Earth Essay, Speech, Voice of Earth, World Earth Day 2018, History, Problems, Solutions for Contests

Earth Essay, Speech, Voice of Earth, World Earth Day 2018, History, Problems, Solutions for Contests

No matter how much we claim to be from different backgrounds and countries, one thing we all belong to as a foremost is to our Earth. As a part of the solar system or the Universe at large, our planet earth might occupy very little space but for every human on this planet, our Mother Earth should be the most revered object.

World Earth Day is celebrated across the world on 22 April. On this day schools and college organize various environment focused activities, events, competitions to create awareness about the importance of saving our environment and earth. Students in schools and colleges are asked to participate in the various competitions such as essay writing, speech, debates, quizzes, group discussions, science projects.

So in this article, we are giving you all the information you required to participate in the competitions like essay writing, speech etc. Information such as the history of the earth, challenges, and problems faced by earth, earth’s geographical and historical features, the importance of saving earth and solutions and ways to save and conserve the earth. So let’s start.

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Earth Essay, Speech, Paragraph and Article in English

Introduction of the Planet Earth

Whereas we all seem to sit comfortably in our respective spaces, have we ever tried to find that the space in which we sit, thrive and take for granted has been a marvel in the history of time and complex process involving physics and matter?! The answer to this might be a vague yes and for most, a No!

Occupying the third position in the solar system, centered around the sun, Earth was created a whopping 4 billion years ago in the same Big Bang that created the solar system. Standing at a distance of 149.6 million kilometers away from the sun, the Earth is till date to human knowledge the only planet that has seen life sprawling on it for years on roll. Initially, it is composed of hydrogen and helium as well as other elements released from the older stars of the Big Bang which gave it the unique characteristics to help sustain life on it. The earliest form of life was found right after the creation of the earth and almost died soon but continuous evolution of the earth ensured life continued to sustain.

Everything on Earth belongs to one big family and to quote Neil Armstrong as he saw Earth from the Moon, he referred it to be ‘…that tiny pea, pretty and blue was the Earth….’. In primary times, while Earth had little or no atmosphere and constant volcanic eruptions due to collision with other space bodies, the same Volcanic remains cooled to form the crust or the primary landmass and allowed water to float on it.

Problems And Challenges Faced By Earth, Environment, Nature

No matter how unique and beautiful Earth continues to be, yet thanks to erratic and often irresponsible behavior by the mankind, this planet faces a threat of destruction and eventual degradation that has long started. Too many difficulties are posed before Earth that threatens not only the human civilization but also is a shameful aspect of the morale of human existence. The environment is on the verge of deteriorating to the worst extent and it is high time that endangered earth is salvaged by us. Following are the major problems faced by the earth.


The chief plague bothering Earth for a long time now is the various kind of pollutants that contaminate the surface of Earth as well as the primary layer of atmosphere around us. For the benefit and convenience of human civilization and progress as more chemicals, synthetic element nonbiodegradable in nature were invented, the more harmful effects it released as pollutants in the atmosphere. Two kinds of pollution exist in the form of Point Source Pollution and Non-Point Source Pollution. Industrial and sewage waste constitute the first kind while pollution released during human consumption (for example pesticides used in agriculture, various chemicals that wash off from houses, the indiscriminate release of fumes in air from cars and vehicles) form the Non-Point Source Pollution. The latter form becomes more widespread in the effect it lends.

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One cannot forget the severe effect of air pollution which has already caused a part of the ozone layer in the atmosphere to deplete and has caused the greenhouse effect across earth where carbon dioxide released in large sources does not allow the atmosphere to cool down. Besides there is massive water pollution as well that contaminates even river and ocean waters to lead to a dangerous situation like lack of potable water and lead poisoning in drinking water.

Global Warming

As referred above, the presence of carbon dioxide in excess, which is chemically heavy and suffocating in nature, due to emissions by cars and industries, created the greenhouse effect. In the long run, this greenhouse effect has not only magnified but has also influenced the general weather system of the planet and has created the dangerous situation we all know about: Global Warming. It is Global Warming that is responsible for the current erratic schedule of monsoons in India and harsher summers than it was a decade back. Scientists have predicted a steady increase of 1 degree Celsius for global mean temperature. Global warming plays the vital role why in US and Canada the winters are getting longer with untimely blizzards while in the summer-centric countries, rain is becoming scarce and erratic.

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In lieu of the factors discussed just now, including the peril of global warming, droughts have become a regular affair across the globe. Another essential cue behind the reason for droughts would be, the large-scale deforestation that has taken place to balance human development. In 2016 it was reported that there was a loss of about 73 million acres of forest cover across the world. Acute deforestation leads to years of drought and as we can relate, in the US California faces drought for the 4th year in a row. Droughts, in the long run, would affect not only the green planet but also reduce the quality and quantity of crop production that is basic to human existence.

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Another rampant issue that follows drought pattern is excess of rainfall or drought. Across the globe, a major shift in weather cycle is observed as ‘less rainfall to drought to flood’. Fashioned by Global warming itself, floods are becoming a regular thoroughfare. While there is little rainfall in seasons it was required, rainfall happens all together in a spate and that too during offseason. This too is potent enough to create agricultural paucity as floods destroy mature or freshly sowed crops and spread the rise of diseases.

