Sample Essay on What can I do for clean India?- 250 Words

Essay on What can I do for clean India?- 250 Words

The government has a target to receive 1 crore essays on the topic “What can I do for clean India?” by September 8, 2017, from students, the general public, and paramilitary personnel. This project is a part of PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi (संकल्प से सिद्धि)’ call for a “New India by 2022”.

Teachers are asking junior and senior school students to write a 250-word essay on “What can I do for Clean India?”. And you students do want to take part in this great mission searching for help over the internet. So, I have written this sample essay to help you guys to show how to put words together. I would suggest you guys not to just copy paste this essay. Rather take an overall idea, understand the concept and write your own essay with your own emotions and methods which you think will make India clean. Here rather than giving too much of methods on how to do it, I focus on the essay part. You should write it in the first person, that will be more convincing I think. So here goes the essay…

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Essay on “What can I do for clean India?”

When I see clean foreign cities and countryside in movies or on YouTube and I wonder how these places are so beautiful, neat and clean? Snowy Switzerland mountains, balconies full of flowers in Italy and Australia’s sunny and sandy beaches mesmerize us with its beauty and cleanliness. We also have such amazing travel destinations, historic monuments, heritage sites and majestic forts in India but why they don’t look like their foreigns counterparts?

Keeping the country clean is not the job of a government only, yes they are big stakeholders to make infrastructure available but it’s the people who should seek cleanliness. That is the basic issue with us. Rather than blaming the government and other people I chose to learn one thing from the father of our nation…

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

If I want to see my country clean, I need to change. I cannot expect change from others if I don’t change. Here are few little things I will do to make and keep my India clean.

I will separate the dry and wet garbage at home and put it in designated garbage bins only. I will not throw it on the road or from the window and I will try to pursue my family members to do so. I will also urge society chairman to make it a mandatory rule in our society.

I will not litter on road and public places. I will keep chocolate or candy wrapper in my pocket and then put in a garbage bin.

I use social media apps, my phone is full of it. I update my DP and post fun photos regularly. Now I will try to use these mediums to spread a message of cleanliness too.

I, alone cannot make complete India clean but like me, if millions of youth of the nation take a pledge to change themselves no one can stop us to be the cleanest country in the world. Future of the nation is on our hands. I close my eyes and imagine how it would be, and it feels like heaven. Let us join the hands and make a small change in us to achieve this big dream.


Kindly note that I will be submitting this essay for “Swachh Sankalp Se Swachh Siddhi Essay Competition”, so please do not copy paste it. Learn from it and write your own. 🙂

Tips for What can I do for Clean India? Essay

  1. For this essay competition, the essay should not be more than 250 words. Count your words before submitting it.
  2. The last date of submission is 8th September 2017, midnight.
  3. You can write essay in any of these languages: assamese, bengali, bodo, dogri, english, gujarati, hindi, kannada, kashmiri, konkani, maithili, malayalam, manipuri, marathi, nepali, oriya, punjabi, sanskrit, santhali, sindhi, tamil, telugu and urdu.
  4. It is mandatory use proper language, state, and other hashtags while submitting the essay. Read more about it here. At end of the list, you find a PDF about Terms and Conditions, Technical Parameters and Evaluation Criteria. Please read it.
  5. Terms and Conditions clearly say that essay should be an original piece of work. Copyrights violated essays will be disqualified.
  6. Always find the authentic information from official government websites.

