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Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change – 700 words English

fuel conservation essay

Update: Competition end date is extended to 15th October 2017. PCRA – Petroleum Conservation Research Association is holding a national level essay, painting and quiz competition for school students. The aim of this competition is to spread fuel conservation awareness among the students. It’s a great opportunity for students to participate in nation building and they have amazing prizes too. 27 students can win a trip to Singapore, isn’t that amazing? Topic for the competition is “Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change” and Hindi it is “ईंधन संरक्षण की दिशा में छोटे छोटे कदम एक बड़ा परिवर्तन ला सकते हैं

Only students of classes 7,8,9 and 10 from schools recognized by Central and state board of India can participate. The essay should not exceed 700 words and need to submit in his/her own handwriting. Check the Tips section below to know more things about the competition.

700 Word Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change.

Imagine a day without Fuel

Sounds frightening? This can be a stark reality of the world if we keep consuming the fuel the way they are doing it. Fossil fuels are a scarce commodity, it will not last forever. On top of that CPEC countries controls the prices, though prices gone down last year, fuels always seen the upward price graph. We need to learn to save this precious fuel as well as we need to find and adapt with renewable and alternative energy resources. Here are the ways and methods we can save the fuel and our money too.

School bus, rickshaws wait for us outside the door, while waiting they burn fuel. If we get ready on time and wait for vehicle few minutes ahead it will save the fuel. Idle vehicle keeps burning the fuel, In India, no one stops the vehicle engine at traffic signals or railways crossings.

Nowadays everyone has a motorbike or car, which gives us the much needed fast mobility but at cost of increased individual fuel spending. If we use public transport, carpooling then more people can travel in a single vehicle. Car-hailing companies like OLA, Uber offers discounts on carpooling or car sharing, we should take advantage of such offers. We can also use a hybrid, solar or battery powered vehicles for our daily commute to work. Tesla Inc has a great range of electric cars which are known for its safety and performance. In India, we need to promote the research and development in this area or look for technology transfer. P.M Modi and Elon Musk’s visit might bring some opportunities in this matter.

Amsterdam’s people love their bicycles, Tokyo also trying to replicate this model. Using a bicycle for shorter commute brings a lot of benefits. You can beat the usual traffic, save the fuel, conserve the environment by reducing carbon emission plus you can enjoy the added health benefits of cycling. We need to build bicycle tracks and promote the cycling within the Indian community.

We need to plan our trips or routes to save time as well as fuel. We can take help of GPS Map apps like Google Maps to find the optimum route to reach the destination. Car AC consume a significant amount of fuel, stop it whenever possible. If the weather is good outside, open the car windows and enjoy some fresh air. We should remove unnecessary load from the car, heavier vehicles eat up more fuel.

We need to maintain our vehicles regularly, a vehicle in good condition drink less fuel. We should take care of fuel injection pump, vehicle alignment, tire pressure, lubricants, engine compression regularity. Changing gears at right speed also saves fuel, avoid overspeeding and immediate breaking. Close the window if you are on highways, at higher speeds it increases the drag which makes vehicle burn more fuel.

Indian people are already mileage conscious, but newer generation looks for better performance than the fuel efficiency. We should choose the vehicle which is a good mix of fuel efficiency, performance, and safety. The aerodynamic shape of the car reduces overall drag and help to save the precious fuel.

We spend a lot of time on our phones and parents, teacher all complain about it. We can use the easy availability of devices, internet, and social network platform to spread the message of fuel conservation. We can create small groups on WhatsApp or Facebook and brainstorm the ideas on the topic. We can take part in online discussions, forums on similar topics too.

Along with all such conservation measures, we need to focus, promote and adapt to existing and newer renewable and alternative energy resources like biofuel, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar energy, tidal, wave and wind power.

We need to look beyond the personal and commercial transport and find ways to conserve fuel in agriculture, industries and in other areas too. A lot of farmers use fuel-powered water pumps to fetch water to the fields, a better water or canal system can be beneficial for farmers in terms of fuel cost.

We take fuel availability for granted. It takes a lot of efforts, money in terms of subsidies to make it available for our disposal. In India, we need to educate people about fuel conservation mainly the youths. Most of our commercial drivers are illiterate, we need special education programs for them. This essay competition is a good initiative in this area, we should appreciate and participate in such endeavors. If we learn to save fuel is will be better for us and our next generation only.

Save Fuel, Save Planet

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Tips for Essay

  1. Bring in your own ideas, you might have some innovative solution that nobody else thought about.
  2. Do not just copy paste essay from here or from other places. If you submit copied essay them the whole essence of this essay competition is in vain. The goal of this project is to spread awareness, to make you think about the problem and solutions. You can always take ideas and inspiration from other places but think on it, brainstorm the ideas with friends.
  3. You can spread the information about the competition on the social network so that more of your friends will get to know about it.
  4. You can write essay in following languages- Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarat, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Maithili, Dogri, Nepali, Bodo and Santhali.
  5. PCRA also have a painting (drawing) and quiz competition too.
  6. Check out all the authentic information, terms and condition, procedure on PCRA Website.
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