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India is the land of values and tradition. We treat our elders with respect. Our family system is said to be the best in the world and each person in the family contributes to keeping it best. Father is a very important person in the family. The mother is seen as a source of love and care, whereas the father is seen as the source of courage, responsibility, and respect. The schools and colleges across India organize many competitions like essay, speech to make the students wiser about the many aspects of our life. Students in schools and colleges are asked to write an essay on my father or deliver a speech on my father. Sometimes they ask to write a paragraph on my father in their exams too. So in this article, we have given you the information needed for the essay and speech on my father.  This will help you to write a perfect essay on my father and to deliver an impressive speech on my father. so let’s start.

Essay on My Father

Some people don’t believe in Heroes. They’ve never met my DAD.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “father”? The person who stands firmly for his family, a person who provides each and every need of his family, a person who cares and protects you, loves you, fulfills your every wish from your childhood. Yes, that’s father. My father is my hero. I call my father “Papa“. He is generous and kind hearted person. He is a hardworking person and punctual, his office is far away from home, every day he wakes up early to reach on time. It is the part of his daily routine. My father’s dedication towards his work is the reason he is my role model. He works hard to support our family. He is always present at my school competitions to cheer me. He motivates me to do things I fear. We play games for hours together on weekends. He helps me in my homework he gives me life lessons to behave good towards everyone he takes me to swimming classes and karate classes, he encourages me to learn new things in life every day. Playing music is his forte. Every night he puts me to sleep singing a soft song. To me my dad is my best friend, I cannot be more thankful he is the greatest gift of God to me.

According to his beliefs, he teaches me to behave nicely, talk politely with elders and friends, help the person in need and never talk bad about anyone he wants me to grow wise in the future. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could to another person, he believed in me.

I love riding the bicycle, he bought me my favorite bike but he gets angry whenever he catches me driving foolishly on roads filled with dangerous vehicles. Like a farmer who loves and takes care of his crops, my father loves and cares for us. My dad has done many sacrifices to meet everyone’s needs in our family. He is a busy man but he manages to take time out of his schedule for his friends and family. He is a respectable father figure one could have. When he returns from work he asks about my school activities and tells me about his office work. They say daughters are father’s favorite the father and daughter relationship is of friends but our bond of father and son relationship is more like best friends. He plays like a kid, advice like a friend and protects like a bodyguard.

My father’s hobbies consist of photography; he clicks pictures of birds, trees, and animals. He is an animal lover. We go to the dog park and cats cafe to spend time with beautiful cute dogs and cats. When he plays with them it brings a smile on his face. My mother and I gifted a dog on my dad’s birthday and a new member was added to our family.

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My father has taught me many things and I aspire to be like him. When I make mistakes he says not to cry because mistakes are the way how we learn in life. I admire his perspective of looking life from a positive side. He is my inspiration and I strive to pass on his values to my friends and the world. My father has been supportive and understanding his efforts to make me a better person will never go in vain. My goal is to make him proud, keep him healthy, travel with him and keep him happy in his old age the way he did in my childhood.

My only wish to the God is to keep my father a long life, good health, and so much happiness. Thank you.

Tips for Speech on My Father

  1. Never mug up the speech script as it is. That sounds like a robot, your audience will not connect with it.
  2. Rather than reciting the complete script, note down only important bullet points and speak from your heart. When you speak from the heart you might fumble once or twice but it connects with your audience. We are humans after all we all make mistakes.
  3. Rather than words focus more on the emotions behind the word.
  4. If you are confident enough try to be interactive with your listeners. Ask them questions.

Tips for the Essay on My Father

  1. You can write an essay in story format too, take an imaginary person and tell a story on given topic from his/her perspective.
  2. Essay generally have three main parts, Introduction, impact or more detailed info and then summary or conclusion. Don’t use headers in the essay. But you should divide the essay into these 3 logical sections.
  3. Try to maintain a flow between sections. Carry forward a point from the last paragraph and then take it forward.
  4. You can start a new paragraph with words or phrases like “on another hand, plus, at first, however”.

This article will give you a perfectly built speech and essay for your essay and speech competition. All the best for your competition. If you are good in other languages like Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, then you voluntarily help us in translating this essay. If you find this article helpful, then please let us know in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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