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Do You Dislike Your Sister? You Will Regret it After Reading This

Brother Sister fighting dislike hate

Hmmm, sometimes she does annoy you, right? She will tell your relationship secret to the mother just because she liked to see you get scolded. Sometimes even she lies about you to parents just for fun. Sounds related?  She will wake up 1 hour early and steal your new dress and goes to college without anyone noticing it. And the moment you don’t see the dress you know who is the culprit.

Things Only Naughty (Younger) Sisters Do

1. Even if she gets caught red handed, she makes this innocent face. You get all the blame by default, no one is going to take your side.

2. She steals a lot of things of yours, not just dress. You are not going to get ’em back, she now owns it.

3. Stay Alert!! when you talk with your bf / gf over phone, your wall has teeny-tiny ears

4. She can buy anything; she just needs to do this

5. You don’t have a choice. You got to do her makeup for fancy dress competition.

6. You hate the fact that your parents love her more.

And if you have older sister then things get worst

7. Your personal lie detector. Your didi always knows when you are lying, do not try it in her presence. She is damn accurate in this.

8. She always thinks you are 5, even when if you have your own 5-year-old baby.

9. When you wanna hang out with her

Love or hate relationship you have with your sister, you are going to cry like a baby when she is leaving home after the wedding (Vidai). Thousands of thoughts will go through your mind in a jiffy. You will not see her daily, you will miss the fights and all such thoughts will make your throat dry. Suddenly you start worrying about her. And you realize how much you love her and then you will miss her like hell.

Crying Indian Bride Vidai

Don’t wait for that moment, show your love to her NOW

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