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Essay on triple talaq in India Speech article
तीन तलाक/ ट्रिपल तलाक पर निबंध हिंदी में

Indian Supreme Court recently gave revolutionary judgment on triple talaq practice. There was a big debate on news channels and media about pros and cons on triple talaq. As it is very highly debated issue we expect this topic for group discussion, debates, forums and job interviews too. UPSC, SBI PO can also expect this topic for essay writing. Here in this article, it is small effort to write a 500-word essay on the topic. Information given here can be used for making speech script or summarized for paragraph writing.

Essay on Triple Talaq in India

Triple Talaq, an instant divorce is a type of Islamic divorce which is used by Muslim men in India. It allows a Muslim man to legally divorce his wife by uttering ‘talaq’ three times. Talaq is an Arabic word for divorce. A man can say talaq word 3 times and that will be an irrecoverable divorce. The pronouncements can be oral or written and in today’s time, it happens over internet, social media and even on WhatsApp.

In the triple talaq practice, men don’t need to give any reason for the divorce and the wife’s presence is not mandatory at the time of the announcement. Actual Muslim law states there should be at least a gap of 1 month between each talaq pronouncement.

Though the custom of triple talaq falls under Muslim personal law a lot of Muslim majority countries abolished this practice. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco already abolished this practice. Triple Talaq practice faced stark opposition from the Muslim women, some of them also filed a PIL in the Supreme Court against is triple Talaq practice. The case was defended by all India Muslim personal law board which tried to save this custom.

Triple Talaq practice is being called as regressive, unethical. Recent Supreme Court judgment stated that triple Talaq is unconstitutional and advised the government to form the framework and law accordingly. Meantime Muslim man cannot use this practice. This is a much-needed relief for Muslim women in India, it is one more step ahead in gender equality in the Muslim community.

Political parties making triple talaq more of a political issue than the real human issue itself. Recently, the current government successfully passed the triple talaq bill in the winter session of Lok Sabha. This bill will criminalize the triple talaq and states the jail time for the man. Triple talaq bill also saw some rejection in Lok Sabha but it was comparatively negligible. Some political parties opposed on basis of changes or improvements required in the bill. This success is a great achievement for Indian Muslim women. This bill still needs to be passed in Rajya Sabha. BJP does not have the majority in Rajya Sabha, more opposition is expected there.

Under the “Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill” triple talaq will be considered a criminal activity and man can get up to three-year imprisonment. The maintenance for Muslim women will be left at the discretion of the magistrate. Some complained that if the man is sentenced to jail then the couple will not have a time for reconciliation. Some have speculations that Indian Muslim women will take advantage of this bill. Some commented that triple talaq bill is a BJP’s move to divide Muslim votes.

Opposition parties demanded improvements in the bill and their point also needs to be considered. But that doesn’t mean we should not introduce the bill and give basic rights to Indian Muslim women.

Women suppression is not new to the history of India or the world for that matter, almost every religion suppressed women rights in the history. But in today’s time, we need to change laws, we to change the mentality towards women. Women should have equal right as men. We should promote the gender equality, women empowerment in all sections of Indian society. And this is true for all cultures and religions; we need to change with the time because change is only constant.


Men and Women should have the same rights, as we are made equal. Religions practices, laws need to change according to the time. Our society should understand the importance of women equality. We are suppressing half of India’s population from taking an active part in the progress of the country. This has to be stopped and change needs to bring in the society.

here is the list of countries which banned the Triple Talaq:
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, Algeria, The Malaysian state of Sarawak, Iran, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Brunei, Malaysia

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