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Essay on Problems in Indian Education System

Illiteracy and Poverty go hand in hand. Education plays a very big role in uplifting people from poverty. It also helps one to improve his/her lifestyle or standards of living. Illiterate people miss these opportunities provided by education. Everyone, every girl, boy or an adult should be literate, it not just forms a basis to have a good career but it helps one in handling day to day life issues too.

There is no second thought on the importance of education but the current education system is not full-proof. Time is changing fast; technology and research making progress in leaps and bound. The present generation is completely different from the generation for which our education system was designed. The current education system is not keeping up with the current needs of education. We are in dire need of extensive changes in the Indian education system.

Generally, we believe that developed countries have the best education systems. They get a free primary education, no homework, easy loan systems, etc. We have to understand that every country, society is different and their problems, situations also different. There is not a single place in the whole world which is heaven.

Every system is having problems and will have problems in the future too. The only way to deal with failing education system is that they need to adapt with time over and over again. Here are the points in which the Indian education system should improve.

Life, Communication, Presentation Skills

Our education system is focused more on theoretical, textbook knowledge. They are designed to produce employees. But when these students become employees then don’t have any life skill, job-related skills to survive and grow in their field.

On another hand, they don’t have any knowledge to handle life problems like relationship, depression, stress or even love too. They left alone to learn the most difficult things on the planet.

A job is not only about doing just technical, mechanical work. It requires teamwork, one needs to talk, share, listen, this is the requirement of the industry now. Now industries focus on TEAM, not individuals. Our school, even higher education does not address these points at all.

Education systems are doing half of the work only. We need to adopt practices which will help them to understand these upcoming things in their life. Yes, parent involvement is also very critical. They cannot just leave children to school and expect the best results. They need to remind that their children are humans, not machines where one can copy paste code.

Practical and Vocational Training

As we said earlier, almost all Indian education is bookish. Yes, we also have practicals, assignment, and projects. But we all know that no one cares about it, neither students nor teachers.

We need to focus more practical, vocation training and experiences. That should be the priority, not another way around. An I.T engineer with an undergraduate degree should at least know how to code.

Research and Development

Top western universities are good at it, they promote research and development at University levels. They provide scholarships, facilities which blossom young talent into researchers. Here in India, it is happening at the minuscule level.

Here, education systems are not the only culprit, half of the blame goes to society and parents too. In India, people don’t understand the importance and careers opportunities in research. You never hear a parent saying my child will become a researcher. We need to prepare students and familiarize parents with this field too.


Not in India only, education system across the whole world; from Nigeria to America all are built to produce employees. Employees who will work for somebody else. Then who will produce employers, job creators, and leaders? It is left to individuals, today also there is no formal way to go into entrepreneurship. Aspiring individuals put their life, a career at risk to be entrepreneurs.

Isn’t it simple math? If we want more employment, don’t we need more employers? Who is helping them, who is guiding them?

Now Startup culture is evolving everywhere. USA, Israel, India, Europe, China, Japan now promoting entrepreneurship. We need to have a proactive approach, we need to introduce entrepreneurship basics in schools, special studies in diploma, degrees programs.

We are observing some good trends in India where present government trying to push startup culture in colleges and universities. This is good but not enough. The society also needs to teach on this, still, parents don’t support entrepreneurship. {Ask Me :)}


Indian education institutes need to improve their facilities, teaching methods, and teachers too. They need to change with time, thanks to technological advancements it is achievable.

Now we have animation, simulation software, broadband, video communication and other related technologies which can assist the Indian education system to make massive changes.

Politics and Education Business

It is not bad to have private companies, trusts or individuals running educational institutions but right now it is becoming a big source of problems in India. Private sector charge high, some treat children as a commodity. On top of it, various politicians also coming into the education sector which brings inherent corruption with them.

Biased History

It is a debatable point, but the history taught in Indian schools is biased or even sometimes feels like run under some agenda. India is not formed in 1947, India is there from 5000 years and India is changing after 1947 too. We need to adapt syllabus with both ends of history. We have a great lineage of Vedic studies, Sanskrit; western world uses the teaching of it and we totally ignore it. We wait till some westerner work on these and make a patent out of it. We need to learn from our ancient history and scriptures too.

Same time, students need to know what’s happening now. Both ends are important for Indian students. We also need to introduce the basics of world history too.

There are dozens of other things need to improve in the Indian education system or for that matter everywhere in the world. But only education system cannot achieve it, Government and society also play a bigger in a role in this.

Note: We have noted down some of the major problems in the Indian education system in brief; every point is worthy of a separate article. You can also share your opinions, views, and solutions in the comments.

We have written this article in essay format, but you can make use of it for speech script too. Yes, you need to make some structural modifications accordingly.

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