Drug Addiction Among Indian Youth and Its Causes, Effects and Prevention- Essay, Speech, Article

Drug Addiction Among Indian Youth and Its Causes, Effects and Prevention

Drug Addiction or substance abuse is a very threatening problem in youth all over the world, and the same situation is arising in India, especially in teenagers and youth. The government, Schools, Colleges, Social workers, NGOs spread awareness about the drug addiction, its causes, and dangerous effect. You can expect this topic in the youth-centric essay, speech competitions. Here we have given a sample essay on Drug abuse, its causes, effects, withdrawal issue, and solutions. With little modification, you can use this content for speech and article writing or for practising paragraph writing too. Let’s jump to the essay, shall we?

Essay on Drug Addiction Among Indian Youth, Its Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Drug addiction is not a new problem, people are using it from a long time. But nowadays is becoming a fad, youth are using these dangerous drugs for fun or under peer pressure. They are using to look cool, to impress friends in the group. They do not understand its effects. Deaths due drug overdose are raising because these teenagers, kids don’t know how to administer the drugs. Before tacking the issue, we need to understand what is drug addiction or drug abuse? why people do it? What are its effects? What solution, preventive action can be taken.

What is Drug Addiction / Substance Abuse?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease in which person get addicted to seek and use drugs, he/she find it difficult to control despite knowing its adverse effects. For the first time, people take drugs voluntarily in their friend’s group or to have fun or to experiment. One may not get addicted it in a single use, but the repetitive intake of drugs makes changes in the brain. These changes make it difficult to control and stop the drug intake. It also creates an urge in person to consume more drugs. Once addicted it becomes very difficult to stop the usage even though one has a strong will to do so. Thanks to new treatments it is becoming little easier to get people out from this addiction but there is always a danger of relapsing. Even though a person come out of a drug addiction and doesn’t consume drug for years; still there is a big chance that he /she may relapse and use it again. Drug Addiction cannot be cured, but it can be managed.

Our brain has a reward system which controls the body’s ability to feel pleasure and encourage a person to repeat that behaviour. Most of the drugs affect this reward circuit with the chemical called dopamine. Overstimulation of reward circuit gives intensely pleasurable “high”. After continuous usage of the drugs, brain adjust to the response of reward circuit to the dopamine. After that person doesn’t feel the same “high” compared to the last time. This makes a person consume more drugs to achieve the same “high” that he/she got last time. Repeated usage of drugs makes other pleasurable things insignificant, for example, the person doesn’t enjoy real social activities, family time and other happiness producing moments. Over the time it affects the learning and judgment capability of the person, it can also change the behaviour of the person.

Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction/ Substance Abuse

No bacteria, virus causes the drug addiction it is the influences that cause drug addiction. The first and most important influence is the environment around person. If the people from friends group use drugs, then that person is more susceptible to drug addiction. Nowadays, teenagers are doing drug as a fad, to look cool among friends group. If few friends from group use drugs then they brag about it, one feels left out if they don’t do the same. In this vicious race young kids adventure the drug and to show it off they use it repetitively. And before knowing they get addicted.

Teenagers are more prone to drug addiction as their brain still under development. A part of the brain called, cortex layer is still not fully developed in teenagers which controls the judgment, decision -making and self-control. That is why teenagers are more prone to drug addiction. In youth, drugs becoming a fashion statement. Though they are in better position to understand its health effect and even there is a great threat police still they consume drugs. They take such a big risk to show themselves as modern and hip.

People also start using substances after the loss of their loved ones or job or career. In pursuit of an easy solution, they end up using drugs. But in some time, this temporary, easy solution itself become a big problem. Some people use drugs to feel better, people who are suffering from social anxiety, stress, depression start using drugs. Some drugs make them feel confident and energetic, from drugs get them relaxation and satisfying feeling.

Prevention of Drug Addiction/ Substance Abuse

First and most important preventive action is the self-control. Nobody can force you to use drugs until and unless you want to do it do it. Do not fall for peer pressure, do not show it off. You should surround yourself with people who are not involved in drug consumption, crime and bad behaviour. You should focus on your studies and career, give less time to the brain to get distracted.

People who are going through the bad situation should not resort to the drugs because sooner or later this solution itself will become a big problem. one should try to face the situation and come out of it without any chemical. Human body and brain are built to handle such situations. People who are already addicted should take the medical help as early as possible, more the drugs you consume more it will be difficult for you to withdraw from it.


Though drug addiction in an old problem it is becoming a big issue now because youth and teenagers are doing as a fad. Most of them are unaware of its usage, dose, and adverse effects. Drugs might give a temporary high but over time it takes all fun out from life. People end up stressed, depressed and physically weak too. Teenager and youth should not fall for peer pressure, they should stay away from bad company.

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