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Manners Makes Man. Good manners and habits are very important in our daily life and they help us make your life happier and helps us to be a better person. To let the students understand the importance of good manners and habits, schools and colleges ask the students to write the essay or to deliver a speech on the topic of the importance of good manners & habits and why we need them. We have written this article in essay format, the same information can be used to preparing a speech and even a short paragraph. We have tried to keep it simple and used moderate English language so that it will be useful for the students of the class/grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and for even college students too. So let’s go then.

Manners Maketh Man.

A few days ago when I was returning to my home after the school, I saw some kids far away from my school entrance, throwing stones at a beggar who was sleeping under a tree. The beggar was crying as one of the stones has hit his head and it was bleeding. Later the kids left laughing at the beggar but the poor beggar was still weeping. He got up and walked away to somewhere before I could reach to him. I was very upset because I couldn’t do anything for him. In those few minutes, many questions ran through my mind. Does humanity still exist?  Why couldn’t those kids understand his pain? Where are their manners? Are the manners dead in today’s world? I couldn’t sleep that night. All I could see was the crying face of that poor beggar. From that day I decided I will be a better person from now on. I will never do the things that will cause physical or emotional damage to anyone around me and it has changed my life.

With the help of good manners and habits, I have experienced a great positive change in my life. The good manners along with your intelligence or knowledge help you to be a better person and be respected by the people around you. Imagine the world where all are impolite, everyone is fighting and being mean to each other, there is no cleanliness anywhere and no one is talking nicely or politely with other? It would so horrible to live in such a world. Then what is stopping us from behaving like this? The answer is good manners and habits. Our manners tell very much about us and what kind of person we are. Good manners and habits can be observed from many things such as the behavior of the person, how they talk with other, how much people respect them etc. People with good manners help others selflessly. There are always ready to lend a helping hand to them who are in need. They talk politely with everyone. Good manners and habits are very important in students life too. A well-mannered student respects his/her teachers. They talk politely with everyone. An ideal student follows good manners at the home too. They complete their homework in time. They don’t fight with their classmates and friends. A good student will always help his classmates and friends. They share and care for each other.

Good manners are the small coins of virtue. Being kind to everyone is one of the features of a person with good manners. A well-mannered person is kind with everyone, with people as well as the animals. Respecting the elders is also a good manner. Accepting your mistake and apologizing for the mistake is a good manner. Good manners, honesty,  discipline, and cleanliness go hand in hand. Some other goods manners are to follow the rules and regulations, such following traffic rules, not breaking queues, not honking at the signals, help old people to cross roads, covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing, washing hands before eating, praying before the dinner, not wasting food, maintaining self hygiene, not throwing garbage anywhere etc. The effects of good manners are highly positive. It will help you to win hearts of the people around you.

Some people might argue that the good manners are handicapped in today’s world and that we don’t need the manners to survive in this world. In this modern world which is full of crimes, corruption, dishonesty, and hatred, do we really need good manners? Yes, we need them. These people should understand that hate cannot end the hate. We need good manners to make this society a better place to live. Good manners are needed in present world and they are not waste of time.


Leaving the bad manners and bad habits behind and embracing the good manners and habit definitely help us to be a better person and form a more friendly society and prosper together in the future. So let’s take a pledge that we will practice good manners and habits and contribute to forming a better society in future where everyone will live in peace and harmony.

I hope this article is what you were looking for. I hope you guys can help us in translating this essay in languages like Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarathi etc. If you think we really good manners in our life then let us know in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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  • Great to know that the are still some people who appreciate what was once accepted as normal – that is, good manners. Could we add to that, as part of it, refined speech? Words that were once virtually shunned by any but the coarsest of individuals, are now bandied about by children as well as adults. Films would be banned if they included even one F-word, the word which means sodomy is used so frequently no one takes any notice, and coarseness of language is so common you would be lucky to go through one hour, let alone one day, without being bombarded by language which makes some of us cringe. There doesn’t seem to be any refinement these days. Films, TV, radio announcers, public figures, all have lowered their standards in this regard. Please don’t follow their example, be an example yourself, it may give some one else the courage to follow and s.tart to ‘clean up’ our language.

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