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First Date Secret Grooming and Clothing Tips for Girls 💑

First Date Secret Grooming and Clothing Tips for Girls

First dates are always exciting and stressful at the same time especially when you are waiting for a date to happen for the longest period of time. If your first date goes well, then your chances of taking the relationship to a next level increases. But if you mess on the first date, then hardly there is a chance of a second date.

So, people, be careful about your impression on the first date. If you are looking for some tips for establishing that incredible first connection, here are a couple of things to do on a first date.

First Date Secret Grooming and Clothing Tips for Girls 💑

Do’s and Don’ts of the first date

Don’t be late ⏰

The thumb rule of the first date is to be on time. Five minutes plus minus is considerable but anything more than that shows carelessness. Always try to be punctual, especially on the first date. If you show up late, it hints that you are not interested. Reduce your chances of a late arrival by departing earlier than usual.

Start off confidently and friendly 😊

Certainly, you have butterflies in your stomach on your first date but hey don’t let the other person make out your distress. Keep your anxiety under wraps, just relax and project confidence when meeting the person. Your body language speaks for you on the first date. Your partner can easily make out your mental state from your tiny gestures.

Keep your posture straight, don’t lean, keep both your feet on the ground, sit with open arms, don’t bite your nails or look here-there while talking. So make sure you maintain your cool which will leave a lasting impression.
Being friendly with the other person is very important. Something like, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ or ‘How was your weekend?’ immediately give your date a sense of familiarity and make the person feel more at home with you.

Get the conversation started with some light, playful humor you both can relate to. Complimenting your date for their outfit or about their looks also warms up the situation and get the date going on a friendly note.

Avoid your damn phone! 📵

The biggest blunder you can do to spoil your date is by peeping too much on your phone. Staying glued to your phone is a big turn off on your first date and displays your disinterest in your date. So, keep your phone aside and avoid looking at it. Attend your calls only if it’s very urgent and hang up immediately.

Dress appropriately and avoid heavy make up 👗💄

Choosing that perfect dress for the date can be stressful. Obviously, you should look elegant and drop dead gorgeous on your first date but never overdo it. Wearing something that you’re not comfortable in ruins it, not just for you, but for your partner too. So, always go for a tried and tested option and avoid any kind of experiment with your dressing. Also, google the venue you both made reservations for and dress appropriately.

Experts suggest that your make up should be balanced on your first date. Don’t overdo it, but don’t under-do it either. Go for that casual, breezy look in which you feel confident. Overdoing the makeup or improper makeup would distract your date from your conversation. An example of this would be wearing so much lipstick that it comes off all over your teeth. I am sure you would not want anything like this creep to happen on your date.

Maintain eye contact and show interest 👀

Little do you know it but eye contact is one of your most potent weapons of enhancing chemistry between two people. It’s one of the simplest ways to articulate to your date that you’re interested in them, without even having to open your mouth.

When you two maintain constant eye contact, it is a sign that you are involved and interested in each other’s company. Conversely, when your date has difficulty making eye contact, this communicates discomfort; lack of interest or it could be extreme shyness. Keep asking a few questions amid the conversation and show some curiosity while talking as this will disport your interest in the talk.

Smell good 🌹

Smelling nice seems to be an obvious tip for a first date. While good smell leaves a lasting impression, body odor or bad breath is a big turn off on a date. Science says that people are rated at a higher attractiveness level when they smell good. So, always keep your perfume and a few mints handy whenever you are date ready.

Best Outfit Ideas for the First Date

Jeans and a t-shirt 👖👕

Yaa I know, this is the most elementary outfit to choose for a date but trust me guys a nice pair of jeans and a chic t-shirt can never go wrong for a date. If you plan your date in a hush-hush and don’t get enough time to sort your dress, just don’t experiment with your dressing and opt for jeans and a t-shirt as this is the ultimate savior for any date setup.

An elegant maxi dress 👗

If you plan a candlelight dinner date with your partner, a beautiful long gown or a maxi dress is perfect for this occasion. Maxi dresses are comfortable, stylish and elegant. If your dressing is comfortable then you will feel elated throughout the evening.

Short skirt and a striped top 👚

Girls with nice and attractive legs can carry short skirts really well. Skirts go well with any type of date setup be it a lunch date at a high-end restaurant or a movie date, or just a casual coffee date, you just need that confidence and the attitude to carry your outfit well.

Little black dress 😍

A little black dress is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Be it a formal meeting or heading for a late night party, just team your black dress with heels and a clutch and you will never go wrong with your choice of the outfit.

The bottom line is to be yourself, wear something that defines your style, and stay comfortable and stylish. Carrying the right attitude, an amiable smile, and a polished behavior, you are surely going to leave a lasting impression the very first time — a good one! Hope you’ll find these tips helpful in planning your next date and make it a success.

I hope this simple yet effective tips will help you to what to do and what not do on the first date. Please leave a good rating and share the post with your friends who have an upcoming date. ❤️

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