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Rock Your First Day of College. Explained.

First day at college
First day at college

Hey guys, so how were your vacations? I bet you enjoyed them a lot and I am pretty sure you are eagerly waiting to start your college journey. So why students are so excited about their college life? Maybe you are eager to make new friends in college or your father have promised you to buy you a new bike once you start your college, and most important part is girls in your class. 😀 Guys who have just passed 10th exams feel like they have just escaped from the cage of high school and are waiting to flutter their wings in college life.

So, let us help you guys to make your first day in college a perfect day.

1. Dress Casual

Your first impression tells pretty much about you. So dressing properly for your first day of college is pretty much important. You can wear a cool printed t-shirt or a simple slim fit shirt with blue jeans and rock it with a pair of sneakers. You can also wear your favourite hoodie which you have bought for the first day of college. Remember one thing you are neither going for an interview nor attending any family function so don’t go for formals and traditional wear. Your outfit won’t define what you are but it surely gives you the edge over other things.

2. Reach Out

You probably find your new friends on the first day itself. So be sporty and try to speak with other guys. You can break the ice by asking for something like how to reach to the Principal office or which class are you in.

3. Be Friendly

Being friendly and playful will surely help you to come out as a positive person amongst the crowd. Talk with people nicely. Ask them about their hobbies. Don’t use hard jokes and sarcasm for now because you don’t want to sound meanwhile your friendship is naive.

4. Similar Interests

You might be knowing the popular quote “It’s difficult to find friends with the similar mental disorder you have. “It’s true to its core. It’s very difficult to find friends with same interests and the similar mindset. Friends with whom you can go crazy, talk frankly, share your secrets, share your problems are very rare. It’ll take time. Don’t rush into things.

5. And of course “Girls”

The most interesting part of being in college is that you get to be friends with girls. Be confident while approaching to them. Break the ice by asking them about anything like where is canteen or where can I find XYZ professor. Don’t come out as a creepy guy who desperately wants to be with girls. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out. They ain’t gonna kill you.

So this is it, guys. Now, go and enjoy your first day of your college. This is just the beginning of your journey, you have a long way to go. And we will help you with your each step. See you again soon!!!

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