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Planning to Get Your First Tattoo? Read This First! ✍️

Planning to Get Your First Tattoo Read This First!

Getting a tattoo is always a great experiencing(for most of the people at least :P). Getting a tattoo means you are committing to something that is gonna be there with you for a lifetime. But are you ready for it? So, before you get Jason Momoa’s face tattooed on your arm, give this a read.

Planning to Get Your First Tattoo? Read This First! ✍️

Sit Down and Think

Getting inked may seem very cool and dope, but think for a while that, this tattoo is gonna be there for rest of your life unless you get a laser tattoo removal done, which cost a lot for your pocket. So calm down and think for a while.

Ask yourself some questions like, Am I ready for this kind of commitment? Is this the right tattoo? I am gonna regret it later? Will this tattoo make sense to you after a few years? Am I getting a tattoo because my friend got it and looks cool? These questions will help you to get a clear thought and make your decision.

Do Not Refer Google or Pinterest!

If you want your tattoos to look like everyone else’s, sure, go ahead. But I am guessing that is not what you had in your mind. Most of the people, almost everyone refers to Pinterest and obviously googles tattoo ideas. Try not to be one of them, or else you will be twinning, unexpectedly.

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Instagram to the Rescue!

Ditch Google and Pinterest, make use of your other best friend, Instagram! It is the mini hub of small-scale tattoo artists. If you cannot afford that, don’t worry, take inspiration from tattoo artists there and get creative, you will wind up with a wonderful tattoo idea.

Check for Any Allergies

It isn’t uncommon for people to be allergic to ink. One of the easier ways to find this out is to check for any allergies from hair dyes. If you are allergic to them, you are probably allergic to inks that are used for tattooing. Sorry, but getting one wouldn’t be the best idea.

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Be Prepared for a Long Waiting List

Usually, you will find mind-boggling waiting lists for tattoo artists, even small-scale ones. Also, you won’t be able to bargain your way there. It’s pointless, they do enough business to not agree to bargain.

Also, Rejection.

Tattoo artists make enough money to actually be able to choose who they want to work. Sometimes they mind send you away because they do not get the “right vibes’’ from you or something else equally trivial. It is alright, it’s pretty common.

Give it a Final Look

Please give your tattoo print at least one last look before getting it inked, you might find some mistakes and be able to save a disaster from happening. Especially, when you are getting words tattooed, PLEASE PROOFREAD. Make sure you keep checking at each round. No one would fancy a permanent typo.

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These Body Areas will Hurt the Most.

Your ribs, butts, and feet will hurt the most. These are some the most sensitive parts of your body, so getting tattooed there is going to be more painful. You may pop a painkiller later to ease the pain but do not take one in before or during the process, as it will thin your blood and you will end up bleeding more.

Tattoo Fading and Other Difficulties

Tattoos which you get on your hands and feet will fade the fastest since the skin regenerates itself more quickly in these areas. Also, hands and feet are used the most, they’re washed and exfoliated the most so ink in such place’s fades away relatively pretty quickly.

Also, the torso- between your hip and shoulder, will be the most difficult to get inked. It is an incredibly sensitive spot, which makes up for a painful tattoo area. You will also have to take several breaks and keep your breathing steady, or else you may pass out.

Things to Do the Night Before

The night before you go and get inked, eat a good, full and balanced meal and steer away from medicines, or any other sources that might thin your blood. Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep and show up rested.

Be Ready to Splurge

A cheap tattoo is not likely to be good and a good tattoo is not likely to be cheap. Keep that in mind. It could cost a hefty amount, starting from about Rs 1500-2000. It is a good idea to invest in this since you are going to be keeping this around for all your life, literally. If your wallet doesn’t give you the permission to do so, it would be a good idea to wait and save more.

Pay a Visit First

It’s a good idea to go and visit the place first and look around. Make sure that the surroundings are neat, clean and hygienic. Check out their artwork, their tattoo ideas and their customers’ tattoos, also see to it that they are friendly and willing to help you with the task. Don’t forget to double check their tattoo license to ensure your safety when it comes to blood-borne diseases, like HIV< AIDS, syphilis hepatitis etc. also, communicate. Let the artiste know your expectations and take their suggestions, you may end up with a better result.

Ummm… It Is Not Same As Getting a Shot

No matter what people tell you, it does NOT feel like that. For a vaccine or a blood test, the needle goes deep into the skin to draw out blood. That is not the case with tattoos. It doesn’t mean that tattoos are painless. It can be said that it feels like you’re being scratched incessantly with some pain. And that is exactly what is happening. If you are needle phobic, this may not be for you.

It Will Get Better

Thanks to your adrenaline, it gets better very soon. About fifteen to twenty minutes into the process, adrenaline will kick in and help with reducing the pain. Most of the tattoo artists usually have a session of not more than two hours at a time, so if you are planning to get a big one, you will probably have to make a few appointments.

Yes, You May Have to Get Checkups

You may have to get touch ups due to fading and discoloration. Sometimes it doesn’t heal right and requires a touch-up. Your tattooist will be more than glad to fix it for you. If you get tattooed on your hands or your feet, they are going to fade super-fast so you will have to get them redone rather quickly.

Your Skin Care Regime Thereafter

After several days, your tattoo will dry up and will start to peel. You may notice teguments and scabs, but please do not pick at them, you will end up getting infected or mess up with the healing process, which is something you really don’t want. Keep it clean as well as sanitized and remember to moisturize it often. Use antibiotic creams often, to rule out chances of infections. To make the tattoo last longer and fade slower, use sunscreen- loads of it.

That’s it, folks. I hope I helped to get your thoughts straight. Share the article with your friends who are planning to get a tattoo. Thank you. 🙂

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