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Essay, Speech on Teachers Day By Student in English – 5th September 2018

Essay, Speech on Teachers Day By Student in English - 5th September 2018

A teacher guides us in the right direction and leads us to the success. A teacher dedicates his/her whole life to provide precious knowledge to the students and help to build a clever and intelligent society. Teachers are the players in the nation building. To commemorate the huge contribution of the teachers, teachers day is celebrated on 5th September every year in India. On this day schools and colleges across India organize competitions like speech, essay, quiz, elocution and many other. Here we have given you 2 essays on teachers day, and a couple of speeches on teachers day by students. You can use the information given in the essay for preparing your speech and vice versa.

Teachers Day Speech by Students #1

Note: You can find lots of speeches on teachers day over the internet, but I must they all are kinda same. So, we decided to write a little different speech, a little emotional and a bit interactive one. If you want to be different in the crowd then you got to do something different, and these sample teachers day speeches can be a good starting point. You can build your own script on top of it.

Respected Principal Sir, eminent teachers, and my friends Good Morning to you all. Today is the 5th September and we are gathered here on this august occasion of teachers day. A special day to celebrate hard work and dedication of our beloved teachers. Let me start by thanking my class teacher for choosing me to speak my heart on such great occasion.

Teachers consume their whole life to build the future of their students. Here in India, we call our teacher the second parents. Please give a big round of applaud and welcome all our teachers.

Parents give birth to their children, they look after them, love and feed them. But there are more facets to life, and that’s where teachers come in picture. We start picking up spoken language at home but we learn to read and write in school. Teachers are the people who build the very foundation of our career. Today I am here giving a speech, who taught me all this? My teachers. They taught me alphabets and numbers and today I am here at this podium, delivering a speech with confidence; all credit goes to my teachers.

Teachers don’t just teach subjects, they teach us the importance of discipline, hard work and more. They take our PT class, they teach us how to make science projects. From essays, drawing to crunching number, and all in between is taught by them.

Once students complete their studies and run behind the career they forget the teachers and their efforts. We should look back and at least say “Thank You” to them. Allow me to take this opportunity to express myself. Thank You very much all, I respect you all. You all have a lion’s share in shaping my career. Thank You again.

Dear friends, generally we do not know what teachers go through. We think the job of a teacher is to teach, but in reality, they have a lot of other work too.

They asked to do administrative work, question paper setting, exam supervision, timetable preparations, guidance on projects and what not. The list doesn’t stop there. On top of it, the government gives them the election and some other government scheme related work too.

They have their personal life, they have their career too. They also study to move ahead in their career. They do research, present papers, arrange or attend seminars, conferences, training. There are more of such mundane responsibilities they handle. After knowing all this I respect them more.

Sometimes students or parent complain about teachers and their dedication. I would like to show them this side of teachers too. This will make us respect them more.

Today I am using this podium as an opportunity to show another side. Some students make an unnecessary ruckus in class, I request those students that please do not trouble our teachers, they are working hard to build our future. Respect them. Thank You…


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Speech on Teachers Day #2

Today on this occasion of teachers day, instead of speaking on a generic topic for teachers day; I would like to express my thoughts about my favorite teachers. I have learned invaluable life lessons from them, In reality, they put the same effort on all students but some fail to understand it.

To start with, let me tell you what I learned from our maths teacher. Like any other maths teacher, she is strict and disciplined. I used to get afraid of her when she used to come to class. One day she explained to us why discipline and dedication are important in life and how it can positively affect the life. I bet all of my classmates remember that day. She taught us that, to succeed in life we need to have discipline, we should organize our homework, home chores and time too. Further, she added, we must find time to play too and do that we need to learn time management.

I have tried to implement her suggestion and let me tell now I save at least 2 to 3 hours daily. I use this newfound free time to work on my hobby, i.e. painting. I love to paint, I am not that good but I feel good when I paint. 10 minutes of her words changed my perspective. Thank you very much miss.

Most of you might have seen me a little overweight last year, and I was. I used to eat junk food, never had a schedule of sleep. But Now I am healthier, I haven’t fallen sick in the last 8 months, not even cough or cold. All credit goes to our PT Teacher.

Earlier I used to skip PT Class, I have made all possible excuses in the world to avoid the physical training. Sir knows my father, last Diwali he came to our home. That day he and my parents were discussing yoga, balanced diet, work-life balance etc.

