Short Essay on Save Trees, Save Earth, Speech, Paragraph, Article

Short Essay on Save Trees, Save Earth, Speech, Paragraph, Article

Trees have existed from the extinction of dinosaurs to the evolution of mankind. Trees nurture humans and wildlife as its baby offering fresh air to breathe, nutritious food to ingest, captivating greenery, shelter to hide. As humans, we have disappointed mother nature by cutting trees to fulfill our needs and purposes.

Short Essay on Save Trees, Save Earth

Newton’s Third law states “for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction” trees are being cut continuously and planted rarely resulting into harmful conditions taking its toll towards us such as pollution, global warming, ozone depletion. A significant factor to consider is can humans survive without trees? we cannot we rely upon them till the end.

Planting a tree is easy saving a tree is hard. Urbanization has been a boon to mankind, industries led to employment turning villages into cities with the effects of damaging the environment by dumping waste, smoke, and chemicals disrupting the ecological balance of nature. Saving trees programs are in action by the government of each state as well the NGOs community provides a helping hand whenever possible to save nature to save humanity.

What activities were accounted to evoke such situations that made us start saving trees, natural and man-made calamities like deforestation, tsunami, floods, the earthquake has been disastrous on trees life.

To save trees is to save yourself as we pour water to save our house when it is on fire similarly there is many tree plantations and saving trees activities need to enforce to increase greenery in the greenery scarce areas. The movements like Haritha Haram is an inspiration for saving nature.

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