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All the big inventions in this world happened because someone was curious to know how things work. That curiosity encouraged to explore and know new things and those big inventions took place. And this gave the birth to the phrase “Necessity is Mother of Invention.” In this article we have given you an essay on necessity is the mother of invention topic. The Information in this essay will also help you to prepare a speech or to write a paragraph on the same topic. This article can also help to write essays on topics like “Curiosity is the mother of invention”, “Importance of Curiosity”, “Curiosity is the best teacher”, “Curiosity is the key to creativity” etc. This article is written for kids, students in schools and college, parents who are searching for the essay on necessity is the mother of invention in 200, 300, 500, 1000 words. So let’s start.

A man is a curious creature and this curiosity is the reason behind all the biggest inventions and miracle in this world. Since the beginning of the time when the early age man used to live in the caves, his curiosity never let him settle down. He started living in the caves to be protected from the wild animals and even the harsh weather like extreme rain and storms. The necessity to eat and survive made the man invent the ways of hunting. The man invented new techniques and tricks to hunt the animals. He made new weapons from sharp stones and wood and cleverly used them to hunt animals. After hunting the biggest problem was to eat the raw flesh of those animals. He needed to make that food edible and not get ill by eating the raw meat.

Then the fire came into the picture. The necessity to stay warm in the chilly winters and to protect himself from the wild animals, man invented fire. The curiosity to know how the fire is created by rubbing two wooden sticks on each other or by striking two stone of quartz or flint can start the start, he invented how to start the fire. The early age man used to walk whenever he wanted to go from one place to another place and it was very tiring and almost impossible to walk hundreds of miles. So the necessity of finding something which would make the traveling easier the invention of wheels was done by the man. His curiosity stroke when he saw how the round rocks used to tumble and roll down from the hills and he invented the wheels. Later man made small carts and used animals to pull those carts. To know the oceans man made the boats and started exploring the vast oceans. The Flintstones Cartoon show perfectly shows the life of the stone age man.

The curiosity to know the unknown has made man to go in the dark and understand what is there in the unknown. And this curiosity made the man invent the things which once was thought as impossible. Scientists make hundred of experiments to find the solution. They just keep trying and trying until they succeed. Sometimes they get successful easily but most of the times they spend many years and even their whole life to find the answers to the question which kept them awake at nights. The curiosity never lets them sleep. And this is how the invention of all the biggest inventions made in the history of the mankind such the invention of electricity, engine, the computer, the internet, cures for the deadly diseases and so many other things. The curiosity to know what is there in the space created a necessity of space exploration and this necessity made man rich the moon. The first of the human of the moon was the biggest moment in the history of the mankind.

Curiosity always makes our mind questions everything around us in our daily life. We are always eager to know how things around us work. For me, the moment when my curiosity reached its peak when I opened my entire remote controlled toy car to know how that those wheels work and I was so happy that the rotor engine working on the batteries was behind the movement of my toy car. I hope this curiosity always stays in me to make explore new things and it will ultimately give me more knowledge.

I remember the year when I was very ill 15  days before my final exams. Luckily I recovered from it in 7 days. But now all I had was the 8 days to study for my exams, so I thought of studying little bit differently so that I would study more in less amount of time. I opened Youtube on my computer and started watching all the tutorials of each topic of each subject. Surprising my studies were completed in 1 week means I saved a whole one day. This made me realize that whenever there is something we want very badly, we somehow find something to do it and that’s how the phrase “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention” worked out for me.

I hope you liked this article. To help you guys out I used a little bit different approach in this essay. I am sure this essay will make you stand out from others. If this essay helped you in any sense then please let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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