Essay on Would You Prefer A World With Or Without Social Media

Essay on Would You Prefer A World With Or Without Social Media

Please note that core topic of the essay is “world or life with or without social media”, it is not saying a world without the Internet. Though tightly coupled, these are two distinctively different topics. Social Networking sites or social media platforms/apps are a small part of the Internet-enabled services. E-commerce, weather forecasting services, IOT, GPS or a website like this one are not a part of a typical social media we talking about. I saw a lot of essays on this topic which is missing the point, the topic is Social Media, not the Internet. I hope you guys got the difference.

Essay on Would You Prefer A World With Or Without Social Media

Question is would I prefer a world with or without social media and my answer is YES, I prefer my life with it. But the important thing here to discuss is why I choose one. Before any analysis, we need to find what are advantages, disadvantages, impacts of social media in our lives and then we should make an educated analysis.

Any invention human ever witnessed did something good for humanity and later turned into a threat to the same humanity. Right Brothers invented airplanes so that we can cover longer distances faster, that made the world smaller. It made a crucial impact on the world. But we human used the same machine for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today un-manned drones kill hundreds of innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Chinese invented gunpowder to crack fireworks into the sky to witness spectacle and amusement. But later same gunpowder was used to make bullets and cannonballs which annihilated millions of people across the world.

Likewise, ancient human’s first inventions, findings, and even natural resources are used for the various malicious purpose by ill-witted people across the world for their horrendous fantasies and propaganda.

The same thing is happening with social media in the virtual world. No social media site/app founder started it for ill purposes. Social media did miracles for us and same time making teenagers jump off buildings (Blue Whale Game). But the important question here is, are the social media companies culprit only or us too?

Advantages and Positive Impacts of Social Media

Social media helped us to connect with people across the world. Because of it people with different backgrounds, thoughts, beliefs, income, religion or caste started to connect. They started to know each better, which made them a bit more tolerant and welcoming towards others.

Social media gave voice to people. Earlier it was controlled by Governments, politicians or big new media houses only. Information was not transparent, it was not from the people. Social media gave such an inconvincible power to a common people like us me and you. Because of social media, a person from a remote village can make an impact on the whole world. This is so far the best thing about social media.

Social media made our life easy in many ways. It helps us to connect with friends, share good or bad news and to build a community of like-minded people which get benefited from each other. Social media also gave a voice to suppressed and introverts.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Social media itself is not causing that big threat compared to the threats we people creating by using it as a platform. All these social media sites are using our information, interest, location data for advertising. They are blamed to use this data for their own profits. There is no doubt that social media get negative points on this one. But the problem created by wicked people over the social networks are far worse than this.

Terrorist use social media to radicalize and recruit people. They use the exposure of social media to blackmail young people and force them to do things they don’t want to. Young generation finding a refuge in the virtual world, they are totally consumed by it, they are missing real-world experiences because of it. Teenagers are struggling with social anxiety and FOMO.

Likewise, there are hundreds of advantages and disadvantages of social media and one cannot win the battle in the debate over this topic. But there is one important aspect that answers the question is, WE people us it, we can use it for good deeds and bad things too. We make choice, there is no one forcing us. We can choose not to use, or if we decide to use it we can use it safely. Such options and settings are available in these services.

Like all inventions, social media brings a lot of positive things in our lives that help us and people around us. Rather than blaming, stopping or banning social media we need to be good human beings. If we achieve that every invention will make this world a better place to live.

We should focus on both sides of the equation to solve the problem. We should try to find and treat the root cause first then symptoms or effects. Symptoms can be treated but if the root cause is not treated then it will pop up again in same or different shape and form. We are the ROOT CAUSE.

Even we have given this content in essay format, with a little bit modification you can use it for speech, paragraph, article writing too. Let us know in comments if you like our essay on the topic “would you prefer a world with or without social media”.

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