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Importance of Spoken English in Our Daily Life, Education, Job – Essay, Speech

Importance of Spoken English in Our Daily Life, Education, Job Essay, Speech

In the last article, we wrote a sample essay on the importance of English, where we discussed why it important to learn or know English, what are its advantages in education, communication, career, entertainment and in our daily life too. Here in this article, we are giving you a sample essay on the importance of spoken English.

Essay on Importance of Spoken English

English has become an international language or at least a primary business language across the world. In the age of globalization, where different countries across the world with different languages trade, English is becoming an intermediary language. One should not neglect own local, regional or national languages, they have their culture and legacy with it. But to find the better opportunities in life and career on should learn to read, write and speak English.

In many non-native English speaking places people are good at writing and reading English but when it comes to speaking English they don’t find the confidence. It is very important to have good spoken English communication. One may be talented, know the things and solution but if he or she is not able to express it, speak out those ideas and solution then their talent and hard work go waste.

Non-native English speakers who have good spoken English skill get a lot of appreciation. Along with spoken skills, if one develops western accent then, that add more benefits to them.

Foreign Studies

All famous western university we dream to go teach in English. It will very helpful if one has good spoken English skills. They will not feel shy to speak with native English speakers and their counterparts also will not find it difficult to understand them. It sounds a very small problem, but it is a real issue; a good spoken English skills can be an icebreaker.

Stand out in crowd

There are millions of people who speak English in India. In facts, India has second most English speaking people; only behind the U.S.A. When you have these many people competing for education, job and opportunities on same skills, you go to have something more. Spoken English skills can be that differential factor which can give one the edge over the competition.


A lot of western English speaking businesses outsource their services to countries like India. There is a big demand for skilled English speakers. You can impress the interviewer with your spoken English skills. This skill will help you get a job in call centers, BPO very easily as English speaking is the main skill they are looking for.

Self Employment

Few year back, one YouTube video went viral over the internet. A 10 something uneducated boy was selling peacock feathers at some tourist location. He was speaking fluent English with international tourist; they were impressed and shoot his video which went viral later on. That boy now grew up, last year he spoke on TEDx Event, which is a very reputed platform. This is the power of spoken English. With no formal education but only with spoken English skills the hardworking boy was able to feed his family.


If you visit Goa in India you will find illiterate women selling novelties and other stuff at the beach. They speak fluent English, they do not just tell prices; they can even bargain in English with native English speaker. Goa sees big western tourist influx, so this English speaking skill gives them a better chance of successful sell.

Same is the story for tourist guides, a good English speaking guide can charge more and can get more tourist. Spoken English is very important in tourism, mainly where western tourist visits more like Rajasthan, Delhi, Varanasi etc.


When we travel around the world English becomes a middle language. Chinese people might use too much of English but you can get the simple things done by using English.

Daily Life

If one speaks good English, people give attention. It helps in daily life too. Not all customer care supports are available in all regional languages, knowing English makes it better. Higher education is in English, where one need to give speeches, present papers, participates in seminars, spoken English skill can help a lot in this endeavors. I also boost your confidence.

Countries like India have 29 states and more 15 official languages. It is like Europe, where each country has different language; in India, each state has a different language. When people of a different state meet; English becomes the common language. English can help them to converse better in the case they don’t understand each other language.

Note: We have written this sample essay on the importance of spoken English for school and college students. You can use this content for speech or for paragraph writing practice too. If you like this essay them rate the article. You can also share your views and opinion down in the comment box.

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  • Well to be sincere enough, i was one of the average students in my class. I tried a lot to improvise upon my speaking skills. Moreover the moment i found a stranger i usually used to become over conscious so as how to start the conversation with and all that stuff. Even though i tried many number of attempts to overcome my fears, still i found it to be coming back again and again. I had a tough time dealing with these issues over my past but didn’t had a solution to it. I realized one thing that being a failure is not something which is unusual but brooding over to your problem and giving up is something that is more serious or troublesome and finally i came up with an attempt to reading novels of Chetan Bhagat. This thing worked to such an extent that it instilled a knack towards reading stories and now i enjoy as well as learn together. I find it interesting to such an extent that without which life is almost incomplete.

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