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9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Freshers party themes ideas indian colleges

It’s freshers party season now in Indian colleges. You are a senior who wanna throw an awesome freshers party for juniors, right? This time, you want something different, you don’t want those same, repetitive and boring themes and patterns for the day. Here is the list of awesome freshers party theme ideas which are relevant to Indian colleges.

Before going further let me remind you that, don’t make a freshers party a formal events where chief guest, deans and HOD speak for hour. Remember freshers, juniors are the main reason why you are arranging the freshers party at first place, treat them, entertain them. Today’s junior watch sitcoms, GOT, Play assassin creed don’t bore them with shayaris that is so old now. Be fun, have more of music, interactions, jokes, pop culture references etc.

Here is our “Fresher Party” Complete Guide.

Freshers Party Ideas which CANNOT be arranged in Indian Colleges

There are a lot of cool ideas out there on the internet but I think our Indian college management will not allow those themes. Here is such theme ideas you can’t do in Indian colleges.

All but Clothes (ABC)

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean nude party. Participant expected to get creative and use stuff other than normal clothes as costumes. For example, you can wear a garbage bag, flags, balloons, newspaper, foils. Try to think more yourself. Isn’t this party theme creative? But, I think just by hearing the name of the theme college management will reject it. L Here are some things one can do.

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Yes… those are ties

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

She must stay away from water

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Is it a fresher’s party or friendship day? lol

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Yummy, Buddhi Ke Bal… #epic

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Guys can try this one… lol

Now let us be positive and see what freshers party ideas we can have in Indian colleges

1. Black & White

Dress up in only black and white. Decorate the venue in monochrome. Do black and white fashion show.

2. Pre-Historic Theme

Choose a prehistoric era and dress up like that. Choose games from that era. You can have anchoring speech having reference to that era’s language and dialect.

3. Purana Zamana

Choose a decade from Indian films, say 60’s and dress up like Bollywood stars of that time. Get superstar Rajesh Khanna look, perform crazy Shammi Kapoor dance. Sing Kishor Kumar songs. Dress up like Asha Parekh or Madhubala.

4. Bhoot Bangala

Search all types of Indian paranormal figures and set up a haunting fresher party. Have dark venue decoration. Have dangerous dares and game. Sing “Gumnaam Hai Koi” or “Noori”. Turn off the light and let the candles lit the venue. Decorate podium with lanterns and human skeletons.

5. Back to School

Wear your school uniform for college fresher party. You need to alter the school uniform, that uniform isn’t gonna fit you now. You are a grown up beast now.

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Guys, stop dreaming and don’t expect this.

6. Web Series or Sit-Com Theme

Form a group 10-20 students and ask them to choose their favourite web series or sitcom, ask them to dress like one. Have decoration, acts, performances based on them. You can even try a game of thrones, FRIENDS or Big Bang Theory. Performance should be based and chosen show. Perform a skit based on the fight of the Mountain and the Viper (GOT) or perform Tyrion Lannister act arranged by King Joffrey (Purple Wedding).

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

GOT, Purple Wedding

7. Indian Superheroes v/s Hollywood Superheroes

Let the battle happen between Skaktiman and Wolverine. Form 2 sections of the audience and ask one to dress like Indian superheroes and other as western superheroes. Have skits based on them. Have competitive games based on both characters.

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

News: Shaktiman new series will be airing soon, dying to see it…

8. Celebrity Parody Party Theme Ideas

Let the folks dress up like an exaggerated version of their favourite celebrity. Ask them do have fun with it. They should be in that character for that party and they should act like the celebrity. Walk like them talk like them.

9 Freshers Party Theme Ideas for Indian Colleges

Alia Bhatt going to steal this theme for sure.

9. Saas Bahu Parody Theme

I know you guys hate this Saas Bahu drama going on Indian television, but that’s the point. Throw out your anger and frustration by making a parody of it. Dress up like them but act like yourself.

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