Is today a dry day? Dry Days in India 2018, 2019 Dates

Is today a dry day Dry Days in India 2018, 2019 Dates

Well, dry days; all those who like to drink and have fun all year around hate these dry days. There are some 10 plus days which are declared as dry days in India and on top of it if there is an election then also wine shops will be closed. There are some additional state-level dry days too. We will be giving a complete list here. But before that one might like to know what is a dry day, it’s meaning? A couple of most searched queries during these days are like “Is today a dry day?”, “Is Diwali/Ganesh Charuthi/1st May is a dry day”? etc. We will try to address those question too. Delhi (Dilli), Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad see more such queries online. Note: Jump to next section to check Dry Day Dates for year 2018 and 2019 in India.

What is Dry Day in India; Meaning of Dry Day

It is simple. A dry day is a day when alcohol sell is banned at wine shops and even in restaurants and bars. Some of these dry days are national level and some are at state level. Liquor shops or restaurant if caught selling alcohol during these days will have to pay hefty fines and further legal actions.

Dry days in India are associated with religious days, events or days of national importance. Some will debate that, banning alcohol is not a way to force people to respect something. One should have respect for religious days or important national figures from within. One should read, understand and adopt the path shown by these traditions and people if they want to. But I think it is symbolic, by banning alcohol on these days we are paying symbolic tribute or respect.

But in reality, people who know the list of dry days stock up in advance. And another side of it is that there is always a grey area. Wine shop owners or employees still sell it behind closed shutters and charge more money too.

You must be knowing that Gujrat is a dry state, alcohol selling is completely prohibited by law. Only tourists can get 30 days license with limited quantity for which they need to give identification proof. Likewise, other state and national territories also have full or some kind of limitation on selling alcohol. Lakshadweep, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Kerala have full or some level of a ban/restrictions on selling alcohol in the state.

Liquor license, What?

Do you know that different state has a different age limit for alcohol consumption? Some state has 18 years age restriction and some have 21 and 25 years age restriction. For alcohol consumption and Indian citizen must obtain and carry “Liquor License”, most of the people don’t know about it. So, finally here is the list of dry days for the year 2018 and 2019.

List of Dry Days in the Year 2018

January 14 2018 – Makar Sankranti
January 21 2018 – Guru Ravidas Jayanti (Delhi)
January 26 2018 – Republic Day
January 30 2018- Death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala )
February 10 2018- Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
February 13 2018- Maha Shivratri
March 2 2018- Holi
March 4 2018- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Maharashtra)
March 25 2018- Ram Navami
March 29 2018- Mahavir Jayanti
March 30 2018- Dr Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday,
April 30 2018- Buddha Purnima
May 1 2018 – Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra)

June 14, 15 2018- Eid Ul Fitr
July 23 2018- Ashadi Ekadashi (Maharashtra)
July 27 2018- Guru Purnima
August 15, 2018- Independence Day
August 21, 2018- Bakrid
August 26 2018- Raksha Bandhan
September 2 2018- Janmashtami
September 13 2018- Ganesh Chaturthi (Maharashtra)
September 21 2018- Muharram
September 23 2018- Ganesh Visarjan (Maharashtra, mostly Pune, Mumbai)
October 2 2018- Mahatma Jayanti
October 8 2018- Prohibition Week (Maharashtra)
October 19 2018- Dussehra
October 24 2018- Valmiki Jayanti
November 7 2018- Diwali
November 21 2018- Id-e-Milad
November 23 2018- Guru Nanak Jayanti
December 25 2018- Christmas

List of Dry Days in the Year 2019

January 15 2019 – Makar Sankranti
January 26 2019 – Republic Day
January 30 2019- Death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala )
Feb 19 2019- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Maharashtra)
February 19 2019 – Guru Ravidas Jayanti (Delhi)
February 28 2019- Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
March 4 2019- Maha Shivratri
March 21 2019- Holi
April 14 2019- Ram Navami
April 17 2019- Mahavir Jayanti
April 14 2019- Dr Ambedkar Jayanti,
April 19 2019- Good Friday,
May 1 2019 – Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra)

May 12 2019- Buddha Purnima
June 4, 5 2019- Eid Ul Fitr
July 12 2019- Ashadi Ekadashi (Maharashtra)
July 16 2019- Guru Purnima
August 15, 2019- Independence Day
August 11, 2019- Bakrid
August 15 2019- Raksha Bandhan
August 24 2019- Janmashtami
September 02 2019- Ganesh Chaturthi (Maharashtra)
September 31 2019- Muharram
September 12 2019- Ganesh Visarjan (Maharashtra, mostly Pune, Mumbai)
October 2 2019- Mahatma Jayanti
October 8 2019- Prohibition Week (Maharashtra)
October 8 2019- Dussehra
October 13 2019- Valmiki Jayanti
November 27 2019- Diwali
November 09 2019- Id-e-Milad
November 12 2019- Guru Nanak Jayanti
December 25 2019- Christmas

If you find any discrepancies in dates kindly let us know, we will make the update. Drink Responsibly and Drive Safe. Use Cabs!!

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