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Different Ways to Wear Flannels

You might be wondering what the heck is “Flannel“? Many of you might be hearing this word for the first time. So, let me tell you flannels are nothing but the plaid checkered shirts you wear. Yes, they are called Flannels all around the world.

So, I was watching a documentary on Kurt Cobain’s life. I realised there’s one more thing apart from his music with Nirvana, it’s his style. I just loved his style. After little googling, I found out the style is called Grunge style which is associated with his genre of music “The Grunge Music.” The essential part of Grunge style is Flannels. The flannels gave him that raw sexual look. Before the grunge style, the flannels were worn by the lumberjacks, people who were cutting down the woods. They looked hell lot of handsome and manly with those flannels, heavy axes and beards. There are so many flannels manufacturers in India who produce cotton, plaid flannels with nice quality.

Flannels men


Breaking the stereotypes, flannels entered and managed to keep its place in modern fashion. The red flannels, blue flannels and green flannels are the iconic colours for flannels. Flannels are a great mean of affordable fashion. Today theyflannels are worn by the guys as well as girls and they look equally sexy. So I decided to show you some great ways to rock the flannels.

1.Tied Around the Waist

This is the most popular way of wearing flannels among the guys and girls all around the world. Wear skinny black jeans and bright coloured tee and tied the flannel around your waist with sleeves. Rock the look with a nice pair of sneakers or loafers. You can buy these kinds of flannels online in India from e-commerce stores like Amazon, Koovs, Myntra.

Flannels men


2. Buttoned up

A full buttoned up flannel gives a nice street look. You can also fold up the sleeves.  You can buy these kinds of flannels online in India from e-commerce stores like Amazon, Koovs, Myntra.

mens flannel

3.  Over a Tee

This one is my favourite. You can wear white, grey, black v neck or crew neck tees. This look is very popular and easy to carry. A distressed/ torn jeans will add a raw and trendy tint to your look. This is the best look for college going guys if you want to pull off a cool outfit. You can buy these kinds of flannels online in India from e-commerce stores like Amazon, Koovs, Myntra.

Flannels men

4. Under a Sweater/Cardigan

Now you can stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Wearing flannels under your sweater gives you a charming look for your evening date. In India wearing flannel with sweater or cardigan might be little difficult because of the climate in India, but no worries you can always wear this in winters.

Flannels men


5. With a Blazer/Jacket

Now get a classy look with a blazer or rock the party with a jacket. Flannels take you to that extra mile. Wearing flannels with a blazer will give you that semi-corporate look for more of a formal occasion and the same flannel can be worn with a leather jacket to have a manly and masculine look.


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6. Under a Windcheater

Still confused with how to look stylish in winters? Wearing flannels with your windcheater gives you a great look for winters.

Flannels men

These are the best ways you can pull off with flannels. You can buy these kinds of flannels in India from e-commerce stores like Amazon, Koovs, Myntra.  If you got any new way, then let us know in comment section below.

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