Essay on Tourism Brings Economic and Social Prosperity – Free Sample

Essay on Tourism Brings Economic and Social Prosperity

So far we have covered 2 essay subject under Parivartan Parv Campaign. These two essays can help you to write a better essay on tourism brings economic and social prosperity topic too. Follow links to check it out.

In Education and tourism move hand in hand essay, we covered how tourism can help students learn from the real world, how it will help students to get away from academic and career pressure. We also saw what are problems in Indian tourism sector. In second essay Environmentally sustainable tourism, we discussed how western tourists are following environmentally sustainable tourism trend, this is going to affect the tourist numbers in future. There we also discussed what measured can be taken to make Indian Indian tourism environmentally sustainable. Do read those essays… We will cover the role of tourism in the mutual understanding and social harmony essay in next post. We will update link here.

Note: Please note that these are sample essays, you should not just copy paste it. Take an overall idea from these or from other places and write your own essay in your own words and style with your own experiences and solutions.

Now let’s jump to today’s topic.

Essay on Tourism Brings Economic and Social Prosperity

Let us first try to understand what is tourism. According to Wikipedia, tourism is travel for pleasure or business, a practice of touring, the business of accommodating, attracting an entertaining the tourist. Tourism consist of a lot of activities like transportation, sightseeing, adventure activities, camping, trekking, pilgrimage and more. It involves tourist, related hotel, air, bus, train travel, hosts, locals, attractions and more. Now we will try to understand

How Tourism Brings Economic Prosperity

Tourism creates job and various business opportunities, it is a very big industry. Millions of people travel within the country or internationally for pleasure or for business-related activities. Tourist needs to travel, stay, eat, they need local guides, they purchase local items as souvenirs. All these transactions bring economic opportunities to locals and to state too. Tourism helps them earn, which in long turn can create wealth for them.

Europian countries/cities like Paris, London, Switzerland, Venice, Amsterdam are very famous. Likewise in Oceana region Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne also famous. In India, Delhi, Rajasthan, Varanasi famous for international tourist. A lof Indians travel to Vaishno Devi, Kailash parvat, Hrishikesh, Prayag, Shimla, Manali. In south Ooty, Bangalore, Kerala are famous for tourist attractions. These places, cities, countries earn good amount of money from tourist.

How Tourism Brings Social Prosperity

Everyone is different, we have different backgrounds, thoughts and belief system, culture, and religion. Every person behaves, react, eat, move differently. Tourism creates an opportunity to meet such different and diverse people. This communication helps them to learn about each other. People understand each other, everyone gets something out of this experience.

Tourism can help in mutual understand and thus have the ability to create social harmony, it can improve plurality in the world.

Conclusion: Untapped Potential

Tourism offers various things but we don’t appreciate the opportunities it offers. We need to see tourism not just as an economic activity but a chance to improve and learn from each other.

If this sample essay helps you let us know in comments. your feedback encourages to write more.

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