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Every Guy in A Relationship Will Relate to This


Being in a relationship is fun and it seems like an achievement to some guys, but sometimes it puts you in some confusing situations which are hard to handle. I am sure every guy in a relationship will find himself in these situations every now and then.

Choosing between GF and Friends.

So, you are friends are planning to watch Cricket World Cup and your girlfriend is insisting on going to a movie. Every guy will find himself in this situation where he has to choose between spending cozy time with his GF or watching World Cup with his besties.


Which Movie to Watch

Batman vs Superman is released. You are very excited. You have watched the trailer repeatedly and the next day your GF insists on going to watch “Rocky Handsome” -_-


 About to Go Bankrupt.

So your girlfriend chose this expensive restaurant for lunch and suddenly you become a mathematician and you keep calculating the total with every dish coming to your table because it’s month end and your pocket money is on a verge of dying.


Who’s Gonna Pay the Bill?

So your shopping with your girlfriend and she likes a dress worth 2000 bucks and stand there wondering who’s gonna pay for that. She or you? Eventually, you end paying the bill and carrying the shopping bags too.


 Those Mandatory Calls

You have to endure those long calls with her when she talks about why she is angry with her friend.


Ex Comments on Your Picture

Out of nowhere your Ex GF comments on your picture and you rush to delete it before your GF see it, but she sees it anyhow.


You Never Disturb Her When She Is Talking With Her Parents

This is the protocol set by World Girlfriend Association. 😛 You never utter a word when she is talking with her mom on a call.


Do I Look Fat in This Dress?

This is the most difficult question of a Boyfriend’s life. She comes back from fitting room and asks you this ‘Do or Die’ question and you stand there wondering possible consequences of your answer.


 Saying SORRY is the Ultimate Solution for Everything.

No one can win the argument with a girl because at the end of the argument she starts to cry (The ultimate weapon of girls) even it wasn’t your fault.


Rolling Eyes Syndrome

This is what she does when you scold her.

Phone eyeroll

Come over, No one’s Home

I don’t think I need to explain this. 😛

Old spice guy head nod

This sums up the life of a guy in a relationship. Share it if you relate with it most.

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