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10 Lines on How I Spent My Summer Vacation in English for Class 1 to 5 Student’s Essay

10 Lines Essay How I spent my summer Vacation in English Hindi

One of the most common essay topics for the summer holidays is “How I spent my Summer Vacation“. School students are asked to write a short essay or a speech to express their vacation experience. Most of the time this essay has a trip or tour experience and learnings from it. But one can also write about different themes like summer camps, sports, classes for acquiring extra skills, pursuing hobbies and simply chill and spend time with family. This essay gives the opportunity to express their experiences in words, correlate the incidents, etc. This is very good for students in future life.

Here in this article, we are giving you a simple 10 lines on How I spent my summer vacation, we will use a trip or tour example. The second short essay is for school students of class 4,5; It will have 100 to 150 words. You can take the overall idea and build your own speech or essay of the desired length like 15, 20, 50 lines or 50, 200 words, etc.

10 sentences essay is good for students of class 1,2,3 etc. We have written another essay on the same topic which is suitable for students of class 6,7,8,9,10 etc. You can use this essay content for speech too.

10 Lines On Summer Vacation in English for class 1,2,3 Students

  1. I and my family visited Mahabaleshwar on this summer vacation.
  2. Mahabaleshwar is a very famous hill station.
  3. It is known for strawberries.
  4. We saw a couple of famous points too.
  5. We also visited Mapro Garden and their factory.
  6. We saw how they make jams from strawberries.
  7. My mother bought lots of squash, jams, and juices.

  1. We also stop by a new cheese factory.
  2. I and my sister ate pizza there.
  3. Next day we visited Pratapgad.
  4. It is the fort where Shivaji Maharaj Killed Afjal Khan.
  5. The local guide told us the whole history of the incident.
  6. We bought some items from handicraft stores there.

  1. I really liked the climate and clean air.
  2. I feel refreshed after my summer vacation trip.

15 to 20 Lines Short Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation for Class 4,5 Students

This summer vacation we took only 2 days hill station trip. I convinced my parents for a short trip because I wanted to spend the rest of summer vacation in a football summer camp. I like traveling but I love football more. There was a popular football training camp in my city in the month of May. Its name is Euro Football Champs Summer Camp. It was a 30-day program, where I learned new skills and tricks.

Along with that they also taught us about healthy food choices, good habits which will us help us to become a great athlete in the future. The coach Mr. Pearson played for my favorite club “Manchester City”. He was so inspiring.

I was not selected for the next program but one of friend Niel is going to London. I am still new, so I am learning. After watching my performance coach sir said that I have potential and asked me to work harder. This football summer camp was very important to me. I want to be a footballer and that was the first step towards my dream.

Most of the time we spend holidays doing nothing. We just watch movies, play video games and something like that. But this summer was special to me. It taught me that I must use my leisure time effectively. I can use vacation, holidays time to learn new skills or follow a hobby.

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