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Faceless, Paperless, Cashless: Next Generation Services for India

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If you have ever been to any government office for any certificate, submission or any other service you will related to this. Most of the time, you will go through this. First of all, a normal Indian don’t know to which office to go, seldom we go correct place for the first time. When you find the correct government office, you will be greeted with long queues in a shady office building. There will be no seating arrangements, no waiting areas to the consumer. It doesn’t matter whether you are an old person, differently abled, a woman you all stand in the same queue for hours. Then somebody passes by you, goes directly to the officer and get his work done, this kinda special treatment, is reserved for people with a political connection or they, are local gundas. Still, there is a way for a common man like you and me to skip the line, you guessed it correctly, “bribe“. Give couple hundred or sometimes thousand to skip the line and you are done. Nowadays people even pay to skip lines in temples. But you are honest man with principals you will not bribe them. Anyways somehow you reach to the officer’s table. Now the real struggle starts.

Officer will say documents are not complete, you will reply like “documents are as per list is given on official government website” they reply “we haven’t given that, come again with all document”. (This really happened with me). By luck when you go through documentation phase you need to pay for service in cash, then you get a paper receipt. You will be called after random days to get your certificate. You never get your certificate on that day, you never know what’s the status of your application. Therefore, we as normal citizen hate government processes.

You might know, efficiency is the key for private companies they try to adopt Faceless, Paperless, Cashless transaction is their system from an early stage. Take an example of recruitment process of a big private company. You will find the recruitment information online on their portal, if there is subscription facility you can get a mail too. You fill all your information online, submit scanned documents and you apply for given position. The recruiter will send you progress status via mail or on the portal. You pay fees online in any. Why can’t we have such paperless, cashless and faceless process for government transactions?

There is a good news. A new India is in making. The government is promoting and implementing a “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” next generation government services.

Let’s understand these terminologies first.

Cashless Transactions

Due to recent demonetization drive, we all kinda know what a cashless transaction is. In simple words, when we pay for goods or services but not in form of cash (notes). We pay with Debit, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, E-wallets, Point-of-Sales, Coupons, Pre-paid cards etc. Credit, Debit cards and such other forms also called as “Plastic Money“.

Paperless Transactions

When we don’t use, paper say for application processes, certificates, letters etc. we can call that transaction or the process a paperless process. In short, when we don’t use a physical paper for given process it is called as a paperless process. The Indian government is not trying to do all its processes online, that means we no more need papers for application and certificate. There a long way to go to see it happening across India, in all states and all department at all levels. But at least initiatives are taken and we can see it happening. e-KYC, DigiLocker, e-sign, online portals, workflow systems will be part of paperless processes.

Faceless Transaction

This may be a new term for you. In the faceless transaction, you don’t need to be present at a government office for application process or even for submitting the documents. This will bring in more transparency and it will control the corruption, bribery at government offices. This is a great initiative planned by the Indian government.

Cashless, Paperless and Faceless; all these processes together will form a better, transparent, corruption-free process. That day is possible now when you can do any government process online on mobile from home or on the go. Indian government taking such awesome initiatives under leadership our PM Modi, we all should support his endeavours.

Tell us what do you expect from faceless government process. You can share your views in comment box below.

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