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Essay Speech How Yoga Changed My Life Yoga Inspiration Joyful Life

Here in this article, we are discussing yoga and its experience; we have used personal tale as a theme for this. You can use the information given in section for your speech or essay preparation. It is a 500-word article; you can add your own words and experiences to it too.

Essay on Importance of Yoga in Life

Yoga, sounds old, ancient, something to be done by sadhus and saints. A couple of times my friends forced me to do it, they said it could change my life. Because of their persuasion, I tried it a couple of occasions, but at the end of the day, I laughed at them. I was worried about them, as they were wasting their precious time on this new fad called “Yoga.”

Since then I continued routine life, office, kids, home chores, events, travel. Yes, I travel a lot as I am in sales; and I like it too. I am doing this for last 12 years, and I was as excited as I was a decade back. But lately I was hospitalized, I was suffering from severe lower back pain. Doctors did other tests also and reported that I am on the verge on diabetes. To add more in that, lately, I used to feel very upset and lazy for no practical reasons.

I tried all possible medicines prescribed by doctors; I even ventured into acupuncture and all. Nothing was working out; I was disappointed with physiotherapy sessions too.

Then something great happened, I was on the way for my weekly physiotherapy session. Once I got there, I came to know that therapist was on vacation. I was pissed off. My back pain was turning me into a woman I wasn’t. While coming back, I saw a Yoga class on the 2nd floor. A thought came to my mind that, why I should not give a try. I joined a yoga class out of desperation.

70 days later, here I am; trekking the Rajmachi mountain near Lonavala. My husband is with me on the trek, and he is way behind me. Once I called it “Waste of time” and “Useless thing” and very useless thing saved my life, my family life. Yoga didn’t just cure my back pain but lowered my sugar levels too. Yoga made more stable and calm, both physically and mentally. Nowadays, I smile a lot, and my husband doesn’t stop taking my pictures.

I know If I tell you to join yoga then it may sound like a sales pitch, after all, I am a sales person. Instead, what I will say is give it a try. A week or so might change your mind, and in the long run, yoga has a potential to change your life.

But let me tell you that, there are numerous pseudo yoga centers out there. Some call themselves message yoga, dance yoga, hot yoga, beach yoga and what not. Try to find the authentic yoga center.
Now, Yoga is an integral part of my life. I want to excel at it. Yoga is India’s gift to the world so next holiday season I am Yoga Math in Rishikesh, India; I want to take it to the next level.

To summarize let me say, Yoga Changed My Life, and it inspired me to live a joyful, happy life.

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