My Favourite Season – Rain, Monsoon

My Favourite Season Rain, Monsoon

Here in this article, we are giving you an essay on “My Favourite Season” Monsoon. Please note that here we have given a different kind of essay. Most of the time when we talk about an essay on rain or monsoon, we describe rain and it’s beauty etc. That is very common. Drinking water supply is a growing problem in India and rain is the main source of it. So to be relevant to social issues and environmental conditions we are giving you My Favourite Season – Rain / Monsoon essay which focuses more on issue and solution than just a metaphoric description of it. It might be little off the pattern but that might help you to win that speech or essay competition. So, let’s get started.

Rain.. Monsoon means mud everywhere, inconvenience, contagious diseases, and what not. Rain fill up the drain systems, causes traffic havoc. All in all, rain irritates us. These are the common thing one would say about rain. We people so much busy with routine life that we don’t appreciate the one of the greatest magic of nature, people not even acknowledge the importance of rain rather and it is taken for granted.

The way monsoon cycle works, it’s amazing. Who devised these processes? Each year we have winter, summer and monsoon season. How perfectly organized it is. Rain is one of the natural resources which never given its due importance. Water evaporates from seas, oceans and other water bodies later cools down with monsoon breeze and drizzle upon us and spread happiness. Isn’t it beautiful?

But we see people calling names to rain, they say “Ohh God. Stop this Rain for Ever” … Just imagine, what will happen if God listens to the request. There is no rain at all. Stored water bodies will give us water for at the max a year. Within a year all drinkable water will be finished. There will be the apocalyptic situation. Rich people will buy water from other countries, millions will die. Results will be horrific. May be this the time to start appreciating the rain, the main source drinkable water.
It’s a high time to respect rain and nature.

We should use rain water harvesting techniques so that water gets absorbed in mother earth, that will help to raise the water table. This, in turn, gives water in wells, lakes and for bore wells. We need to utilize all of this pouring water not only in cities only but in a rural area too. In Maharashtra, legendary actor Aamir Khan started Satyamev Jayate Water Cup Competition, where 1000 villages will complete each other for conserving water with a technique called “Paan Lot”. This types initiatives will spread the message to the common people.

How Can Rain Water be Conserved?

  1. “Rain Water Harvesting” techniques are already developed and implemented at various places. People from the city should contact the Rain Water Harvesting department to learn about implementation of the scheme.
  2. Government Policy – For urban buildings government trying to make Rain Water Harvesting mandatory. It is implemented in some cities, but real estate builders are reluctant to do it.
  3. Awareness – If citizens are not aware of advantages on Rain Water Harvesting then there will be a minuscule impact of government policy.
  4. Satyamev Jayate Model – Along with the government, people civil community needs to come forward to promote water saving campaigns.
  5. Celebrities can use their star power to push these campaigns and spread awareness. They can collect a good amount of fund for such noble cause from their fraternity.


Water going to be a rare community in future. We have a limited amount of drinkable water, of which the main source is rain. We need to start Rain Water Harvesting as early as possible so that we will reap the benefits of it in a couple of years. We need to learn to respect nature, rain, water and teach our new generation about the importance of rain water.

We have written the information in essay format, but you can easily use this information for speech or paragraph writing. We know you are smart enough to do that. If you like given essay then let us know in comments.

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