Essay on Friendship, Speech

Essay On Friendship, Speech, Paragraph, Article

In this article we are talking about friendship, Friendship is not bound to age, sex, caste or creed. Sometimes a book, a dog can also be a true friend. School and colleges ask essays, speeches, paragraphs on this topic so that students understand the importance of friendship in their life. So in this post, we are giving information in form of a speech and essay, which can be used interchangeably.

Essay on Friendship

Friendship is a relation sometimes stronger than blood relations, where we share happiness and sorrows without filter and apprehensions. One may hesitate to share difficult things, discuss personal issues and express emotions in front of parents but friends always come to rescue. After love, friendship is the emotion humans crave for. It is not always necessarily true that same aged people become good friends and share an intimate bond of friendship. Friendship is above all differences may be its age, gender, socio-economical status. But, here in India, we see a lot of taboos for such great relation called friendship.

A Girl and Boy Can’t Be Friends

A myth or legend infamous in India that a girl and a boy cannot be just friends. Blame Bollywood romcoms or typical Indian mentality, this is one such cliche which makes a friendship between a boy and girl or man and women (opposite sexes) difficult. Society always doubts their friendship, they will be accused of a romantic or intimate relationship. This cliche makes parents protective about the teenagers and their young adult children.

A flying rumor can make parent doubt their children. Girls face more problems in this context. Still, in Indian society, a lot of girls are not allowed to talk or roam around with boys. If an opportunity given to Indian parents to admit their girl child to girls-only school or college, most of them will opt for it.

Married Men and Women can’t be friends

Same as above, the situation becomes grimmer for married people. Here the major difference is, rather than society spouse doubt their partner. In this situation, men and women both do the same. Women doubt their husband and men doubt their wife. There are many cases where such insecurity led to divorce, domestic abuse and violence.

Age Gap

It is prevalent in India that friend needs to be from the same age group but as per definition, friendship is a relationship without boundaries and limitations. A grandfather aged person can be a good friend of a teenager, but society will never accept that. Common interest, care, trust forge the friendship not the age and gender of the person.

Caste system

The Same way most of the parent don’t allow their children to befriend people from other caste and creed. Though things are changing in urban areas, in the rural area it is still very much prevalent.

Acquaintances v/s friends

In today’s internet driven world, we have hundreds of friends over social media sites but no one to talk to. We chat, take selfies, post stories on different social media websites but we hardly share a real friendship bond with them. We have forgotten the difference between acquaintances and friends. True friends may not come to each every celebration or chat with you every day, but they are the people who will stand strong with you when you really need a friend to support, guide you. A friend in need is the friend indeed, say the same things.issue

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Essay Conclusion

Though there are many taboos, cliches about friendship in Indian society, this beautiful relation will always prevail. The world is full of rage and animosity, and all that would need is to find friends. Age, sex, caste, social status, geography cannot confine friendship in a rectangle.

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Speech on True Friendship & Virtual Friendship

On event on this year’s friendship day, I have chosen to speak about this precious relation called “Friendship”. I have a good amount of friends over social media and those who aren’t. and that is the theme of my today’s speech.

A “friendship” is one word that holds immense meaning. It is not only about two people who share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with each other but being able to share every thought that crosses our mind to speak our mind with a person with no fear. We call it “Friendship” but it’s more than just a relationship, friendship is a bond of love and trust.  Friendship is the bond which does not need any formalities or restrictions to follow. Friendship is a relation sometimes stronger than blood where you share your happiness and sorrows without filters and apprehensions.

What does this friendship exactly means? Nowadays, people are only Virtual Friends. They take selfies, share online stories, wish birthday on social media, they hardly have face to face interactions. Most of the time these so-called virtual friends will be there when one is celebrating, having a good time but they disappear when you are in need. we need to understand the difference between friends, acquaintances. Yes, all these social media activities should be done or else life will get boring but these activities should not replace the face to face time.

Friends are important as the old proverb states, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. A friend is someone who can be with you for all your good and bad times, make you smile when you are sad, give you helping hand when you hit rock bottom, they comfort you in the moments you feel you are down, laugh at your stupid PJs and make fun of your idiosyncrasies. Friendship is about sharing your happiness as well as to show you the correct path when you are losing it. Friend should be someone who can be your shoulder to cry on as well as scold you at times you make mistakes, it makes you strong it brings out the best in you.

Friendship is like planting a garden, it requires proper care and nurturing to keep it healthy and nourishing. Technology connects people around the globe, true, but indirectly it’s creating a barrier between our friends and family. The number of friends on your social media will never make you happy, people are trapped in a web of social media with cyber friendship. Eating together, sharing a laugh in the real world gives far much better feeling than laughing or crying through emojis behind the screen. The friends in front of whom we can be our true selves are the most valuable precious gifts of life.

True Friendship is a gift from God. A best friend will always love you, the confused, imperfect you, because that is what they are expected to do. There should be trust and loyalty amongst friends like Krishna and Sudhama but also craziness like SpongeBob and Patrick. A pinch of humor, care, love, laughter, and fights ensures that the friendship never dies.

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Tell us what does friendship means to you? How friendship enriched your life, about your best friends whom you love unconditionally in the comment section below.

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