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Friends are the people with whom we spend most of our time, share our secrets, sadness, happiness. Friends are always there for each other to help, support, motivate and inspire in our life. We share an eternal, emotional bond with our friends and they are like a family that we have chosen. But do we really know the true meaning of friendship? What makes the friendship last longer? what is the difference between a friend and best friend? All these questions come to our mind at some point in our life.

In this article, we have given you a sample essay, speech on Friendship, friends and its value and importance. The information in this article will help you to write a perfect essay on friendship, a better speech on friendship and it will tell you what is the true friendship. So let’s start.

Essay on Friends, Speech

An Irish philosopher John O’ Donohue described friendship as Anam Cara experience which means soul friend in Gaelic. This translates into transcending of the feeling of friendship across categories and conventions. Friendship is exactly that, a feeling of the soul in interacting with another person. A true friend is someone there for you when he/she rather be anywhere else. Friends make our lives simpler and happier.

Real Meaning of Friendship

Friendship although used much as a term, however, is a word that has deep meanings held in each one of us. We often think we know the real meaning of friendship, even though we do not perhaps. The real meaning of friendship is hard to find and even harder to practice. For some, friendship is the way in which we can be ourselves without being judged while for others it simply means having several people to bandwagon with.

All of us, as children loved to say after coming back from school about how many numbers of friends we made on a day, how many minutes of free time we could spend talking to them and how many responded our attachments back. We loved to boast about it and feel nice about it. Didn’t we?! Then as we grew up with time and class, we could make out that some friends were more appealing to us than the others and there were old friends who sadly no longer talked to us. First experience with the dynamism in friendship and thus our journey to find a deeper meaning of friendship.

After several years into adulthood, if we have managed to retain even 10 to 20 of good friends from childhood, school, and college, we feel we are lucky to have got friends who matter as much or even more than family members. It is then when we realize that the deeper connotation of friendship is not just about how many friends we have or have made or comes to our home but people who trust us and we can trust in return.

Friendship is about making count those people who stay with us like family, being pillars of strength over thick and thin and communicates with us freely. In the ideal situation, we would not need the friends to be first informed and then expect them to know about our emotional well being. A good friend in most cases would be able to gauge us just by seeing us or hearing our voice. Thus, much like the Japanese term kenzoku meaning ties between people sharing a common commitment and hence a common destiny, friendship is a deep commitment of like-minded people.

The friends, who reciprocate our emotional and commitment calls are most often who sticks around for a long time. The deeper meaning of friendship assumes that friends who stay together will develop ties stronger than family and would share a same standard of value. It might happen that the closest friends are found later in life and not just in schools. This is another aspect to discern the meaning of friendship that it does not happen on the basis of time and place, in most cases, it is a random coincidence.

There might be several friends of ours whom we just happened to meet on a short trip or over the internet or even through another friend. Eventually, if interests and values coincide and they stick sharing essential life details, we refer them as friends.

Friends v/s Colleagues v/s Acquaintances

In this world of increased superficiality and chat friends and friends we love to show off in numbers over a social media platform, there is this growing need to identify and discern the differences between a friend, a colleague and an acquaintance. In reality, we know all the three but the difference emerges when we ascertain the difference in how we perceive people falling under the three categories.

For friends, we are more than happy to share almost anything and everything. It hardly matters which profession they are in or which class they belong to, we can relate to them on grounded levels and even fool around to our heart’s content. The similar level of warmth and comfort level is hardly shared between people who are strictly colleagues.

For colleagues, we usually share somewhat formally awkward levels of friendship where we are cautious not to cross certain limits or overdo the display of certain emotions. While it is common these days to have lunch meets, casual evening outs with colleagues yet somewhere in between we all try and remain apprehensive of not spilling our hearts out to an extent which might contradict the limits of our professional relationship’s boundary. In other words, it is rather difficult and often not advised by career counselors to get overly casual with colleagues.

Acquaintances fall somewhere between being a colleague and someone whom we are familiar with but share a not so carefree rapport. For acquaintances, it is more of going out to an exhibition or films and knowing that we respect each other without bordering upon too many personal details. We can sum up saying that while some colleagues or acquaintances may or may not become friends, but in friendship, it hardly matters which affiliation each of the friends hold.

Importance, Value of Friendship in life

The importance of friends can hardly be overstated. It is a bond which reflects a part of us most often. Psychologists are of the opinion that we tend to make friends with people who share a part of the core identity of each one of us. That way, friendship is more important as it helps one to understand themselves better. Often we are unable to take several decisions in life all alone and even parents seem too generation wise distant. Those are the times when a friend comes for help. A friend who is on a similar wavelength so as to understand us in a familiar yet neutral zone can help us to lead to a better decision which would otherwise be left more to chance.

Also, it has been scientifically proven that good friends help de-stress much better than any other addictions that might have serious side effects or health hazards. A chat or unharming gossip with a friend often relaxes our tired minds as good as a power nap. Moreover, with voice chats giving way to type and video chats even getting access to friends have become easier now.

The impact of a good and loyal friendship can hardly be fully stated in words. In this world when depression and other mental disorders stemming out of loneliness, fast life and stress are constantly building up, it is more than ever important for people to cultivate a good circle of friends. Not only do friends act as the best comfort zone but they are often the best places to confide in to get a reality check done. Real friends without judging or perceiving things in a negative manner help create a more realistic world and keep our ability to appreciate various points of view in place.

It is friends we can call up at wee hours at night or morning in case there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It is the same reason why most counselors advise parents to become friends with children once they reach teen years. The emotionally turbulent and chaotic years of teenage needs true and realistic friends. Ones who will ensure that the teenage years are dealt with responsibility and fun alike.