He is so inspiring when he speaks, I bet no one else had listened to him. Sir, I would request you to address students on this topic. Indirectly you made an impact on me, I learned a lot of things from you like Ekalavya.

I am much healthier and active now. With your inspiring words, lots of us can march on this journey of health and fitness. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you.

Generally, we think teachers supposed to teach from textbooks only. Teachers are much more than that, they teach us life lessons too. Like our mathematics and PT teacher, every teacher has contributed to shaping my career and me too. I thank you to you all from bottom of my heart.

Tips for Teachers Day Speech

  1. In this case, you will be talking about teachers, while delivering the speech you can address them, interact with them. It will make your live and engaging.
  2. Try to focus on the problems faced by teachers, most of the time other competitors will give a speech on the generic topic, with this strategy you will stand out from the crowd.
  3. If you are giving a speech for the very first time, you can practice it in front of a mirror or ask friends for help and feedback.
  4. Try to have highs and lows is speech or else your speech will sound robotic.
  5. Do not mug up each and every word from speech script, try to remember the topic for each paragraph and speak from the heart. This requires practice and experience.

Teachers Day Essay (1) 500 Words

There is a famous saying in India, Teachers are the second parents of the students. Parent give birth to their children and teachers, gurus, guides teach them to succeed in life, show them the path towards success. Indian society takes education very seriously, every parent wants their children to be educated. Poor parents think if their children get a proper education, then they can get a well-paid job which can lift them from poverty, so they put all their heart and soul in educating children. Middle class or affluent Indian families want their children to have better education so that they earn big, don’t need to struggle like their parents did. In short, in India education have a great importance. But in the same country, we ignore the people who carry this humongous responsibility on their shoulders, those are our teachers.

Teachers are the backbone of the Indian education system. But somehow they are not getting the value they supposed to get. A greater role is expected from them but they never get due credit for same. Teachers shape student life, it’s a big responsibility but what about the teacher’s life. They face their own struggles, problem and overcome them to fulfill students aspirations.

Problems faced by Teachers In India

Extra Responsibilities

From the fringes it looks like that teachers are there to teach, they should put their heart and soul into teaching the students. But in reality, the situation is different. Teachers get a lot of administrative, elections, and government-related work. In all this, the education system and government forget what is the job, work, responsibility of a teacher.

Teachers participate in a lot of administrative work whether it is school, college or university. They prepare timetables, supervise exams, take part in annual gathering, events, program, science exhibitions and what not. The system ignores that after all these extra responsibilities teachers suppose to teach students in such a way that students understand it.

Teachers also get added government related responsibilities like elections, surveys etc; they don’t get paid for this and that’s not part of their job description. They get consumed in all these extra, non-related work and don’t get time for their prime responsibility that is TEACHING.

Salary & Opportunity

People say that those who don’t get a job in the industry join the teaching as last resort. In India, it is somewhat true. There are reasons behind it, in India teaching is not considered as the best job one wants for their children. On other hand, teachers don’t get paid like corporate employees, they have fewer opportunities to grow. These all conditions hinders bright minds to join teaching job. Presently we see seventh commission is doing a good job for government employees but teachers, professors from the private education industry are still struggling to keep up with inflation and today’s need.


We need to understand that after all teachers are also humans. They also have issues, problems, expectation, aspirations, and dreams, and we, society needs to treat them like one.

In contrary, big numbers of teachers are not motivated, they stay in their shell. They don’t try to upgrade their practical knowledge or try new teaching techniques etc. Older teaching methods might not work in today world, they need to learn to use technology, software, animations etc to make subjects interesting, interactive for students.

We students also have a responsibility here. If we are not ready to don’t want to learn anything and just want to have fun in school or college, no teacher from any part of the world can teach us. We need to be open first, a lot of students don’t even attend classes and crib about teachers and system later. Yes, one should have fun in school and college, it is not prison. But we go to school, college or university to learn, so we should give priority to that and then other things should follow.


In the Indian education system, teachers get extra, added, non-related responsibilities which affect their primary job that’s teaching and shaping the minds of their students. The government, national level academicians, education ministers should realize this gap in the industry and try to address their financial, administrative issues so that teacher performs at their best.

