Essay on Junk Food – Article, Paragraph, Speech

Essay on Junk Food - Article, Paragraph, Speech

Essay on Junk Food – Article, Paragraph, Speech

Junk food is the food which gives us high calories but zeroes nutritional value. Junk food is loved by all be it whether all do not know elder or younger generation but the darker side of it. Whenever we leave our school, classes after lectures etc we go to the fast food corner or a restaurant to have junk food which is cheaply available. The cravings for having it is more because it tastes and looks good. Kids nowadays are more likely to eat this type of food like  Wafers, Burgers Pasta etc. One of their most favorite food among all is Pizza.

This junk food is made with the intention of being appealing or enjoyable so that you crave more. Junk foods are not suitable for health when consumed in high level is not good for our body and hurts our health. whenever we are hungry or feel dull, weak we eat this but this does not give as much as energy the body is needed. Even while outings or some occasions, we prefer more fast food than traditional food. Not only this there are many reasons to have this food which is not good.

There are many adverse effects of this junk food as it contains high-level cholesterol, fats, sugar etc which gets deposited in our bodies thus causing obesity. It also leads to depression in teenagers and it can also damage the brain. Many other diseases like heart problems, Diabetes can take place.

Teaching the children about healthy eating is vital so they have a good relationship with food. Children who overeat of the wrong types of foods are at higher risk of these health conditions.

As it is said Prevention is better than Cure, we should prevent things before it happens. The intake of fast food should be reduced, it is right in small quantity don’t make it an addiction. Students should bring only homemade tiffins in school and colleges and teachers should also enforce them to do it. Make Parents aware of the adverse effects of this junk food how it can affect the child. Stop giving the child whatever he or she demands. Avoid eating Junkies at home instead keep the healthy snacks handy like fruits, vegetables etc.

In conclusion, the teenager should be made aware of the effects of Junk food. Though they look good and tastes good, the nutritional value they provide is zero. They are yummy but not good for our tummy, that is why Junk the Junk food before it Junks you.

This essay is written for students of grade, class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 hence the language is kept simple. We hope you guys can help us to translate this article into other regional Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Telugu etc. You can also write these essays for topics like “Should Junk Food be Banned”, Junk food and healthy food”, Junk food boon or bane” etc.

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