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How to Enjoy College Life in India: A Non-Obvious Guide

How to Enjoy College Life in India

Before telling you what and how to enjoy college life in India I must tell you, college days are the BESTEST days of the lifep. I think I am credible to tell you that because I myself been to engineering college, did 8 years of job in IT industry and now trying to set up my own start-up. And I must tell you, there nothing like college life. The rat-race, responsibilities which come in part and parcel with after-college life is sometimes tiring and demanding. I am not trying to frighten you guys, but you are in college now, you are young, filled up with the energy you should not waste these days. So, forget all worries and tension enjoy the college life. Because you gonna miss it like anything when you will get out of it.

It’s a little long article, but I think you will not regret 10 minutes you spent reading this.

1. Indian Colleges Sucks?

I heard it a lot from my friends, they say that Indian colleges don’t have facilities and culture to enjoy the college life to the fullest. Western colleges are more fun and all. I agree till some level that; we don’t have that many facilities in our colleges but I strongly disagree that one cannot enjoy college life because of it.

Whether you enjoy your college life or not, is totally depends on you; not on institutions. You got to be optimistic, positive minded then things start coming your way. You might feel I am exaggerating, so let me give an example. In India, we generally didn’t have good camps and school for dancing say like hip-hop and all. But from last few years the ways teenagers learning it from YouTube, it’s totally commendable. If you are passionate about something you will find ways to get it done.

Nothing is impossible, all that matters is how badly you want it. – Sunil Chavan

I was little philosophical on above point 🙂 , but I think you got that point. Now let’s do some normal discussion.

2. Open Up

Yes, shred all your inhibitions and inferiority complex and open up, speak with people, interact with ’em. Share your thoughts and opinions, you will feel more inclusive. Once you are open up to people you will start making more friends. You got to have your gang (gang doesn’t mean one which rag or bully others). Here, I am not trying to say that introvert people cannot enjoy the college life. Even introverts can enjoy college life in their way. I will write a separate article on how an introvert can enjoy college life in India.

Enjoying college life doesn’t only means trips, hook-up, and parties. Everyone have their own way of enjoying the life.

3. Be YOU

Do not compare yourself with anybody else. Be yourself. When you compare yourself with somebody else, you got to work a lot to keep up with them. Compete with yourself, each day try to become a better version of yourself and satisfaction you get from this cannot be explained, you gotta feel it yourself. Do not waste time and energy to become else. It’s very tiring thing.

I can even go to next level and say, do not have role models. Why? What I think is, why to limit yourself by following another person. However big that role model is you can be better than him / her. You gotta dream big.

4. Participate in Sports, Events & Things

I am not talking about an annual sports event, that is for a month only. I am saying one should try to engage themselves in some sorta extracurricular activity like say learning guitar, playing table tennis or volunteering in college events. These events cut you out from your study and assignment pressure and keeps you more active in the day to day college life.

5. Don’t Bunk too much

Well, I am not saying that one should never bunk a class. There is different kinda enjoyment in bunking the class or being part of failed mass bunk. 🙂. Even these things are important. But what’s a point in sleeping in hostel room or at home by bunking the class, you can do that for whole life later. You will regret each day that bunked later in life. I am culprit here, I bunked a lot in last 2 years and I miss those days now.

6. Read, Read and Read

Well, am I being a typical now? No, I am not suggesting you to read your textbooks or reference books all the time. One should read news, current affairs and anything they find interesting. I was very interested in technology, so I read a lot of stuff online on mobile (on 2G, can you imagine that). Try Wikipedia, and read the random topics. Not to remember or to learn something, just for fun. I am so used to Wikipedia that my wife says I have “Wikipedia Syndrome“. 🙂

This is also one the most important point when you are preparing yourself for after-college life. I will be writing on that topic too, stay tuned.

7. Technology and Social Media

I have explained it in detailed in my other article “Social Anxiety & FOMO“. You first read that article and then continue here.

8. Taste of Entrepreneurship

You should try to earn money yourself, run your small shop or a blog online. Write code for others, design logos on freelancer. Anything like that. This will give you a taste of entrepreneurship. And once get that zing then life just becomes awesome. Trust me. Entrepreneurship is awesome.

I deliberately skipped points like travel a lot, party hard and these type of suggestions. These are basic things, but if you wanna enjoy the college life or even life in general then you go to love yourself first. Things automatically start following you, you don’t need to run behind them.

These are not the only things you must do in college life, there can be thousands of more specific examples but I tried to give you overall perspective. Experiences you get in college days shapes your future persona. So guys, make the most out of the college experience.

Have awesome college life.

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