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India is an agricultural country and farmers are the backbone of our country. We get to eat two times bread and butter happily because they owe their life to the farm. A farmer is the one who spends hours and hours, years and years on the farm tilling the farm, sowing the seeds, watering the fields, reaping and harvesting the plants and then taking it to the market for sale. For him, there is no rest. But these farmers are committing suicide because of failure of the crop, weak financial conditions and many other reasons. As we are all living in a country like India who is known for unity in diversity. So, this is high time now to show our unity in the form of helping the farmers, standing with them in their sadness and happiness.

In our article, we are going to give some core information about farmers suicide which is being a serious issue these days. This article will help you to give a speech, write an essay, paragraph in school and college competition. This is just a core information you can take help from other sources to get more information.

The Beginning of the Speech

Respected chief guest, principal sir, teachers and my dear friends I wish you all a very good morning. Today, we are gathered here to speak about the farmers’ suicide which is becoming a serious issue day by day. Before starting my speech I would like to thank for giving me an opportunity to speak.


Farmers are like a god for us as food is man’s basic need and farmer is the one who can fulfill this need. Our kids, friends, relatives get to eat various fruits, vegetables, grains is because of hard work they do on the farm. Farmers have taken agriculture to another level which helps to increase our economic condition. Currently, India is facing many problems like poverty, unemployment, corruption, terrorism and even the pollution.

Do you ever visit villages? If you ever visit villages you will feel that the life you are living is more like luxurious life. We eat good food, go on a picnic, spend money the way we want. But farmers owe their life in the field whether it is a monsoon, summer or winter they will not care about the season they will just work and work. They face problems like inadequate supply of electricity and water supply etc. but still, they manage to live in the same conditions. Like every other human being, even they have to fulfill their basic human needs, but even after doing so much hard work, all they end up with is a huge loan and no food to eat, hence they choose to end their lives.

There are various reasons behind the suicides of farmers like the failure of the crops, weak financial conditions and the huge loans caused by it. A rainfall is a main requirement for agriculture. Global warming has affected the seasons and has caused the climate change. Irregular rainfall can hamper the growth of plants. And then farmer have to face problems like droughts too. It is reported that most of the farmers commit suicide because of the drought. If there is no rain there is no crop and it will affect farmers financial condition because agriculture is the only way of earning their living. Because the lack of money they take loans and when they are unable to repay those loans, the only option they end up with is ending their own life.

Nowadays farmers use various fertilizers for the rapid growth of the crop and to make the soil more fertile. But sometimes it may happen that because of these various fertilizers soil became less fertile and it may lead to failure of crop this again it affects his financial condition. This creates stress, frustration and they could see the only option in front their eyes which is suicide.

To overcome this problem first of all government should make sure that whatever subsidies and welfare schemes they announced, it should reach to the farmers of small villages. The government has implemented agricultural debt but they should decrease the rate of interest or I will say that for farmers there should not be interest on the money the took as a debt. Introducing modern techniques of farming will help to face the drought situations also they will be able to grow some crops even in less water. In drought areas, the government should provide employability sources other than agriculture so that farmers will not just depend on agriculture to earn the money. In every village, there needs to be a small organization which conducts various agricultural activities that will help farmers while farming. Many farmers are not aware of the crop rotation so through this agricultural activity they will get to know about this. Though education in urban areas has improved a lot but at the same time government is ignoring the farmers from rural areas and that is the reason why rural areas farmers are still not aware of the schemes that government has announced. Now last but the important thing is water management. Not just the farmers but we all should know about water management. It will be very helpful to all of us. Introduce some modern techniques which will help in saving the water and using it whenever there is inadequate water for growing the crops.


I will not say that to help farmers we should work with them on a farm but at least help them by spreading the subsidies and welfare facilities that government has announced to every single village in India. This will surely save someone’s life.

Tips for the essay:

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Tips for the Speech:

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  2. You can give examples of other role models if needed.
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  5. Use your hand movements and gestures, it conveys your message better.
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