Essay On Social Media Addiction, Facebook Addiction Causes, Effects, Prevetion, Solution

Essay On Social Media Addiction, Facebook Addiction Causes, and Effects

Present young generation is avoiding outdoor sports and waste their time on social media. It affects their personal life, career, studies, and relationships with loved ones. To spread awareness on this topic shcools, colleges and various social institutions encourage youth to participate in Essay, Speech competition. This topic is one of common topic on such forums. So, we have given you a sample essay on Social media or Facebbok Addiction which talsk about causes, effect, symptoms and solutions. Though the content is given in essay format, with little modifications you can use it for speech or article writing. You can also use this information for practising paragraph writing.

Essay On Social Media Addiction, Facebook Addiction Causes, Effects, Prevetion, Solution

Anything in this world consumed, used in access can kill. Even water, food consumed in excess quantities can cause serious health issues and even death too. Earlier society faced the tobacco, cigarette, alcohol, drug addiction and those are prevalent today also. But these days another new addiction epidemic rising especially in tweens (pre-teens), teenagers and young adults, that is called Social Media Addiction or simply we can say Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, WhatsApp Addiction. As we know that these are not actual substance but online, digital platforms where people can connect with each other, share pictures, videos with each other. Today people, especially children spend more time on their smartphones, they hardly play outside in the real world. It is affecting their physical condition too.

What is Social Media Addiction?

These social media or networking websites and its predecessors like MySpace, Orkut etc offered a great convenience to find and stay connected with friends and family. Now every other year we see dozens of such platform in the market trying to allure the addicted market space. Nowadays people spend more time on their smartphone over different social media apps. They find a virtual world where it is easy to get virtual respect, love, appreciation, acceptance. In real life, one cannot just make friends with a click of a button, one just doesn’t fall in love with the right swap. These things take time, effort and patience. Our present generation is having a very low attention span, they are impatient, they want things to happen in seconds. Which is dragging them into this virtual world of social media and apps. Today this is so rampant that people relating their actual physical, mental, social life with these apps and services.

Facebook Addiction

They post pictures, videos, updates, check-ins over Facebook and wait for likes and comments. Every new comment, tag, especially Likes and Loves makes them feel good. They see others updates, pictures of an exotic vacation, gym workout videos, recipes or some creative DIY videos etc, they also Like and Share. But deep down it affects them, they feel discouraged and asks why they can’t go on such exotic trip or why they can’t afford that Jet-Ski, they ask themselves why they don’t have such creative skills? It makes them sad and over the time it affects their personality, performance, behaviour, and life in general.

Instagram, Snapchat Addiction

When their parents and relatives started moving to Facebook teenagers and young adults started to move to newer platforms like Instagram or Snapchat to seek privacy from their parents, relatives, and employers. Same things are happening on these platforms too. (Follow link to read about Selfie Addiction)

WhatsApp Addiction

Then came the revolution of Whatsapp, it is mainly famous among adult users. Like teenagers, they are also getting addicted to this messaging platform. Every morning they send “Good Morning” messages, they forward lengthy messages which no one reads. They spread messages without understanding or reading which sometimes causes chaos and even riots too.

Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

We generally don’t accept that we are addicted. But if a person is using it to forget personal problems, or they find it is difficult to cut themselves or they become restless on doing so that means one is addicted to that app or service. If it is affecting your daily work, if you feel the urge to check updates and notification you are addicted to it.

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Causes of Social Media Addiction

The biggest reason for this human behaviour is the need of acceptance, appreciation, affection, and love. Every human seeks for those feeling, those are comforting. In the real world, it takes a lot of time, effort and patience to earn respect, love, and appreciation of others. It takes time and efforts to make new friends. Social media presented a virtual world where people represent themselves with the persona they want others to see, like and love. These social media platforms are just technology, it is the desire in the human mind which is trapping them in this vicious circle.

Easy availability of cheap smartphones and internet is adding fuel to the problem. More people jump to these platform without understanding it. A lot them do it to fit in with their social group, it is called peer pressure. (Read More about it here – Social Anxiety and FOMO). It is also alleged that famous social networking sites use sound inducing dopamine effects to keep their users inside the loop; which makes them addictive to these online services. 

Effects of Social Media Addiction

Things don’t always go the way we want; the same thing happens over the internet and social media too. People will not like, share and love your pictures, videos, statues, and stories all the time. People are becoming dependent on others to be happy and satisfied. This is the biggest threat. One might have a perfect life but if they don’t get appreciation over the internet they don’t feel it. This social media addiction is making them sad day by day. Hackers, ill-minded people misuse the geolocation, check-ins information and creates a security threat. Their personal photos and videos are used for inappropriate things. They blackmail the users and make them do the things the social media users don’t want to do. Because of such harsh situations, unfulfilled expectations people go into shell or depression. They start harming themselves emotionally and physically too, sometimes it results in suicides. Those who don’t go to this extreme keep feeling low, left out and unhappy.

Social media innovator would never have imagined that their positive invention will affect the people negatively. It is affecting the human relations. For example, on Mother’s Day, people take selfies with mother, share it on social media. Comments and likes flow in, they feel great but, in the process, they don’t even wish their mother in person or help her in chores at least on that special day. Because of this, we are losing the heart to heart connection and it affects the real world human to human relationships. People find partners online, there is no problem with that. But one claims that one falls in love online or over social media is far stretched. Love, friendship, respect take time, interactions and patience. Now People are not ready for such long-term commitments, so relationships build on such weak basis are destined to fail.

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Solutions / Treatments for Social Media Addiction

Banning the social media is not the solution, these tools do offer good service which if used wisely can be beneficial for us. People often blame technology or its creators because it is easy to blame others. The root cause of the problem is within us, we are people who get addicted. The best thing any human ever wants is FREEDOM, our previous generation gave their life for our freedom. Now we are not in self-control and misusing this new-found freedom.

Yes, these social media network should have setup option which should have usage control options. But ultimately it is up to us, how much we want to use it, how much we allow it to affect our lives.


Self-control, self-moderation is the only way one can stop using these social media or overcome the addiction. One should use it for a specific time only, one should go out and experience life in its real sense, participate in social activities, volunteer, read the actual paperback book, visit parents and friends outside, plan Sunday brunches. In short, one needs to keep themselves busy in the real world with real people. We need live real SOCIAL LIFE. We need to understand that life will always have mountains and valleys, even the famous people who we follow on these social media platforms go through it. There are no shortcuts, life is a journey, not a destination.

Note: we have written this essay mainly for school students. Students can use the given essay content for speech, article writing or practice paragraph writing.

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