Importance of Saving Earth and Nature Conservation

At the heart of discussing all these complexities is the basic necessity of saving the earth before it dies. Nature conservation is something that comes as basic as our right to live in the current scenario. There are several steps that are being taken which however require more fast pacing and more aggression in implementation.

Plastic waste, that has killed whales, cattle, and elephants in the recent times is a threat which unless eliminated completely will continue to degrade the Earth in an irreversible manner. Currently, in India, the ban on plastic carry bags and pet bottles is a welcome move in this direction and for the drive to be successful, people need to identify the various ways in which plastic can be replaced.

Conservation of wildlife too, forms a crucial part to save the planet. As we witnessed another extinction of the Northern White Rhino, a rare species of the Rhinoceros family, we should remind ourselves that earth comes first and we later. Every animal is a crucial link to the ecological chain balance and as wildlife continues to be threatened, it is the responsibility of humans to restore it. Indian government took a bold step against tiger poaching back in 2013 (Save The Tiger Initiative )that raised the tiger population across Indian forests which however has seen a relatively lax in recent times with more and more poaching and suspicious killing of tigers being reported.

Saving earth, wildlife, forest cover every aspect goes hand in hand. One cannot say the earth can be saved by not saving the other two and without saving the earth, saving the other two will not be consequential.

Solutions, Ways to Save, Conserve Earth, Environment, Nature

While governments recognized the perils of few earth-destroying practices including banning atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests during the Cold War period, human civilization, in general, is yet to reign the various practices that ring in Earth’s deterioration over time. Little steps mentioned here might be incorporated to usher an earth that is a Green Earth.

  1. Saving fuel by taking a bicycle or common carpool or simply walking if the distance is small.
  2. Better electrified public transport system
  3. Checking the uprooting of trees and afforestation steps for every deforestation that takes place
  4. Cooperation between governments to share weather data system, research, and development of clean energy sources
  5. Strong inter-country wildlife and marine life protection act and just implementation of the same.

While these are to be applied to a broader framework, there are several steps which we can take in everyday life to ensure the earth continues to sustain us better. Some of the probable solutions are:

  1. Recycling waste. Adoption of compost bins to ensure the recyclable waste is managed efficiently.
  2. Switching to green and Eco-friendly bags instead of plastic ones.
  3. Avoiding products that are made from cutting or felling of trees.
  4. Saving water by using a bucket or switching off the taps when not in use.
  5. Adopting clothes and usable items that are biodegradable in nature wherever possible.
  6. An efficient system of collecting electronic waste
  7. Not polluting tourist or public places with waste that are difficult to be renewed.

Such measures on a collective basis can become the way in which life can be sustained not just longer but in a cleaner manner on Earth.

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Earth in Next 100 years | The Future of Earth

Let us assume that we, the humankind continue to save Earth from harm on a steady basis. But even then for the earth, which has enough for everyone’s needs, can the present damage be undone?! The answer remains a not so hopeful one. For in 100 years, owing to the massive emission and current rate of carbon dioxide and other harmful substance releases in the atmosphere, global temperature is ought to increase. The effects can be mutated to an extent if we become responsible enough to restrict the rise in temperature taking effective steps one at a time and steadily. The current scenario where ice in the Arctic is melting steadily (Greenland has seen ice sheets floating freely) which is causing a sharp rise in ocean levels, this would mean not only another calamity like Water inundation but also acidification of ocean waters. In 2100, mankind might have to suffer from longer summers in places far off from ocean and weather currents and a 40 percent rise in drought cases across such geographical places.

However, as the current generation, we really cannot shy away from approaching our reason in order to save the earth and in return save lives of our future generation. A Clean Earth is the fundamental right our successors are entitled to from us as a legacy and despite the bleak situation we all need to be passionate about saving Earth in any little way we can.

World Earth Day 2018

In order to signify and mobilize more and more people, for the cause of conserving Earth and the resources, 22nd of April every year is celebrated as the Earth Day. An organization called conducts year-round activities and campaigns revolving around the cause of building consciousness and efforts to make the Earth’s resource last longer and better.

While every day is Earth Day yet marking a specific day on the calendar keeps reminding us of our responsibilities throughout the year. Till 2020, for example, the main focus builds around the case of ending plastic pollution, building a canopy of the tree in response to widespread desertification trends and including more and more schools and children to the cause of environment protection.

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The conclusion of Essay on Earth

One must remember that beyond every other obligation we have, the foremost duty lies towards our environment. Without a good environment, next generations will suffer the most and we shall be responsible for that. From Earth Day to securing the Earth’s future, growing volunteering and participation are needed. A comprehensive system where NGO’s, government organizations, individual efforts and pan International agents meet for common environment protection, that set up of infrastructure is needed in the long run. For which, today’s youth has a substantial role to play and hopefully the risks of losing humankind and earth shall be mitigated.

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