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Essay on Indian culture, traditions, problems, western influence, solutions

In this article, we are discussing Indian Culture, its importance, values, limitations, problems, and possible solutions. There are various myths, misconceptions about Indian culture within Indian society, we will try to address that too. Most of the schools and colleges ask students to write an essay or deliver a speech on the Indian culture because they want students to know the good and bad sides of our culture. It is one of the frequently asked essays or speech topic. Here we have written the article in essay format, but you can use the same information for speech, paragraph or article writing with a little bit of modification. So let’s get started.

A Short Essay on Indian Culture

There is a viral video on Youtube, an Indian born student from Illinois Institute of Technology touched deans feet while receiving his degree certificate. Dean looked surprised, seconds later he reckoned that student was Indian and he showed his respect towards him. What I am trying to say is, wherever Indian goes, you cannot get Indian culture out him/her. Please note that I am not trying to say that one should touch feet of each and every elder person to show the respect. That’s used to be the case in India long time back when parents used to forcefully teach their children to touch elders feet. What I believe is folding hands to say “Namaste”, or “Touching feet” of elders is a good gesture but it should not be forced, same time if those elders deserve the respect then, we should adopt this basic and unique Indian cultural method.

“Namaste” and “Yoga”, No more “Snake Charmers”

Years ago Indian culture had limited understanding outside India, we used to called or sometimes spoofed as “Snake Charmers”. But from last decade they know Indians for expertise in IT and computers and from last couple of years we are recognized from “Yoga”. Ayurveda, Yoga is an essential part of Indian culture, but we never appreciated it enough; but now when foreigners understanding and adopting it, Indian also taking interest in Yoga and its practices. You can see numerous Yoga classes, exercises, Ayurveda based and herbal products all over the world. We Indian used to feel ashamed about these age old/ancient technologies of Indian culture but now we have to recognize its importance.

Who Spread it

Now the world is talking about Indian values, Education systems, Sanskrit, Family values across the world. Earlier it was not the case, Indian culture had a very narrow view. In the last couple of years, our Prime Minister gave a much-needed boost to Indian culture to spread across almost every nation on the planet. India is full of BABAs, AMMAs, Saadhoos, and Saints, it is very difficult to say which one is really a mystic or a goon. But still, some of them helped to spread Indian culture and Indian Vedic wisdom across the whole world. Some of them are Baba Ramdev, Jaggi Vasudev, Sri Shri Ravishankar etc.

We Indian tends to embrace our cultural ideas more if outsider appraises them. Same thing happened with ISKCON, in 70’s no body cared about its teaching but in early 21 century, Indians in India started following the ISKCON teaching because it was getting recognition is the western world.

Indian diaspora in other countries also unknowingly helped to promote Indian culture in the western world. Now Indians are known for their IT, Computer expertise as well as their values, work ethics.

Hollywood Celebrities and Tech Giants

Steve Jobs, George Harrison from The Beetles group are some of the most revered people in the western world they had the influence of Indian culture, they visited India to learn more about it. Numerous other celebrities talk about yoga on various platforms, they attribute yoga for their physical and mental well-being.

It’s Indian Culture Not Hindu Culture

When we say Indian Culture, it’s not synonymous to Hindu Culture. India is a secular country, it is the place where Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism religion born. It is the country who accepted Muslims, Christens and Zoroastrian religions. Though India having a majority of Hindu religion, Indian culture is a very good mix of all religions and its values. Presently young generation adopts best of all religions and that creates harmony in Indian culture.

All is not Merry

Though there are a lot good things in Indian culture, there are plenty of bad things too. We know that caste system, sati traditions, hatred among different cultures are few of known problems in Indian culture. But Indian culture itself is not to blame here, most the time rulers, foreign invaders, and present politicians took advantages these for their own interest.

Though Indian culture is known for its family values, we know that there are plenty of problems within the family system. The caste system is the biggest of it, we are not allowed to marry from another caste if one does he/she will be outcasted from their society. Even marriage is not allowed in same religion if one caste is superior to other.

Western Culture Influence on Indian Youth

Due to invent of technology and internet world became flat and the information is now at our finger tips. We are exposed to various cultures, cults like never in history before. This information exposure is a boon and bane too. We can learn from different cultures and take best of it but same time we tend to get bad out of it. The Same technology is used for spreading terrorism propaganda, evading taxes, looting money. One should not blame technology, it is we who are to blame.

Conclusion: Best of Both Worlds

There are good and bad in every culture & society, one cannot say Indian culture is the best and western culture is immoral and degrading the Indian values in youths. Cultures are developed by people and influenced by their faith, geography, historical influences so every culture will be different. No one is superior to other. Every culture got things which are revolutionary and same time every culture has things which hold them back from prosperity.

There is need to take best of the both worlds. We need to learn different cultures, understand its importance, similarities, differences and then we need to accept or reject them accordingly. We, Indian tend to not appreciate what we got, we need to understand the Indian culture, take best from it to build a healthy, peaceful, happy world around us.

We have written this essay in English, we will be trying to translate it into Hindi and Marathi. But we would welcome volunteers from your side to translate it in other Indian languages like Punjabi, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu etc. This article is of approximately 1000 words, you can slice in dice as per your need to fit in word length on 100, 200, 300, 500, 750 etc. This essay is suitable for class / Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th. For kids of class 1 to 7, you can simplify given information.

Let us know in the comment if you like the given essay. Also, let us know what do you think about Indian Culture?

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