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    ଯଦି ଦୁର୍ନୀତି ହେଉଛି ‘ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛଭାରତ ‘ଗଠନର ବଡ ପ୍ରତିବନ୍ଧକ ତେବେ ପ୍ରତିଦିନ ଅଳିଆ ଆବର୍ଜନା ସଫା କରିବା ସହିତ ମୁଁ ଦୁର୍ନୀତିକୁ ମୂଳତ୍ପାଟନ କରିବା ପାଇଁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରିବି। Education ର ବିକାଶ ହେଲେ ସବୁ ଅସମ୍ଭବ ସମ୍ଭବ ହେବ,ଦୁର୍ନୀତିର ବିନାଶ ହେବ ଏବଂEducationର ପ୍ରସାର ହେଲେ ସାମାଜିକ ସଚେତନା ଜାଗ୍ରତ ହେବ।
    ଭାରତ ଦେଶକୁ ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛ ରାଷ୍ଟ୍ରରେ ପରିଣତ କରିବା ପାଇଁ ସ୍ବପ୍ନ ଦେଖିଥିବା ସେହି ମହାନ ଜନନାୟକ ତଥା ଜାତୀର ପିତା ମହାତ୍ମା ଗାନ୍ଧୀ ନାହାନ୍ତି ସତ କିନ୍ତୁ ତାକଂର ଯେଉଁ ପ୍ରଚେଷ୍ଠାର ଠାଣି ,ନିଷ୍ଠାପର ଉଦ୍ୟମ ଆଜି ସମାଜକର ବ୍ୟକ୍ତି ମାନଂକୁ ‘ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛଭାରତ’ ଗଢି ତୋଳିବା ପାଇଁ ସଂକଳ୍ପ ବୋଧ କରୁଛି। ସେହି ମହାନ ରାଷ୍ଟ୍ରନେତା ବାପୁଜୀକଂ ଉଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ୟରେ ତାକଂର ପବିତ୍ର ଜନ୍ମତିଥି ଅକ୍ଟୋବର ୨ ତାରିଖକୁ ସାରା ଭାରତବର୍ଷରେ ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛଭାରତ ରୂପେ ପାଳନ କରାଯାଉଛି। ସେହି ମହାନ ଜନନାୟକକଂସ୍ବପ୍ନକୁ ସାକାର କରିବା ନିମନ୍ତେ ମୁଁ ପ୍ରାଣପଣେ ଉଦ୍ୟମ କରୁଛି ଏବଂ କରୁଥିବି ମଧ୍ୟ। ଜଣେ Education ହେଲେ ତା ନିକଟରେ ମାନବିକତାର ରୂପ ଝଲସି ଉଠିବ,ନିଜେ ସେଚତନ ହେବା ସହିତ ଅନ୍ୟ ମାନକୁଂ ସଚେତନତାର ବାର୍ତ୍ତା ବହନ କରିବାରେ ନିଜକୁ ନିୟୋଜନ କରିବ।
    ‘ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛ୍ଭାଭାରତ’ମିଶନକୁ ଆଖି ଆଗରେ ରଖି ମୁଁ ମୋ ସାଂଗ ସାଥିକୁଂ ନେଇ ଏକ କମିଟ୍ ଗଠନ କରିଛି, ଉକ୍ତ କମିଟ୍ୟ ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ମୁଁ ସାହି ପିଲାକୁଂ ପାଠ ପଢାଇବାରେନିଜକୁ ନିୟୋଜନ କରିପାରୁଛି। ଏହା ନିଶ୍ଚିତ ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛଭାରତ ମିଶନକୁ ସଫଳ କରିବାରେ ପ୍ରମୁଖ ଭୂମିକା ତୁଲାଇବ। ମୁଁ ଛୁଟିରେ ଘରକୁ ଗଲେ ପିଲାକୁଂ ପାଠ ପଢାଏ ,ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରିବି ସେମାନକଂ ପିତାମାତାକୁଂ କିଛି ମାତ୍ରାରେ Education ଡୋରିରେ ଯୋଡିବା ପାଇଁ। କାରଣ ଅଭିଭାବକକଂ ସଚେତନ ହିନତାହିଁ ସବୁଠାରୁ ବଡ ଅନ୍ତରାୟ। ମୁଁ ମୋର ସେହି ଛୋଟିଆ କମିଟ୍ ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ଆମ ଗ୍ରାମର ଉନ୍ନତି ମୂଳକ କାର୍ଯ୍ଯରେ ନିୟୋଜିତ କରିବା ସହିତ ଗ୍ରାମ ପରିବେଶ ସଫା କରିବି। ମୁଁ ଗଠନ କରିଥିବା କମିଟ୍ ସର୍ବଦା ଗ୍ରାମର ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛତା ଉପରେ ନଜର ରଖିବ ବୋଲି ମୋର ଦୃଢ ବିଶ୍ବାସ ଅଛି।
    ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛତା ପ୍ରତ୍ୟେକ ମଣିଷର ଅନ୍ତରଆତ୍ମାରେ ଜାଗ୍ରତ ହୋଇ ପାରିଲେ ସାରା ଦୁନିଆର ଅସ୍ବଛ୍ଛତା ଆପେଆପେ ଦୂରେଇଯିବ।ଯେପରି ଜାତିର ପିତା ମହାତ୍ମାଗାନ୍ଧୀ ପ୍ରତ୍ୟେକ ମଣିଷର ହୃଦୟରେ ଅହିଂସାର ମନ୍ତ୍ର ଜାଗରଣ କରି ଦେଶକୁ ପରାଧୀନତାର ଶୃଖଳରୁ ମୁକ୍ତ କରିଥିଲେ,ଠିକ୍ ସେହିପରି ତାକଂର ସେହି ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛଭାରତ ମିଶନକୁ ଆଜି ଭାରତର ପ୍ରଧାନମନ୍ତ୍ରୀ ନରେନ୍ଦ୍ର ମୋଦି ମହୋଦୟ ନିଜ ଜୀବନର ମନ୍ତ୍ର କରିନେଇ ସାରା ବିଶ୍ବବାସୀକଂ ପାଖରେ ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛତାର ମନ୍ତ୍ର ପହଁଚାଇ ପାରିଛନ୍ତି। ଆମେ ସମସ୍ତେ ଏହି ସ୍ବଛ୍ଛଭାରତ ମିଶନରେ ନିଜକୁ ସାମିଲ୍ କରି ମାନ୍ୟବର ମୋଦିକଂ ମିଶନକୁ ସାକାର କରିବା ଆମର ଧର୍ମହେବା ଉଚିତ୍ ।

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