Essay on Teachers Day (2)

Who is a teacher? Is it just a person from your school who teaches you from the textbook or someone who guides you at different stages of life? We meet a lot of teachers in the journey of our life. When a child is born, his/her parents are the first teachers and they guide the child at every stage of life. Then the school and college teachers make their contribution. For some people even their boss act like a teacher(it’s rare :), but it can happen). A book, an experience, a moment, an emotion can also teach a very important lesson in life. It’s not all about textbook teacher only.

To celebrate the huge and invaluable contribution of the teachers in our lives, teachers day is celebrated. Teachers day is the day we celebrate to honor the selfless contribution of all the teachers in our lives who shape the future of countless students and their bright future.

Note: The Essay on Gurupurnima will definitely help you for writing an essay on teachers day.

Teachers day is celebrated on 5th September every year in India. The date 5th September was decided to be celebrated as teachers day on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great teacher and a strong believer in education. He was the first vice president and second president of India. He believed in the power of education and dedicated his life to teaching students and shaping their future. He used to say that “Teachers should be the best minds in the country.”

The story of why teachers day is celebrated is very inspirational. On one of the birthdays of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, his students went to him and said that they wanted to celebrate his birthday. On which he suggested that instead of celebrating my birthday on 5th September, celebrate the day as teachers day to honor the selfless efforts of all the teachers. Since then 5th September is celebrated as the Teachers Day in across India. Instead of showing off his own name, he dedicated the day to teachers.

Teachers have the huge responsibility of molding the students to make them a better person and achieve whatever they want in life. We look up to our teachers as the true source of knowledge and enlightenment. India has got the rich history of teachers and Gurus who guided their students and devotees to reach the success in their life. Our Vedas and Upanishads are the treasures of knowledge, the teachers or gurus from the history have gathered all that knowledge to help the humanity. A teacher spends his life teaching students, directing them in the right direction and shaping the future responsible citizens of the country. The youth is the future of any country and teachers play the crucial role in motivating and guiding the youth. They are playing their role in nation building by doing their job.

Though India has a rich heritage of education, today the education system in India is facing some problems. Teachers also struggle with issues like salary, opportunity, extra duties given by the government like census and election duties. In many schools there is a shortage of teaching staff, hence teachers have to work for extra working hours without extra pay.

If we want to improve the education system, the government have to look after the problems faced by teachers in India and eliminate them. Teaching is not the first job choice in India, we need to change this perception. We need a compelling environment in Indian education system to attract great minds.

Tips for Teachers Day Essay

  1. There are several types of essay present, before writing an essay you need to choose the type.
  2. essays are mainly divided into 3 sections, often called as 5 paragraph essay. In this structure you introduce the topic in the first paragraph then you can use the second and third paragraph in the essay for explaining your point, the fourth paragraph is used to provide a related solution, effects, review based second and third paragraph.
  3. The last section is the conclusion where you summarise the whole essay, keep it to 150-200 words at max.
  4. Do not introduce new ideas or characters in the conclusion section.
  5. It is always better to do rough work on idea and point which you want to write in the essay, Then only start writing.
  6. Make sure that you have continuity between paragraphs. It is very important to maintain the flow throughout the essay.

Teachers Day 2018 Celebration Ideas for Schools and Colleges

Teachers Day is celebrated in whole India with great enthusiasm. The schools, colleges, and institutes in India organize multiple events and functions to celebrate the teachers day. They come up with many creative celebration ideas to celebrate the teachers day. There are some conventional celebration ideas to celebrate the day such as making greeting cards for teachers and giving them to the teachers, felicitating the teachers with gifts and flowers, students also recite poems about teachers day, decorating the school and classrooms with posters, flowers, garlands, quotes about teachers day.

The poems about teachers are recited. Some students also present speeches about why teachers are important in our life. Students also come up with some great blackboard decoration ideas for teachers day too. In some school, to make students understand the one day in a life of a teacher, students become a teacher for one day and teach the student in junior classes.

So this teachers day, thank your favorite teacher for all the efforts he/she takes to give you the precious knowledge and wish them a Happy Teachers Day.

Note: I hope this article helps you to write the essay or prepare a speech on teachers day. To provide this essay in other Indian languages like Marathi, Urdu, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, we hope you guys can help us to translate. If you liked this article then please let us know in the comment section below.

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