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Funny Anchoring Script for Freshers Party in English

Freshers Party Anchoring Speech Script for Indian Colleges

So you are the one who is going to present the upcoming college freshers party in your college. And you want to have awesome anchoring script for freshers party, right? Here we come to your rescue. Here is the sample freshers party anchoring script in English for college.

Anchoring Script for Freshers Party in College in English

Do’s and Don’ts for the Anchoring

Here are the few things you should always remember while preparing the script, do not read the script and don’t mug it up. It will feel artificial and dead-faced, you don’t wanna start an event like that. You should get the overall idea of the event, just list out key points and speak your heart out. Try to add some jokes to make it a little funny, some of your own experience; but do not overdo it.

The present generation is tech-savvy, trendy; they have less attention span; do not bore them with a lengthy history of the college and founders, just give them a brief idea about it. Do not call names of all guests and teachers present there, call in only chief guests, dean, and principal. Or else freshers will get bored at the start only. Remember that this fresher party is for FRESHERS so they are the priority, isn’t it?

Start of the Anchoring Script for Freshers Party

So, you are starting the whole game and it is a big responsibility. You don’t wanna mess it up. Before going to the welcoming note itself, let me tell you that, you got to present the event with confidence. You need to carry the show with ease and this cannot be done by just mugging up the script.

You got to understand the complete fresher’s party theme so that you can steer your speech accordingly. But, as seniors and college management gave you this responsibility mean they trust you. Here is how you start freshers party welcome note.

Hello…. Boys and Girls… let me introduce myself. I am Sunil, third-year B.Tech I.T welcoming you to this great campus of XYZ College / University. You are new here, you must be wondering why he is calling it a great campus, we don’t see it. But guys trust me as time goes you will see how lively and awesome this campus is.

Well, we will continue that saga in the next session. Let me take a moment to thank our chief guest XYX, our Dean ABC, and our loved Principle QWE. Let’s have a big round of applause for them. I was at your place 2 years back and I can relate to you and that is why I am not going to bore you with cliché monologue or mugged up acts. Just be real and grounded, sounds cool?

OK, let me just brief you on schedule and proceedings of the event and after we are going to start the event with a Hip-Hop dance performance by our final year Mechanical Students. Mech students are not ROBOTs, trust me they can move.

So, after a first dance performance. We will have an introduction segment where you guys will introduce yourselves in 2 lines. Kindly pass the microphone ASAP once you are done. After that we will be having the singing competition, there are 6 entries for the singing. And guess what we have one rockstar in our freshers batch, he is gonna perform the guitar solo on “Californication”, there is a difficult riff in it, let’s see how he plays it.

After that, our chief guest XYZ will address us and dean ABC will felicitate him. We will continue with few skits and acts. And then we will have a snack break for 15 minutes, please grab your seats again ASAP and finally, we will wrap up the event with party songs. Here is the perfect time to show your moves.

So, welcome our ASDF Hip-Hop group. (to dancers) Guys, Rock the Floor

If you have noticed I have completely ignored typical, cliché, mugged up, artificial stuff from fresher party welcome script. You got to be creative, don’t just copy-paste random speech from the internet. You know your college and the environment of it, only you can write original and awesome freshers party anchoring script.

Click on the following link down a PDF copy of a script, It’s free to download 🙂 freshers-party-welcome-speech-script-PDF. Click on the link if you are interested in a sample हिन्दी अँकरिंग स्पीच स्क्रिप्ट.

Even if you are hosting an event in your local language like Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Hindi, Kannada, etc still you can use informal patterns used in our sample script. I think you can easily translate this English script into your language.

Dose of Inspiration

Here is a viral welcome speech from the second year Mechanical Engineering student Nicholas Selby from Georgia Institute of Technology. He is damn funny and creative. Must see.

Let us know if this Anchoring Script for Freshers Party helped you any manner in your preparation in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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