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Freshers Party Games & Events for Indian Colleges

Freshers Party Games & Events for Indian Colleges

So, you got the responsibility to plan the fresher’s party for your college, right? And you wanna make this fresher party an awesome event. What is most important thing to make that happen is to have great games and events. Generally, we have typical games in fresher’s party like musical chair, I just hate this particular game, I don’t know why. Why can’t we have more interesting and fun games? Freshers should engage with these games; they should feel inclusive not forced to participate. Here in this article, we are giving you some interesting and funny tasks, activities, games which can be performed by juniors as well as seniors at the event. On top it, to make this party fun you gotta have good anchoring script and humorous host too. Don’t appoint an anchor who read it from notes, juniors will get bored… Dont make that mistake.

Tips to arrange Games and Events in Freshers Party

  1. Do not host boring games like musical chairs and Antakshari.
  2. Games & Events should be fun to participate and to watch too.
  3. Think out of the box.
  4. You can have individual games or series of same games which will continue after each segment.
  5. You need props for games, use these prop based on in-trend topics.
  6. Games based on famous web series and sit-coms
  7. You can run a survey while planning, allow freshers themselves to choose what they wanna see in the party.

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Freshers Party Games

1. Flip the Cup

Take Red Paper Cups (mainly used for beers 😉 ), scatter them on the table and ask participants to flip them back in upright position. One who makes more in given time wins it. Give the paper cups itself as a prize to the winner.

Freshers Party Games & Events for Indian CollegesFreshers Party Games & Events for Indian Colleges
Red Cups

2. Build a Castle or Ping Pong

Use same paper cups or beer cups to build the tower or castle from it. More castles one makes wins the game.

Freshers Party Games & Events for Indian CollegesFreshers Party Games & Events for Indian Colleges
Red Cups and Ping Pong Ball
Use the color the glass as per your theme of the freshers party.

3. Newspaper Fashion

Just give the participant a set of newspapers and scissor. Ask them to create a fashion item out of it. Let the creativity flow, they can make dress, caps, ties or anything. One which is better wins the points or games.

Fresher party games india

Pinterest – Keep the paper away from this hot lady or call fireman…

4. Guess it

Project something random on screen and ask participants to guess it. You can make it more complicated by asking to tell some information or facts about the item. Their answers might break out the laughter in the audience.

5. Mummified

Get the toilet role and mummify your partner, one who drapes partner better wins.

Freshers Party Games & Events for Indian Colleges

Pinterest Roll ’em Up

6. Dance Move

You will (if you are a good dancer) will show a signature move of the famous song to participants and ask them to repeat the same. Better they perform wins more points. Use more complicated dance moves as game proceeds. You can make this game a multi-stage game.

7. Sing it

Like above game, play a line of songs from language participant doesn’t know. Ask them to sing same, one who gets it better wins. Most of them gonna pronounce the words wrong, that will bring laughter to the audience.

8. Hole in The Wall

Remember this American show “Hole in the Wall”, I think it is inspired by a Japanese TV game show. You may not able to pull up complete setup, but for a fresher party, you can do a smaller version of it. You can show some difficult individual or group positions like shown in the image and ask participants to perform same and hold it for 30 seconds. Individual or team who performs better gets more points.

9. Sketch it, Sketch it

Call participants in a pair of two, ask one to draw a sketch of other in 1 minute. One who draws the funniest one wins.

I hope you got the idea, you can take some game ideas from this list or you can arrange some sorta similar games. If this articles helped you in any way then let us know.

Here is the video from Minutes to Win it – 100 Party Games Ideas – The Ultimate list.

Now, we will see what events you can have for your fresher party.

Events, Games for Fresher Party

Generally, we have events like a fashion show, fancy dress competition etc. But these are so common that no will be excited to join in. Here are some freshers party events or game ideas for you guys. We will try post more ideas to this list of games for juniors at freshers party, if you got any awesome ideas then dont hide away, Share it with the world in comments. Help them to make their party awesome. Tumko Punya Milega.. 😉

1. Trolls QnA

Earlier we used to have jokes or Shayari sessions in the fresher party where any fresher will come up to stage tell a joke or a Shayari. To make it more in-trend you can have “Trolls Competition” where participants will wear the mask of their favourite troll faces and tell a funny and epic troll. Audience gonna love it for sure.

2. Live Photography Contest

Ask shutterbugs from your college to cover whole freshers party events and day. By end of the day, they edit and submit best 5 photos for competition. One who gets the best shot wins the competition. Give them a DSLR Accessories as a prize.

Let us know if liked these ideas, share it with your buddies so that they can help you to have these fun party games and events for your fresher party.

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