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Sample Essay on Combating Corruption, Battling Black Money

Essay on Combating Corruption, Battling Black Money

Hello Guys, there is an Essay, Artwork, Video and Poem competition on the topic “Combating Corruption Battling Black Money” by the central government of India. It is open until 31st November 2017. Each of the categories has four exciting prizes, which are as follows,

1st Prize – Rs. 2 lakh
2nd Prize – Rs. 1 lakh
3rd Prize – Rs. 50,000
Consolation Prizes (5) – Rs. 25,000 each

Last year 8th November 2018 P.M. Modi announced the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes demonetization. It is one of the biggest and riskiest steps taken towards combatting corruption and battling black money. On the first anniversary of the campaign to create awareness and also to motivate further actions government has arranged this competition.

You can participate in the competition to give your bit in the fight against corruption. I will be submitting my own essay, I am also giving a sample essay for you guys (scroll down for the sample essay). But before that let’s see the criteria, terms, and conditions of the competition. All necessary links are given in the last section of this post.

Essay Competition Rules

It should not be more than 1200 words. Submit only in PDF format. (Write it in Word Processor and Save As PDF file). You can write an evocative (not provocative) essay in which you can highlight achievement so far and suggest futuristic ideas to combat corruption and fight black money.

Font size should be 12, line spacing 1.15 only, 1-inch margin on all sides. Competition open to all Indian citizens and essay can be submitted in English and Hindi languages only. The essay needs to be submitted to the creative corner of only. (make sure your profile have correct information).

Do not infringe copyrights, means do not copy paste others essays (not even this sample essay, take an overall idea, think about it and come up with your own version). The whole idea of competition is to help you to think about the topic and create awareness. So, DO NOT copy paste given sample essay on Combating Corruption, Battling Black Money.

Same way artwork, video, and poem competition also have rules, kindly check the given link in the reference section.

Sample Essay on Combating Corruption, Battling Black Money

Understand the Question First

I strongly believe in that, before attempting answer we first need to understand the question itself, or we may end up putting a lot of efforts but not get the desired result. The Same thing is happening in the fight against the corruption. We tend to find, suggest, implement solutions without understanding, analyzing the problem.

In simple words, corruption means “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. Corruption happens at different scales, when lawmakers, leaders distort policies and rules to get individual or collective private gain at expense of public money is called Grand Corruption. Petty corruption means everyday abuse of power by low and mid-level public officials in their interaction with the ordinary citizen. Now corruption is not limited to government offices, it is rampant in private services, education and what not.

Corruption happens in almost every sector and nearly at every level. There is only one common thread and a root cause in all this which needs to be researched, debated more is “an individual”, you and me.

No one is born corrupt but then why and how they become one. We have rules and laws to punish corrupts, though they are not producing the desired result, we should keep innovating there too. But we somehow do not address the root cause and go on treating the symptoms and it’s aftermath. Why and how a common person turns into a corrupt one? We need to research that.

Situations, poverty, greed, temptation, low salaries or immorality of person combination of some or all makes a person corrupt. We tend to take action on symptoms of corruption disease, that is important but we also need to find out the root cause of it and treat it. We should not stop there but we need to design preventive mechanism so that it will not sprout again.

Partially, we are also part of the problem. Unconsciously we encourage corrupt by giving bribes to get our work done or to make it easier or faster. So, to find a complete solution we need to find a solution for both variables in the equation. Strong and enforceable rules and public education and awareness about corruption.

Same is the story for black money. We, common people also evade tax, take rough bills, pay down payments in cash without receipts.

We finger point rich, governments, politicians, business people who are corrupt but we dont look at ourselves. There is no second thought on strict action against any corrupt person or entity. But we need to look inside us too. Generally, we find it uncomfortable to accept that we are also part of the problem.

For example, ask any taxi driver why you people jump signals or honk so much. A most probable reply will be I don’t do it, others do and they should not do it. This attitude is engraved in our society, we blame others. The simplest thing to do in this world is to blame other, why? because it’s free, easy and you get a sense of being a victim. We need to address that we are also part of the problem, we are also undisciplined, we break rules, we try to get things done with illicit ways. Once we accept it, we will in a better situation to find the solution.

Mahatma Gandhi once correctly said,

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Note: This sample essay is not of 1200 word which is a requirement of the competition. Here I am just trying to give a different perspective to combat corruption and battle black money. I hope this will help you. You can also write about existing solution and improvements in them.

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