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How Social Media is Affecting Your Relationship? 📱💔

How Social Media Affects Your Relationship

The very first thing you do when you roll out of bed is to check your Instagram to see what the world has been up to while you while you were sleeping. It’s like the world out there was having a time of their life while you were snoozing away and there is this sudden urge that engulfs you.

It is the urge of letting the world know that you weren’t away from social media and what you do is send out a tweet of the most profound thought that comes into your still dizzy and sleepy mind. You don’t care much about what you have tweeted for you have marked your presence on the social media. Done and done.

Social media has done wonders when it comes to connecting people across different parts of the globe. But, it has also unleashed some monsters in into this world from its Pandora’s Box. These monsters are clutching onto people’s relationships and gnawing at them unbeknownst to them. Let’s take a closer look at how that happens.

How Social Media is Affecting Your Relationship? 📱💔

It is the only medium which gives validation to your relationship ✔️

The only way it seems to announce to the world that you are in a relationship is through social media. So if your current status shows that you are single then you are so, despite being into a serious relationship with someone. Even your partner would want you to announce it to the world through your social media account or by you shutting down your tinder account.

Any act of not posting couple pictures on SM (social media) and omitting to change the relationship status to single is construed as an act of betrayal and you feel that the partner wants the world to believe he is still single. What better way to introduce your partner to the world than through posting a selfie of the two of you together on Instagram with a hashtag like #couplegoals!

And god forbid if either of you forgets to show off your relationship on Instagram every hour or so you end up having a big fight as social media has taken over your life.

Every meal and every moment just has to be shared 🤳

How often do we see SM posts by our friends about what they are eating or drinking and where? If you are lucky, the post will be instantly followed by pictures of their gorgeous meal or a selfie of them enjoying their lunch date. People often get down to posting right before their flight takes off on a vacation. God knows the flight would still have taken off if they hadn’t given it a go signal on their facebook account.

Not everyone needs to know what you are doing with your bae every waking second of your life. If you are bent over your phone all day describing how beautiful her eyes are, how in the world you even get a chance to look into those eyes and profess your love for her.

Instead of over sharing your life’s details with the virtual world you can use the time to develop and nurture your relationships in the real world. That picture of the delectable meal which you are about to have is not going to make the food any tastier. Rather it would go cold while you go clicking pics to get one perfect for Instagram.

You raise the bar too high for your relationship and your life 😟

Being on SM all the time creates a peer pressure to have a relationship which is SM approved and perfect. If your friend is out vacationing with her partner in the Maldives you suddenly have the desire to go on a vacation as well. In fact, there will be times when you would feel that the entire world is out for a fun-filled vacation while there you are, not going on one any time soon.

If such a feeling leads to depression about how sad your life is turning out to be, you have been enslaved by the dream world of SM. Your friend posts a picture about getting the best birthday gift ever from her partner and the next instant you are throwing angry glances at your poor boyfriend who just got you a simple bouquet. Your life seems to have been ruined and you end up having a big fight on your special day with your special friend.

You are using social media as your spy gadget 🕵🏻

Your boyfriend was tagged by someone at a party when you thought you he was sleeping. He might have made a sudden plan to go but the notification from your Facebook seems to announce his plans as a betrayal of trust to you.
If you are doing all of this already or have begun to do this, then, you must realize that SM is taking control of your life for sure.

So, do you agree with this? Let us know in the comment section below. Share the article with your friends. You never know you might end up saving a relationship or two. Thank you.🙂

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