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Essay on If Earth Could Speak Talk

In this article, we are giving you a sample dialogue style essay on “if the earth could speak”. Let’s imagine if the earth could really talk. What would she say? I think she always speaks, we don’t listen. Let’s use that analogy for this essay.

Information/dialogue given here is in essay format but you can easily use it for speech too, but with little modifications. I hope that’s alright.

Essay on If Earth Could Speak/Talk in English

Boy, you call me “Mother Earth”, but you don’t treat me like one.

Will you ever stab your loving mother day in day out? Will you throw garbage on her? Will you kill your siblings in front of her for your own selfish survival? If No, then you are a liar. You are stabbing me for oil, you are scratching me for ores. You leave all your drainage and waste on my body. You are not only my children. Mountains, trees, insect, birds, and animals, I love you all same. But you cut trees, kill animals to eat in front of my eyes.

Imagine yourself at my place, try to fill in my shoes then you might understand my pain and agony. I gave you free air to breathe, soil to grow crops, land to build a shelter. I gave you water to drink and atmosphere to save you from raging sun. I gave it all for free and you don’t care about it. Imagine a day if I stop it all, imagine if you need to pay for air, water, and atmosphere. Essay on Earth in English.

I am here from ages and will be here for ages after you. You are not the first creation of mine, but I love you all, I love my creation and I can not see you are digging your own grave. One day all oil will be gone, water will scarce, there will no atmosphere to save from cruel sun rays. But I will be there till things settle down like the past. I have been there and done that. I will have my new children, they will start life from scratch. Still, I can not see you, my children, killing yourself so fast.

I am kind to you all till you cross the line. One day my patience will run out and you will see my cruel side. Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanos, cloud burst, flood, and droughts these are just a few weapons in my arsenal. I don’t want to annihilate my own children. But now you making weapons to fight with me. You are trying to control the weather, you are trying to imitate earthquakes.

You thought I would not know this. All that you are doing, things that you are hiding behind restricted areas and under the mountains, I know it all. You can fool other humans with your antics but not me. All you are doing on my surface, I know it all. How World Earth Day is Celebrated?

You have troubled me enough and now you are trying to take over my other friends. They are there, far away from you. They might not be as patient as me.

I am kind like your mother and strict like a father. You call me Mother so I will forgive you this time. But you need to promise me that you will not do the same things again. My children, don’t cut the trees and pollute soil, air, and water. Don’t challenge me with your weather-controlled weapons, I am much more powerful than you think.

Don’t be silly this time. There are still good children who try to stop all this carnage, I forgive you this time for the sake of them. They talk about global warming and climate change but you never listen. They are right if you don’t listen you will be extinct one day like you made my other children do.

Tips for ‘if the earth could speak ‘ Essay

  1. Dialogue style is best for this topic, as topic suggest what if earth speak or talk? So a conversation or dialogue style essay will make good justice to the topic.
  2. Rather than just facts, number and data, emotions will give more depth to this topic and it will make people read and think about it.

Note: If anyone of you can volunteer to translate this sample essay in Hindi (अगर धरती/पृथ्वी बोलने लगी) and Marathi (जर पृथ्वी बोलू लागली तर), we will appreciate your help.

Let us know if you liked the style and content of the essay. We would like to hear from you. Just leave a comment below in comment box. Thank You…

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