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Don’t Get Bhai Zoned This Raksha Bandhan, But How?

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This is next level shit, last time we discussed friend zone but bhai zone is just too much. You can call it ‘bro zoned’ or ‘bhai zoned’, it hurts the same. And the day girls go on the hunt is Raksha Bandhan. They don’t need their brother to protect them in this particular case. A single rakhi will destroy all your dreams.

Here are the few things you should do if you like a girl and don’t want to get bhai zoned by her.

Run, Forrest, Run!

Whenever you see her just run from there like Forrest Gump. If she catches you are gone.


Skip the College

If she is your classmate or from the same college then simply skip it. Anyways you keep on bunking college, don’t be a scholar for a day.


Tell her you are Jaime Lannister

Don’t get serious about this point, it’s just a joke. If in case she caught you and bhai zoned you tell her that you are a fan of Jaime Lannister (pun intended).


Bhai Zone is Next Step of Friend Zone

Try not to go in friend zone at first, click on this link to know how. Bhai zone is next phase of friend zone.


Clear the Air

It’s best to tell her upfront that you like her as a girlfriend. Propose her before a disaster happens. Rejection is better than being bhai zoned. Simply move ahead brother..


Share it with friends who are on the verge of being bhai zoned. Show them you are a real friend.

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