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Human is born with the right to be free. Being free means what? What is freedom? Freedom is a not only single line concept. It can be defined in different ways from different aspects. Everybody has their own way of defining freedom. It may be personal freedom, mental freedom, social freedom or freedom of speech and expression. This article will provide you information about freedom which you can use in competitions like essay writing or speech organized in your school or college.

Please note that we have given this article in speech format, but we have touched upon various points. All of which can be used to prepare an essay out of it. There are several types of essay, I think a narrative essay will be a good choice for an essay on the importance of freedom or freedom comes with responsibility topic. If you summarise the overall topic you can get a good content for paragraph writing too.

Speech, Essay on Value, Importance of Freedom in Life

Beginning of Speech

Good morning honorable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends, we all want freedom in our life. But what does this freedom means? It varies from a person to person. There is no fixed definition of freedom. So here I would like to exercise my freedom of expression right and start my speech on the importance of freedom in life in general.


Freedom is the ability to do what a person wants to do but without harming or insulting anybody. They can choose whom to be with, careers to choose and way to live. Human is born with the right to have freedom and to be free. Our Constitution gives us the right to live, expression or speech. But We should not forget that freedom always comes with responsibility. While exercising your freedom you have duties to fulfill for the country, society too.

Freedom at a personal level is something that a person wants to have for personal life or maybe for the family. The decision making about where to live, where to go, what to eat, what to wear, what should be the field of education and career, comes into personal freedom. Every person is born free and he/she should live freely for whole life and has the right to decide these things. In our country, we see many people who are not satisfied in their life because they are not free to make choices. Mostly, parents decide what their children should choose for their education, career, and life. In India parent choose a spouse in an arranged marriage, totally violating the person’s liberty to choose what they want. Women in India mainly face this problem.  It is not a completely wrong thing but they should honor children’s opinion, after all, it’s the children whose whole life going to get affected by these decisions.

Likewise, in many areas of India, women are still discriminated. Once a woman is married to someone, she becomes a slave of that person and his family, physically and mentally both. She does not get her freedom for deciding small things about her own. She can’t even have a meal without permission of her in-laws, she can’t go out of the house, she does not have any power to live her life the way she wants. But today, we see many women who are leading in many fields abolishing this tradition with their empowerment. Like men, women also entitled to same freedom, there should not be any discrimination in freedom based on gender, caste, creed or socio-economic status.

Yes, a person should have right to decide about his/her life and decide what to do but with this freedom, a person should not discriminate or harm any other person. There should be some logical sense and outcome of the decisions or actions that a person takes with this freedom. Freedom is not only about living the way we want. Freedom comes with responsibilities. Freedom and responsibility are the two sides of a coin. One should not misuse the freedom and do some illegal activities. At a personal level, we have our freedom to decide all these things about us and live in our own ways. But there are responsibilities; at a personal level, there are responsibilities on every one of their own family and relatives. One should not behave in such way that will harm their family or other people. A person must think about his/her own family while taking any decision in life. It is not mandatory but it is preferable in order to respect family members.

As there is personal freedom in our life, there are responsibilities too. We live in a democratic country where there are several different opinions on a single topic. If a person does some activity that is unusual, it becomes a controversial topic for people to discuss on. We have rights to decide who should rule our country, state or district. We have right to vote for a person or political party with privacy. We have right to speak, express ourself, We have a constitutional right to privacy too. Likewise, we have some responsibilities also. A person should follow the rules of the country and respect it. Freedom is not only about living free and doing whatever a person wants to but there are some conditions which a person should understand in order to live in a society.

Media is one of the fourth pillars of democracy. Media should not be censored, controlled by the state, a free media is a considered as peoples voice. Though it is true, in today’s world media companies don’t act like they are the voice of people, they are more of mouthpiece if political parties. Any sensible man can find the lobbying in media. Paper media, news, magazines and even individual journalist using freedom of expression or freedom of speech as a tool to spread their party’s propaganda. In all these citizens of India get fooled.

There is another type of freedom that we experience in our life called mental freedom. A person may be physically bound to or imprisoned but his/her mind may be free explore beyond th universe. Sometimes it happens that a person is free from all the materialistic duties but still the mind has so many worries to think about which make that person imprisoned under those worries. Nature has gifted us the best machine in the form of mind which never stops or pauses till we are alive. We say that there is god and also the ghosts but many of us have never seen both. It is our mind that makes us feel the presence of them.

Our mind has all the freedom to think beyond this universe. We sit on a chair but our minds roam anywhere in the universe. There are no restrictions on our imagination and thoughts. We feel the happiness, sadness and all other emotions in our mind first. Even though we don’t have wings our mind takes us flying in the sky. Have you ever felt this feeling of flying? Many of us do. Every human is free to think and feel the way they want. They are free to make their life happy. Thoughts never harm anyone but they may hurt someone if they are converted into negative, destructive actions.


Freedom is not a concept which can be defined in a single line. There are many perspectives of freedom depending upon the context that one is talking about. Being free from restrictions is not only the way of having freedom. But it also important to know that freedom comes with responsibilities. If all choose only freedom there will be chaos, and if all forced to responsibilities there will be a dictatorship. So use your freedom wisely.

Ending of Speech

I conveyed all my thoughts about freedom by having the freedom to speak in front of you but with some responsibility of not hurting anyone’s thoughts. On this note, I would like to end my speech. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to convey my thoughts in front of all of you.

Tips for Speech on Freedom

  • Deliver your speech with confidence.
  • Keep your speech interactive with the audience by asking questions to them.
  • Don’t mug up the script, read about your topic and convey your own thoughts about it.
  • Be expressive with the expressions and gestures towards an audience.

Tips for Essay on Freedom

  • You can write the essay in story format also.
  • Write the essay with simple language and in three logical sections.
  • Write the introduction, detailed concept and conclusion of your topic.
  • Explain your topic in simple words and details.

Tips for Paragraph on Freedom

  • The paragraph is same like the essay but the length of words vary.
  • Try explaining your topic in short and the related points in brief.

If you like this article and find it helpful then do not forget to share your opinions or suggestions with us by writing them in the comment section below. Thank you. 😊

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