Essay on Digital Mobning – Stop Digital Bullying!!

Essay on Digital Mobning Stop Digital Bullying

We have written this sample essay on digital mobning for our Danish readers. I don’t know the beautiful Danish language but I know the issue we are talking about, so I decided to write about it. You can translate this sample essay in Danish with help of Google translate, it does a decent job. (one of the great use of internet)

Essay on Digital Mobning – Digital Bullying

Industrialization of the 20th century created great miracles which changed how human interacts, live and deal with situations. The same kind of tectonic change or even bigger evolution is happening in the twenty-first century. Technological advancement is changing our world like never before. The world is closer now, it is becoming a big family.

But, on another hand; humans are also known to misuse the things and invention which helped them to succeed. We are misusing the nuclear, atomic technology.

Same way, the invention, advancement, and availability of the Internet are used for malpractices. There are a thousand things we can do with Internet but people with sick mind harass people over the internet, especially over Social media networks.

Children, teenagers use mobile phones and internet all the time. They take pictures, videos and share check-in, geolocations. Some people steal this data and use it to blackmail people. They morph, edit photos, videos and blackmail people and ask them to unfavorable things. Victims are called names, they get insulted; bullies start rumors, gossips about victims. These are some of the ways in which a victim can be bullied online. Last year we heard horrific news about suicides due to Blue Whale Game. This is also one type of cyberbullying. Such victims go through depression, self-harms tendencies and some time that leads to suicides too.

Digital bullying is becoming the new issue that needs to be taken care of in time. We need to teach our kids, teenagers on how to use the internet safely. Though there is no full proof way to stop all such ill-minded people, governments need to create strict policies and actionable measures.

We as the Internet, social media users also need to be careful. Internet, social media caters a lot of positive things, we cannot simply ban it. We need to acts smart and safe. Young people need to aware of such threats and we need to teach them to respect their own privacy.

One should not share or record intimate pictures, videos, MMS etc until and unless you know how to keep and share it safely. People might dont know that data can be recovered even from a formatted hard disk, cloud storage also gets hacked due to weak passwords and digital safety mechanisms.

We, the users need to be careful. There are inbuilt security settings on popular websites and social networks, We should use it to our advantages. We need to decide what is important for us; 100 likes on social media or privacy? The choice is ours.

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