo’s dorm.

Anchoring Speech

If you are doing theme based event, then choose a host who known stuff about the theme. Here, in this case, choose one who is an ardent fan of the show or make him / her co-host with an experienced host. Now most important part, anchor speech should have some jokes, quotes, meme & troll references. That will blast laughter in-house and freshers will be engaged with it.

Here you will sample anchoring script and tips.


Pull up fans of the show and ask them research the games played in the show. List them out and finalize ones which are practical to your college environment. You can have Question & Answers session based on the show. Rather than having mimicry performance do a stand-up comedy like performance, it’s in trend.

Celebrity vs. YouTube Star

If you got the budget, then don’t spend it on celebrity. Rather call some famous YouTube Celebrity. Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) is the best choice, and you know why. J

BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines

Regular stuff

Have some regular stuff in party cause not all will understand the in trend, theme based concept. For them, you can have talent hunt, beauty pageant like stuff. You can add these as fillers too.


Please arrange some good food. You don’t want to disappoint freshers when they for snacks. We Indian loves to munch on a snack at the event. What to do, we are like that.

Music & Dance

End the show with latest top songs, add some western music too. The party must end with music and dance. If you got aspirant DJs in college, then give them a chance to rock tha party.

in the following section, you will find the list of best songs to sing or dance to, we have added top Hindi tracks from Bollywood movies and some international hits too.

Best College Fresher Party Hindi Songs for the year 2017

  1. Half Girl Friend Songs
  2. Tamma Tamma , Badri Ki Dulhnia
  3. Galti se Mistake
  4. Tubelight (Radio Song)
  5. Raabta – Ek vaari aa bhi ja
  6. Dhivara – Baahubali
  7. Mercy – Baadshah
  8. Dangal  Songs
  9. Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi (best for Singing)
  10. Radha – Jab Harry Met Sejal

Best College Fresher Party English /  Songs for the year 2017

  1. Despacito
  2. Good Life
  3. Let me Love You
  4. Shape of You
  5. Sorry
  6. Don’t Let me Down
  7. CheapThrills
  8. Chainsmokers
  9. What do you Mean
  10. Attention
  11. Bon Appetit
  12. Champion (Latest hit from Fall Out Boy, it is an inspirational song one can use as welcome song, this will set the mood of the event from the start)

Here are the latest EDM songs for you guys

  1. Versace On The Floor
  2. We Did It
  3. We Are One
  4. Feels
  5. Real Life

I hope you guys like this article; you can share this with the guys who are going to arrange freshers party for your college. And even you can share your ideas in comments below.

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