Essay on Education and Tourism Move Hand in Hand – Paryatan Parv

Essay on Education and tourism move hand in hand - Paryatan Parv

Central Government Tourism ministry aiming to promote tourism in the country, so they have set up the “Paryatan Parv” means “Tourism Festival”. This Paryatan Parv aims to promote tourism mainly in the youth or students of the India.

Tourism festival is planned from 5th to 25th October 2017. Under Paryatan Parv various programmes will be carried out like Essay Competitions, Cycle Rally, Painting Competitions, Video/Blog/Photography Competitions, various cultural programmes, Mehandi, Music and Dance Competitions, Heritage Walk, Run for Incredible India, Nukkad Natak, Yoga Sessions, Quiz Competition, Exhibitions and more.

Under “Tourism Festival” events are planned across cities in India. You can download the calendar of events from website, the link is given in the last section of the article.

Here in this post, we are giving you a sample essay on Education and tourism move hand in hand. Please note that this is a sample essay, kindly do not copy paste. The goal of Paryatan Parv is to spread awareness within you guys. You need to think about the given topic, that is the whole essence of this essay competition. Along with Education and tourism moves hand in hand essay topic they have other essay topics like Tourism brings economic and social prosperity, Role of tourism in the mutual understanding and social harmony, Environmentally sustainable tourism. We haven’t given full sample essay for these other topics but we have given a theme for the essay, you can write an essay based on that. Under Maharashtra events, they have another topic Adbhoot Maharashtra – My travel diary (). This competition is in both English and Marathi language.

We will try to cover as much of possible essay topics here in this post. Let’s start with….

Essay on Education and Tourism Move Hand in Hand

Life cannot be learned from books.

Books are good for early theoretical knowledge, but you cannot live life and face problems with bookish rules. Life is the biggest university. But to learn it we need to go out, see, touch, feel it. That is why tourism is very important for Indian students.

We, Indian students, face a very strict education system where we get a lot of homework, assignments then we have tuitions too. There is family pressure, career pressure, now 90% or 9 pointer CGPA is not enough in admission competition. The world is changing, and our Indian education system also needs to be changed. To survive and compete with the global workforce in future along with the books we need to learn from the world itself.

Education and Tourism go hand in hand. An educational trip to historical places can teach students about the history of the place, it’s architecture, calligraphy, can learn stories from locals, their culture, experience the grandeur of the place, touch the material used to build such monuments.

Cultural tours can teach students about the real human cultural values, it’s evolution, etiquettes, mannerism from real people. In India every 50-kilometer dialect and cultural mannerism changes. In such diverse country, students need to go out and interact with people to understand them. This might help in easing cultural tension in future. At the job, we need to work with people from different background, such cultural tourism activities can help students in a big way.

India is culturally as well as ecologically and geographically diverse country. We have ice-capped mountain, deserts, drought and flood-prone areas, we have mountain ranges and plateaus too. We have colder north and warmer south. We have economically developed west and naturally rich east. Indian is a place where we have all of everything, but we never appreciate it because we never see it. Schools, colleges should arrange such ecological, geographical diverse trips, so that students learn more about India and in turn about themselves.

Students should also visit tribal areas. Tribal people live without modern amenities and with a constant struggle for food and bare minimum facilities. They don’t enjoy good transportation, roads, hospitals, gadgets and funky stuff we take for granted. Students can learn to appreciate what they got if they see tribal life. It might inspire them to work with or for poor and for those who are disadvantaged.

Students should visit observatories. There is an infinite universe out there which we dont know about. A visit to observatories can inspire students to follow a career in astronomy.

Schools, Colleges should also plan visits to Reseach and Development centers like ISRO, DRDO etc. Students will come to know about new research and topics which are not taught in schools and colleges like, Quantum Physics, Singularity, Chain Block System, CryptoMoney, Natual language Processing, Augmentative Reality, Self-driving cars, Electric Vehicles, the list is endless.

Like that students should also have agro-tourism, village tourism, industry visits. Students should also have rain trips, beach trips, treks and adventurous activities. This list can go very long. There are a lot of things out there in the real world from which we can learn real things.

Along with knowledge, fun which comes with it can help students to cope up with educational and career stress. These life lessons from tourism can build well-rounded students than just bookworms.

Concerns about Educational Tourism

Safety” and “Security”

As we saw education and tourism really go hand in hand, they compliment each other. But as we are dealing with juvenile students we need to take care of “Safety” and “Security”. This is one of the major challenges in arranging the education trips.


There are logistical problems, hygienic food availability, road safety problems. At a lot of tourist places in India eve teasing, theft, pocket picking is prevalent.


There are hundreds of students in each school or college. To arrange the travel and hospitality for such big number requires big funds. It will add a financial burden either to institutions or family. The government, especially education and tourism ministry should provide free state-owned bus travel and accommodation facilities, discounts on entry fees, and passes etc.


It’s not just about visiting a place; teachers, trip coordinators, guides should give authentic information about it. There should interaction with locals, experts not just sightseeing.

Fun not Compulsion

Students should feel relaxed, have fun during such educational trips. It should not feel like yet another assignment. Fun factor is more important here so that student feel included in the experience and feel open to explore and share.


Educational tourism has great demand in future in India. Travel companies should focus on this sector. They should bundle trip based on students needs and concerns, not just sightseeing. They should appoint guides who are authentic and have in-depth knowledge of the place, it’s history and nuances.

The government should promote educational trips more. Paryatan Parv is a good initiative in that direction. But along with awareness they should also design and implement practical policies and solutions. They should step ahead from just “Yojanas” to implementation.


Education and tourism move hand in hand, but more awareness activities need to be performed by Education, Tourism ministry and educational institutions. It’s need of the hour. We also need to consider the student’s safety, security. We need to plan trips and tours by understanding the needs and concerns of the students.

Here are the sample themes which you can explore for other essay topics.

Theme for Essay on Role of tourism in the mutual understanding and social harmony

When people meet they learn about each other, their habits, languages, mannerisms, culture. It sparks communication, which helps them know a bit about each other. Different people come with different nationalities, backgrounds, thoughts sharing these values can help them to understand each other more.

When people break the ice, they speak, they share things from their lives. If happened at a bigger level this can help in social harmony. We can avoid a lot of cultural, national security, terrorism problems if we meet, speak and share.

Example: Travelling with a Pakistani Cab driver in Dubai

Theme for Essay on Tourism brings economic and social prosperity

There are incredible places in India which not less than heaven but due to security issues, tourists are afraid to visit such places. These adversely affect the locals, they get fewer income opportunities, thus they lack economic and social prosperity.

Some states or people dont appreciate what they got. India is a diverse country, thousands of things to offer to the world and even Indian community. But State or people do not promote, market it well. Rajasthan receives most of the international tourists because they have well-defined marketing and hospitality. Their ads are awesome.

Example: Tourism in Jammu Kashmir, Natural diversity of 7 sister states are unexplored, inefficient tourism marketing in Maharashtra though they have great offerings and potential.

Theme for Essay on Environmentally sustainable tourism

Waste management, Recycling, Deforestation for accommodation facilities, river, ocean, jungle life destruction, green energy, climate-conscious travelers, LPG/CNG transportation.

You use one or combination of above topics for the essay

Theme for Essay on Tourism promoting plurality of cultures

You can take reference from the first theme of social harmony here. Different people come with different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. When they visit places they share their culture with the host/locals. They know more about each other, which can help to understand and celebrate the different cultures and plurality it offers.

Find more information about the Paryatan Parv or Tourism Festival at

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