Qualities of a Good Friend

The qualities of a good friend are something we need to value on a regular basis. Some of the qualities a friend definitely needs to have can be said to be comprised of the following points:

A good friend is always a good listener.

No matter how boring or uninteresting the topic might be, a good friend can always spare some time for all those you wish to share or tell them. Even if they find it boring they will probably say it is boring but still listen. Just in order to ensure that their friend feels a bit light telling it to them.

A good friend will never indulge in exploiting you or your weaknesses.

Know for sure someone is NOT your friend if they constantly exploit your positive side and belittle you for your weaknesses. A true friend will inform, educate and make you strong by revealing your weaknesses or good points but never exploit them for favors or abuse.

A true friend never attaches material favors for their kindness or acts of love.

A good friend will never demand monetary or materialistic pleasures by helping in any way. If one chooses to give something back as a gesture only then they will take it, but never expect or demand in any way.

Empathy and being non-judgmental are two of the most essential traits of a good friend.

While a good friend will always be compassionate, yet they will be able to guide and help out in the most non-judgmental manner possible. They will never put selfish ideas of vested interest while helping their friends.

One can always identify a good friend in the manner of their honesty vis a vis their friends.

An honest person will always prove to be loyal and be caring towards their friends and always guide them in a manner that is non-sycophant. True friends will not just sugar coat words, they would give an honest opinion to the other one.

Impacts and ill effects of Bad Friendship in Life

While a good friend can change someone’s life in the best ways possible, a bad friendship can ruin someone’s life forever. The most dangerous thing in life is to have a bad friend or a friend with an ulterior motive. Bad or treacherous friends can make an otherwise honest and good-hearted person turn into dishonest and evil willed person. Drug peddlers and illegal substance handlers often hunt down for people who easily trusts and makes friends with people. Interacting with such friends who take or do drugs or illegal substance addiction not only harms health but also might land individuals in legal trouble including jail.

Friends, who cannot see other friends’ success, might turn violent with jealousy if the friendship is not checked for the good. It is always advisable to become friends with people who are honest and helpful. One must always guard against violent, abusive people who have little regard for others’ good interest while striking the friendship with anyone. A bad friend can land us into troubles of all sort including mental, legal which might last a lifetime.

Best examples of friendship in History

Across history, there are so many examples of famous friendships between people, both in the Indian context as well as in Global Context. Some of them are listed below:

Akbar and Birbal

Akbar the Great was fascinated by Birbal who was otherwise low in rank compared to the Great Emperor. Although Birbal held only an administrative post in Akbar’s court, yet the two formed an everlasting friendship.

Krishna and Arjuna

Krishna and Sudama: Lord Krishna was one of the epitomai of friends. Arjuna, though his cousin, relied upon Krishna to share life philosophy. It was Krishna who morally uplifted Arjuna to go to the battle of Kurukshetra and his conversation with Arjuna became the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna was also the friend of Sudama, a poor brahmin man and when Sudama approached Krishna for some alms for his wife and children, Krishna offered him enough so as to lift him up from poverty.

Hellen Keller and Mark Twain

Mark Twain shared a great friendship with Hellen Keller the first blind woman to have overcome physical disability and complete her education. Although Mark Twain was 45 years older to her, yet they shared a great rapport with Twain allowing her to read from his lips about stories he would tell her.

JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis

These famous authors (Tolkien having authored The Hobbit and CS Lewis authored by Prince Caspian) shared their friendship over a discussion they had on mythology and God. Both had different philosophies on religion and God but one discussion changed the course in which CS Lewis turned back into believing in Christianity. It also became the point after which both wrote Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia respectively.


In conclusion, one might say that as the famous quotation goes, ‘Good friends, like books should be few and well chosen’. It is not important how many friends we have, what matters is whether they are good and true friends. It is easy to find a person we can call a friend but difficult to find a true friend, once found they must be cherished.

Tips for Essay on Friends, Friendship

An ideal essay is made of various little things. When these things work together, it forms a perfect essay. Writing an essay can be a difficult task for many. Sometimes we cannot just gather our thoughts in one place, structure them, and write an essay. So we thought we might help you in writing a perfect essay on friendship. So, here are some useful tips for writing an essay on Friendship. Let’s see them.

  • Essays are made of 3 parts and those are the introduction to the topic, information body and conclusion at the ending. So while writing your essay try to keep the flow between these sections.
  • Use a dark inked pen to write your essay. It will create more impact.
  • Keep the conclusion of your essay short yet meaningful.
  • Keep your handwriting neat and clean while writing your essay.
  • The information in your essay should authentic and credible.
  • In some essay competitions, you need to write an essay from a list of essay topics and these essay topics are given on the spot at the venue of the competition. So to prepare for such essay competitions, you need to write books, newspapers and various articles.
  • Before starting to write your essay, think for a while what you are going to write in your essay. Write down key points, sub-points roughly for your reference.

Tips for Speech on Friends, Friendship

Delivering a speech in front of hundreds of people is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though not everyone can win the hearts of the audience by their speech, the art of delivering a perfect speech can be mastered with practice. Here are some tips to follow while delivering your speech on friendship. | Related Article: 10 Lines on My Best Friend.

  • Confidence is the key to any successful speech. So delivering your speech on friendship with confidence will help you to score some more marks.
  • A perfect speech is made of credible information, impeccable delivery of the speech, your body language and the confidence. Master these things and you’ll be an expert speaker.
  • Practice your speech in front of the mirror, your friends, and family members to gain confidence.
  • Choose the credible sources for the information in your speech.
  • Walk confidently to the stage when your name is announced for the speech. Take a deep breath, introduce yourself and greet people before starting your speech on friendship.
  • Be loud enough to be audible to the audience.
  • Do not mumble while delivering your speech.
  • Make sure your speech has all the updated and accurate information such as statistics and figures.

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