Essay on How I Spent My Holiday- Summer/Diwali/Christmas Vacation/Last Sunday

Essay on How I Spent My Holiday Summer, Diwali, Christmas Vacation, Last Sunday

Before going further, let us talk about what is the difference between Holidays and Vacations. You might feel it is little off topic but I think it’s better if you guys know this. Well, people say it’s one and the same thing, that is not wrong too; it depends on how you use the word. But we think the difference is that “Holidays” are planned by governments, traditions etc and we plan “Vacations”. A Vacation can be taken within holidays too. e.g If say, I am from India then we have 26 January as National Holiday, but when I take say 2 or 3 days off from work then I can call it a Vacation.

Now, second part. In this post, we are giving you sample essay on How I Spent My Holiday or Vacation. You can use same kinda structure to write a similar essay on topics like How I Spent My Summer/Christmas/Winter vacation or simply a Sunday. The content of the essay will change accordingly but the structure can remain same.

Moving forward, for students of class 1,2,3,4,5, we can write a simple vacation essay describing the itinerary, tourist places etc. But it will be great if you have some theme, moral or conclusion to the essay. We have written another essay on how I spent my winter holidays, where we talked about history, craftsmanship etc, that was the theme for that essay. Here in this essay, we are using “Modern Day Amenities” as a theme. Read both essays to understand how to use such themes. So finally let’s get to the essay. You can also read – How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Essay on How I Spent My Holiday in English

I love holidays, it’s time to take a break from our routine life. It allows us to cut ourselves from day to day worries and work. Rather than sitting at home and wasting time on mobile phones, social media or video games one should plan a vacation. We should go out, do something new, in short, we should experience the life around us. Instead, we end up waking up late, eat, play video games again eat, drink and sleep. Next day rat race starts again…

Last month Frank came back from Africa, he works with an NGO there. He suggested me to try a new place, he said, “It will change you”. I was skeptical at the start, but still Frank convinced me.

Last week we had a national holiday on Friday plus 2 days of the weekend so I decided to try the place Frank suggested. I convinced my friend’s group for the trip. Frank also joined.

We started early in the morning, I mean 10 AM. We drove for 2 hours and reached there late. They still enrolled us at “Next Gen Camping”, thanks to Frank relations. It was a lavish, air-cooled reception area. Now the fun starts. They took all our gadgets; mobile phone, headsets and other stuff. They even locked our money in lockers as we supposed to barter for next 2 days. They asked us to change our fancy clothes too.

We took the challenge and entered the camping site. Well, it was not at all a “Next Gen” camp. Tents were basic, one small tent for a person, we can’t stay in a group. Each tent was set up at least 300 meters from each other. When I entered the tent, there was nothing, just basic stuff.

Later I realized I had a big bag of ramen (noodles) but no water to cook it. I was expected to barter ramen with others for water. I was thirsty, so walked for at least a kilometer to find a person who wanted to trade water. I was little frustrated with that but Frank told me to hold on.

We are so caught up with modern day facilities, gadgets that we think we can’t live without them; can’t be happy without them. On contrary, we don’t appreciate those amenities, gadgets too.

This trip was an eye-opener for me. I am not revealing the other events and experiences we have at camp, it’s worth to keep a secret, one should experience it on their own. As Frank said it did change my perception towards life.

Now I value my friends, family, job, and amenities around me. I am still an ambitious person, but I have become calmer, focused and happier. It takes small things to be happy, thanks to Frank and “Next Gen Camping”, I realized life is simple and beautiful.

We should not waste our holidays on video games and parties. We should not also waste money on expensive and exotic vacations. Little things give us joy and they are happening around us only. Happiness is found inside not outside.

Note: We have written this essay “How I spent my holidays” in story format. “Next Gen Camp” was an imaginary experience, you can replace it with your experiences and your learnings.

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